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Required Resource Pack
GoldenGizzmo avatar GoldenGizzmo
Level 35 : Artisan Explorer
This is a datapack that aims to add more mob-based content to the game while still keeping with the feel of Minecraft, as if these mob could fit in as just an update you've missed.

The datapack current adds:

  • 12 new Mobs
  • 13 new Items
  • New loot tables
First off this datapack Requires Optifine so make sure to have that installed, it's a client-side performance enhancing mod that allows for the custom mob textures to load.

If you like this Datapack, please consider leaving a Diamond

The Shackle is a mob idea that focuses on adding a fifth member to the roster of universal spawning hostile mobs (I don't count the enderman as it's mostly neutral)

It's a hulking mass of iron with high defense and offense but weighted down by its gear, proving to be an easy opponent to deal with on their own but if supported by other mobs like skeletons, they can sneak a hit on you.
  • High health
  • High damage
  • No knockback
  • A hit will cause blindness, dazing the player
  • Will also periodically block all damage taken (but also can't move at all)
  • Very slow
  • Very loud (will hardly ambush the player)
  • Decently rare spawn
Upon its death, the truth of the Shackle is revealed as numerous little creatures will burst out from the armour and chase the player, dealing very little damage (if not on hard mode) and dying in one hit. The idea is that these little "Shacklet" creatures are all bundled up in a suit of armour they found, so their might is merely a facade.

  • Iron Nuggets
  • Shackle Pieces (from the little shacklets)
  • Their unique shield (very rare)
There is a Nether version of the mob called the Prison, a much tougher variant that resides as a rare spawn in Nether Fortresses and boast much improved stats while having different drop rates that may warrant the visit.

  • Netherite Scrap (a rare drop)
  • Shackle Pieces (from the little shacklets)
  • Their unique shield (very rare)
  • Secret SwordTheir unique sword (even rarer)
The idea of the Prison was to add an alternative to the mind numbing process of mining for Ancient Debris, instead of mining through netherrack, the player can just visit the fortress and fight Prisons instead.
Farming Prisons overall is slower but it should provide an option to those who despise the netherite process, though be cautious as getting cornered by a Prison is a death sentence.
This idea was all about adding a new tier of hostile mob variants that only appear deep below the surface in the underground caverns, they would sport higher health and deal more damage with unique gimmicks to change how you would fight against them.

They all spawn below Y=0 (Deepslate Area) replacing existing mobs and reinforcing the idea of crafting stronger gear to delve deeper underground.

Red Creeper
First off is the Red Creeper which has been infused with the power of redstone which makes it detonate a second faster which can mean all the difference when dealing with an ambush, plus the default green never really camouflaged with the grey stone walls.

The Red Creeper will also have a larger explosion radius, similar to TNT, caution is advised.

Fossil Skeleton
Fossil Skeletons have been lurking around since the ancient times and as such their bow uses the old bow firing sound for added flair.

The gimmick with these skeletons is after a few hits they will ditch their bow and rush the player with a stick, dealing frighteningly high damage at fast speeds, it's best to kill them before they can rush you or prepare for it.

Dwellers are beefy zombies that were once humans mining for ores, now trapped and lost underground.
These zombies have a lot of health and that's really it, zombies don't really need a gimmick to be threatening as they make up for it in sheer numbers.

Royal Spider
Royal Spiders are cave spiders but not Cave Spiders as in they don't poison you, instead they are very nimble and can easily catch the player off guard, coupled with their small size and being able to sneak into anywhere.
They also deal more damage but their frail health remains the same, a glass cannon.

As of now, none of these new mobs have unique drops but I'm sure I'll think of something for them to drop. As of now they just drops what their vanilla variants would drop.
Stickies are my interpretation of the famous "Honey Slime", they spawn in packs of 2 in forests and birch forests at night, aimlessly hopping around just like any other slime. They give the player mining fatigue when struck, simulating a slow and sticky effect.

When a Sticky is slain, they drop Hostile Honey, an ingredient used for making a special syrup. They also have a rare chance of dropping a single honey block.
Cave Bear
Cave Bear
Cave Bears are neutral mobs that spawn in forest and taiga biomes and seemingly mind their own business.
If provoked by the player, it is revealed that they have immensely high health, damage and speed, making them a trap for unprepared players.

