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Required Resource Pack
MrMcAwesumz avatar MrMcAwesumz
Level 45 : Master Steve
Codeveloped by Hashs

Essence RPG is a complete additive overhaul to vanilla, giving players new experience types to spend on various upgrades for both themselves and their gear!

Major Features
-Custom Bosses!
  -Bosses have unique models, attacks, music, and drops!

-Multiplayer Compatibility!
-New experience drops:
  -Fighter: Primarily gathered from fighting enemies.
  -Protector: Primarily gathered from fighting particularly dangerous enemies or protecting villages.
  -Scavenger: Primarily gathered from the world around you, particularly through hunting/mining.
-Abilities: The Empowerments system allows users to make builds around abilities!

-Gear Augmentation: Power up almost any tool/armor by using an augmentation table! There's an incredible number of possible results!
-Personal Difficulty: Each player on a multiplayer server can choose how hard they would like their game! Currently featuring seven settings ranging from vanilla difficulty to "Molten" difficulty. Higher settings mean greater rewards!
-Mob Abilities: Almost every hostile mob has new ways to kill you! These are only active while the player is on any personal difficulty except "vanilla".
-Menu system for spending the new experience types on character upgrades
  -Upgrades: Strength, Focus, Truth, Resistance, Regeneration, Resilience, Speed, Haste, Saturation
  -Bonus stats for spending enough experience in specific categories!
  -Ability to respecialize at the cost of 10% of your collected experience.
-Custom Gear Items
  -Relics, Channelers, and Heirlooms enhance your sense of discovery and allow for even more experimentation!

  -Essence RPG is riddled with secret content and lore...

Why not combine this with the Essence Items datapack?"
  -I feel that this pack makes drastic changes to the base experience of Minecraft, while Essence Items does not. Therefore, I'm keeping these packs split because some likely will not enjoy having to make their game into an RPG just to cast a few spells. Essence Items is also hilariously old and can no longer be reasonably maintained, as the current design of the channeler items now rely on the rest of the pack in order to be fun.

"How do I fight the bosses?
  -Illus can be fought by obtaining the Unformed Essence custom item from an evoker or the ender dragon. The second boss is secret, and players must solve a puzzle given some clues in-game to reach it.

"How do I install the pack?"
  -Download both the pack itself and the resource pack. Place the "Essence RPG" folder in your world save's "datapacks" folder, and the "Essences Resource Pack" folder in your game's "resourcepacks" folder and restart your world. Be sure to enable the resource pack!

"What tools did you use to create this?"
  -Huge thanks to Thedestruc7i0n's advancements generator! Also thanks to Halbzwilling's short tutorial and resource pack found here: https://youtu.be/tvL9Z0blPC8 Custom textures were created in Paint.net. Custom models were created in Blockbench. Loot tables, predicates, and technical advancements generated with Misode's generator. Tellraw commands generated with Minecraft Tools' tellraw editor. Everything else was done by directly editing files with Notepad and/or VSCode. Github is used to collaborate with Hashs.

If you've created a video that showcases my datapack, please let me know so I can feature it here!
-ProGameBot's Datapack Survival Story
-Amrith's Gameplay With New In Town, Chibi's MMO
-C7RL_ALT's Gameplay With Other Packs (Beta footage)

If you own a server that uses my datapack, please let me know so I can feature it here!
-Amrith's Fantastical Shores

If you find a bug in my datapack, please notify me so I may fix it!

Discord server: https://discord.gg/VuW8YZa
  Find older builds of ERPG and get development updates here.

Special Thanks
  • Hashs
    Now an official codeveloper! Without her, Essence RPG would not exist - Hashs has been a tremendous help in getting feedback and motivation to keep working. Be sure to check out their work! Undermagic and Florcraft are some of the highest quality packs on this site.

  • The Lads
    You know who you are. Thanks for sticking through all the beta versions that sucked.

