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Explore the world (custom structures)

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SirUmbrella's Avatar SirUmbrella
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Crafter
This datapack adds new structures to minecraft using the new 1.19 generation system. Some of them include custom mobs and all of them have custom loot tables.

Sky village
A huge settlement built on floating stones. It's true that the descendants of those who built it can't be too clever, because they keep falling down. It is found in quite a lot of biomes, but it is quite rare.

Sky village

Pirate treasure trove
The pirate's treasure trove. A cave full of very valuable chests, which are very rare. How lucky that pirates always make a map to their treasure.

Explore the world (custom structures) Minecraft Data Pack

Illager castle
A huge castle in the woods that may contain particularly strong illagers.

Illager castle

Sculk tower
A tower on the surface, which is quite dangerous to approach unless you are wearing an old helmet, which can be found in the dripstone fort.

Dark laboratory
This huge and rare structure is located in the desert. It is a rather difficult building full of illagers. However, here you can gain idols that boost the spawn rate of their respective mobs.

The fountain of redemption
If you've been foolish enough to reach for a cursed relic, then look for this well. It will wash away the curse. It can be found in the deep lush caves.

Witch tower
A huge tower that reaches up to the sky and then explodes with magic. It can be found in the swamps, taiga, and dark oak forests.

Ice castle
A castle found in the snowy taiga, ruled by the fierce ice lord.

ice castle

Crimson portal
A small pigmen structure in the crimson forest that "hides" a portal.

A peaceful little house in the lush cave, where two villagers live their lives.

Lush house

Dripstone fort
A structure of walls and towers underground, which holds a lot of gold.

An almost invisible, hollow hill in the swamp that may hold treasure.

Old tower
An old tower that can be found on the taiga, full of enemies and, of course, loot.


Dangerous camp
Watch out, you may encounter it on the savannah, and if you're not careful you may leave your teeth there.


A small structure on the taiga that can hold interesting things.

Jungle temple
A morbid temple in the jungle, full of traps and monsters.


Abandoned Tower
A lonely tower with no one living in it... but that doesn't mean it's worthless.

Lonely tower

Giant Pyramid
A huge structure found in the desert. Few people have come out of it alive.


Farm house
A small and peaceful cottage located on the plains biome, a villager lives there in great solitude.

Smoll house

Villager ship
A peaceful fishing boat with a few villagers on board.

Villager ship

Illager ship
A warship with illagers on board. Where could they be going?

Illager ship

Pirate ship
A huge ship full of pirates, and where there are pirates. And if there are pirates, there always be a captain..

Pirate ship

Tired of all the walking? Come on in and take a break. You'll find this structure in the woods and on my plains biome.


Pet cemetery
If you've seen the film you'll know to beware of dead pets, but this is different, because from here your pets will return to their full form if you perform the ritual. All you need to do to bring them back is sacrifice an insignificant villager within the circle. This structure is located in the soulsand valley.


End temple
A mysterious temple in the end, where a priest prays all "day". He doesn't like to be disturbed, he can be very ..angry.

End temple

Small structures
These smaller structures are generated more often, but they are not very interesting. For example: a tree house in the jungle, or a giant mushroom in the dark forest.

common structures

warningThis datapack only works in 1.19warning

!If you use my pack in a video or in a stream, please give me credit! If you upload it somewhere, mention me and give a link to this website! Thank you!

Also if you find any bugs please, dropp a comment.

Websites used:

CreditMany thanks to LordCaramell who helped me build the structures
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

6 Update Logs

Some new structures : by SirUmbrella 08/18/2022 3:34:56 amAug 18th, 2022

  • Added 6 common structures (campsite,big mushroom, jungle house, white tower,statues on the beach, big honey tree)
  • Added some new rooms to the dark lab as well as 2 new illager types. These canges were meade because there is a new room in this building, which will always have a chest with a pretty powerfull item.
  • Added sky village

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01/14/2024 10:53 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
hgIsMC's Avatar
Just a quick question, Have you abandoned this datapack?
12/13/2023 1:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
FranBokita's Avatar
Hi, i have a big question, how can i lose the -5 heart curse? Thank you, this is the best datapack i have ever seen.
08/10/2023 6:22 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Nerd
Trainerkn's Avatar
How do I successfully install the pack on a Minehut server? I've gone through and inserted it into the datapacks section within the world folder.

Should I put it in the texture packs instead?
08/11/2023 8:00 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Crafter
SirUmbrella's Avatar
No, you neked to put it into the datapacks foolder, and IT should work.
08/11/2023 7:38 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Nerd
Trainerkn's Avatar
It doesn't seem to be working. I've regenerated the world, and all the files within the pack seem to be working.

There's also an option for plugins, but I don't think that would work. Datapacks is located within the "World" folder on the Minehut files.

Any ideas?
07/09/2023 2:15 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Thewayer14's Avatar
1.20 update?
06/13/2023 4:05 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
hgIsMC's Avatar
Will you update to 1.20?
04/01/2023 10:27 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Twinkleharmony's Avatar
I have a strong feeling that Endcities will be replaced by Endtemple. I can't find any city anymore. But I could be wrong, I hope so. Unfortunately, I can no longer use the "locate structure" command. :(

This datapack is really cool and expands the world considerably.
02/20/2023 12:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Taiky's Avatar
How to remove the -5 Hearth permanent ?
10/16/2022 10:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
FaZeDJ's Avatar
The datapack is awesome but the warden isn't stopping spawning in the sculk tower.
I think that the warden could spawn just one time not every time i kill it.
PLS patch this and kisses in the ever dirty.