On the bright side they drop up to 6 leather, making them worth the hunt if you're looking to make books. They also have a rare chance to drop honeycomb because bears can't help themselves.
Tiger Spider
Tiger Spider
Tiger Spider is a sort of "Boss" spider that replaces spiders with potion effects that appear only on hard difficulty.

They sport more health and damage, giving the player the nausea potion effect on contact, making them a fearful foe.

Upon death they will even release damaging gas that lingers for a couple of seconds before dissipating. They will also drop the new Spider Fang Spider Fang, an item which can be used in brewing to make lingering potions.

I was never a fan of how tipped arrows and lingering potions were only accessed after reaching the end, when they themselves aren't too remarkable and are acquired when you've already reached the end of the game. This mob was my solution to this issue.
Drowned King
Drowned King
Drowned King replaces all trident wielding drowned, making the collection of the marvelous weapon to be a little more exciting. The King also has a much higher chance of dropping the trident instead of the measily 8%, now it's around 30%.

The King has a lot more health and has a very rare chance to drop a Heart of the Sea.
Sea Jelly
Sea Jelly
Sea Jellies are defensive mobs that spawn in groups of 3 in warm ocean biomes.
They can appear in 3 different colours, green, orange and purple.

While swimming around, they will often emit an aura of electricity around them that can damage the player, with the sparks even piercing armour, making them potentially difficult to kill if unprepared. They have a brief warning period before electrifying.
When slain they will drop Jelly, which can be eaten or used in other recipes.
Guardian Bomb
Guardian Bomb
Ocean monuments have a whopping 1 enemy type with 3 larger versions, my goal was to add another variant that can open more possibilities for interesting combat situations.

The Guardian Bomb is my solution that functions exactly like a normal guardian, but when hit, they will prime like tnt and swim away and explode. The idea came from the fact that they look eerily similar to sea mines, hence why they have no tail.

The player can prime a Guardian Bomb and direct it towards other guardians for bonus damage, and since this is all happening underwater, the explosion will not destroy walls, keeping the monument intact.
They also drop gunpowder on death.

Mystery Item Mystery Item - This will be the result of all crafting recipes as it's currently not possible to have the crafted item appear in the ui, imagine it as a mysterious item unknown to the player, it replaces the default knowledge book.

Syrup Syrup - Base ingredient crafted from honey bottles, nether wart and Hostile Honey Hostile Honey, used for making Syrups, an alternative to potions which can stack to 16. They have exclusive effects that cannot be modified with splash, longer duration or increased strength.

Syrup Recipe

The whole idea was to bring these exclusive effects to a potion system while also giving honey farms more of a use aside from producing honey blocks for redstone designs. They also all make the honey bottle drinking sound, making them more unique from potions.

Syrup Recipes

Dexterity Syrup Dexterity Syrup - A Syrup which finally grants the haste effect to the player, while also giving another use to the fairly useless cocoa beans.
Vitality Syrup Vitality Syrup - A Syrup which grants the unused health boost effect to the player, extra health that requires regeneration to fill unlike absorption. Crafted used the new jelly item.
Charity Syrup Charity Syrup - A Syrup which grants the unused luck effect to the player, crafted using the rare and formerly useless poisonous potato.
Levity Syrup Levity Syrup - A Syrup which grants the levitation effect to the player, used as a safety net if the player were to fall into the void while searching the end. Crafted with feathers
Bug Pieces Bug Pieces dropped from Shackles can be used to make a new alloy called the Taciturn Alloy Taciturn Alloy which can be used to create the Taciturn Sword Taciturn Sword (the same sword Shackles use)

The Taciturn sword has the same stats as an iron sword, however it has the unique effect of giving whoever it hits the weakness effect for only 5 seconds. The idea was to create a sword that can be used as a sort utility alongside a diamond or netherite sword, and due to bug pieces being a fairly rare drop, it will take some time to acquire this weapon.