  • Storymaker1794
    Lots of design help and all around the best person I've ever met. Love you!

  • ano_eto
    Cool dude. Massive help during initial multiplayer testing and a great source of feedback.

  • Hazrey
    A heck of a lot of feedback and suggestions from this guy, many of which have made it into the pack!

CreditThedestruc7i0n, Halbzwilling, Misode, Minecraft Tools, Hashs, nphhpn
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

47 Update Logs

v1.3.1.1 - Singe Hotfix : by MrMcAwesumz 01/22/2022 11:55:43 amJan 22nd

  -Fixed an issue which caused Singe to not function.
    -Thank you to DarkVax633 for pointing this out!

Current Resource Pack version: v1.11

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05/20/2022 1:45 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
zzZMaxZ1 avatar
hello, i need help because the /trigger levelup does not work i do have other datapacks installed but i dont think they overwrite the trigger command, i also did not get any items. (sorry for my bad english)
05/20/2022 9:53 pm
Level 45 : Master Steve
MrMcAwesumz avatar
Normally, the cause for this issue is due to the pack not being installed properly. Please check your advancements tab for a new section "Installed Datapacks" and look for Essence RPG in that section.

If it isn't there, then the pack wasn't installed correctly. In this case, make sure the pack's .zip file is placed directly into your world's "datapacks" folder, or if you've extracted the pack's files, make sure the pack's folder opens directly to the space containing "pack.mcmeta" and "pack.png" files.
04/30/2022 9:57 am
Level 1 : New Miner
randomguy2534 avatar
the mod will not give me any heirlooms and the commands do not work looking in the cretive inventory also does not work please help!
04/30/2022 10:53 am
Level 45 : Master Steve
MrMcAwesumz avatar
It seems as if the datapack was not installed correctly. Please ensure that your datapack's files are placed correctly.
You can quickly check if this datapack is installed properly by opening your advancements menu and looking for a tab called "Installed Datapacks". Inside should be a listing for Essence RPG. If it is not there, the pack was not properly installed.

Also, please note that datapacks are unable to add items to the creative inventory.
03/30/2022 6:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
peA_sh0ter avatar
What a fun and well-made data pack! I have been having a blast with it so far, but I never got the items that you are supposed to start off with, the table and book. Or am I just missing something? Anyways, thanks for making such a cool leveling pack!
03/31/2022 2:23 pm
Level 45 : Master Steve
MrMcAwesumz avatar
If you never spawned in with the table, books, and offering scroll, it sounds as if there is a small incompatibility issue with another datapack, a mod, or your client/server software. If that seems to be the only broken thing, though, there's not much reason to worry!

To access these items after your initial login, you can type the command "/trigger levelup"

Doing so will allow you to select the items you were missing (there is, however, a cooldown between each item summon).

Thanks for trying the pack!
02/06/2022 11:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
DarkVax633 avatar
Im playing on a server and the ores arent dropping any essence. Is there a way to fix this? (Im playing with some other datapacks: Technical Enchant, New in town +New in town aesthetics and blazeandcaves advancements)
02/07/2022 7:31 pm
Level 45 : Master Steve
MrMcAwesumz avatar
If any of the other datapacks edit ore loot tables, they are not fully compatible with ERPG. Either, depending on established load order, the server owner can choose to allow ERPG to load last (and take priority over all other packs), or load the other conflicting pack(s) last (and take priority over ERPG).
Another possibility, for those with some technical know-how, is to combine the conflicting loot tables.
01/22/2022 9:06 am
Level 1 : New Miner
DarkVax633 avatar
Im not sure if it's just me but the single heirloom isnt working (Unless you dont use it by right clicking)
01/22/2022 11:02 am
Level 45 : Master Steve
MrMcAwesumz avatar
There exists more than one heirloom in the pack - which one are you having trouble with?
Also, I recommend joining the pack's Discord server for faster responses: https://discord.gg/VuW8YZa
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