The sword can also be enchanted.
Shackles can also give the player the weakness effect.
Other Recipes
Jelly Jelly can be collected from killing Sea Jellies, however eating the jelly will electrocute the player, dealing high damage. The jelly can be used with bread to create a Jelly Sandwich, a food item that gives high hunger and does not hurt the player

Jelly Recipe

Commands to Spawn in
Shackle - /function gizzmo:shackle/shackle
Prison - /function gizzmo:shackle/prison
Red Creeper - /function gizzmo:depths/red
Fossil Skeleton - /function gizzmo:depths/fossil
Dweller - /function gizzmo:depths/dweller
Royal Spider - /function gizzmo:depths/royal
Sticky - /function gizzmo:sticky/sticky
Cave Bear - /function gizzmo:bear/bear
Tiger Spider - /function gizzmo:widow/widow
Drowned King - /function gizzmo:king/king
Sea Jelly - /function gizzmo:jelly/jelly
Guardian Bomb - /function gizzmo:guardian_bomb/bomb
Taciturn Alloy - /function gizzmo:items/alloy
Taciturn Sword - /function gizzmo:items/alloy_sword
Bug Pieces - /function gizzmo:items/bug_pieces
Charity Syrup - /function gizzmo:items/charity_syrup
Dexterity Syrup - /function gizzmo:items/dexterity_syrup
Hostile Honey - /function gizzmo:items/hostile_honey
Jelly - /function gizzmo:items/jelly
Jelly Sandwich - /function gizzmo:items/jelly_sandwich
Levity Syrup - /function gizzmo:items/levity_syrup
Spider Fang - /function gizzmo:items/spider_fang
Syrup - /function gizzmo:items/syrup
Vitality Syrup - /function gizzmo:items/vitality_syrup

I would love any feedback on changes or additions you'd like to see

Please report any bugs or issues you find
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.20

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by GoldenGizzmo 10/23/2023 9:52:29 pmOct 23rd

Updated to work with 1.20.1, with need another touch up to work 1.20.2

Stickies appear in more forest-like biomes

Changed how the Taciturn Sword is made due to the 1.20 smithing table changes

Bug Pieces drop a little more common to make up for it

I only update this mod whenever I anually return to Minecraft, so you may not see another update to 1.21 for a while

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01/27/2022 11:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
cr3ems avatar
Big Problem I'm running into!
Every time I load a world with this datapack a giant cloud of thousands of lingering particles get's created pretty much directly over the spwan area. This causes a LOT of lag and makes the game pretty much unplayable.
01/09/2022 8:15 pm
Level 47 : Master Pegasus
0g SugaR
0g SugaR avatar
This datapack improves things you wouldn't even think of in a mob pack. Prisons are like a farming god, I've managed to create a all in one netherite, iron, bone, coal, wither skull, and bug piece farm that is fully automatic. 4.5/5 stars.
01/09/2022 4:52 pm
Level 47 : Master Pegasus
0g SugaR
0g SugaR avatar
For some reason the custom textures for the cave bear, miner, fossil skeleton, etc do not work, and they are just normal variants of the original mob.
01/09/2022 5:17 pmhistory
Level 47 : Master Pegasus
0g SugaR
0g SugaR avatar
I am using optifine 1.18 btw
12/25/2021 9:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ThePersonof avatar
Hey, when one of my pals breeded some snow foxes a bear and some jellies just spawned on them for some reason?? what's up with that??
12/25/2021 9:43 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
ThePersonof avatar
okay, we tried it again and it happened again. what happened lmao
edit: we spawned some foxes and bears just spawned alongside them.
12/29/2021 6:35 am
Level 35 : Artisan Explorer
GoldenGizzmo avatar
Yeah it's because to get Bears to spawn, it checks for foxes and chooses one out of a chance to spawn a bear
12/20/2021 11:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Zora7X avatar
How did you implement these. Did you have them be natural spawns or did you have it to where every certain number of a mob spawned it would replace one? Also very cool datapack.
12/22/2021 5:22 am
Level 35 : Artisan Explorer
GoldenGizzmo avatar
Yeah there's a specific chance that any enemy that fits the conditions will be instantly killed and replaced with a new mob, it happens so fast that it's not visable unless you use a spawn egg.
12/16/2021 3:25 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Sarkness avatar
Hey! Nice modpack you got so far! The only problem is that there's a bug with a certain team "mob" making most of the server lags hard and the mobs not spawning at all. It mainly concerns the mob Dweller and I don't know what else causes it since they always just fall out of the world... Is it due to the y=0 or what I'm missing? Thanks for helping!
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