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Swords and Strongholds v2.1.0

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SajNinja_PMC's Avatar SajNinja_PMC
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blacksmith
Swords and Strongholds v2.1.0 Minecraft Data Pack

Lite version now available!
lite version means:
no structure
no weapon racking
no compass
less stuff for the pack to do
good for server owners, not good for singleplayer


Join my discord server!

Yes that's right I have a discord server!
It's really small though!
Come help make it bigger!

What is this pack?

A medieval weaponry pack featuring 15 new weapons and a massive, sprawling, underground stronghold to find them in.

Each weapon has its own abilities and traits that make them unique from each other, and hopefully, fun to use!

New features!
    • COMPLETELY rebuilt the ENTIRE stronghold, every structure is brand new!
    • Added Halberds, Broadswords, and Morningstars!
    • Dark and spooky atmosphere!
    • Revised weapons: Rapiers, Sabers, Katanas, Daggers, and Longswords!
    • Watch your step. The undead are rising.
    • Sheathing! Woohoo!!!
    • New weapon hanging system!
  • Something important to note! Weapons hanging on hooks have a new hitbox to take them. Right click slightly above the stone button that it’s hung upon to take it.

Weapons! And shields!

And their abilities!


A light, quick, stealthy weapon. Sneak for a bit, and keep sneaking, to get a high boost in attack damage. Perfect for sneaking about and backstabbing people!


A curiously light, unsurprisingly long sword. Hold it in both hands for a modest attack speed boost. Attacking quickly after taking damage is a bit more powerful.


A massive, beautiful sword. It’s quite heavy, but its critical attacks are much stronger.


A rather wide sword. Attacking in quick, consecutive strikes will boost its attack damage.


A pirate’s best friend! Yarrr! Comes enchanted with Looting V! Attacks while swimming (fast swimming not just walking underwater) deal much more damage than usual.


A lightning fast weapon, if used right. Sneak and keep sneaking to build up speed, and your attacks will become much faster for a bit. Hold with two hands for a slight damage boost


Lethally elegant weapons. Attack while sprinting for a damage boost. Successfully doing so will give you regeneration for a few seconds.

Parrying Daggers

Actually just shields. Literally just shields, but you can parry things. Lowering your shield quickly after blocking something executes a parry, and it gives you strength! Failure to parry means you take the damage you blocked.


A HUGE weapon. Hits like a load of bricks. Or a train. Consecutive attacks increase your attack speed.


Long sticks. Good for poking things from far away. Found with Knockback III, sprinting with these weapons negates all knockback taken.


A light, nimble, kinda fancy polearm. Give it the respect it deserves and hold it with two hands. Sprinting increases its attack speed. Sneak with it to get a short burst of Strength, at the cost of sacrificing some health!


Spikey maces! Critical attacks with these deal armor breaking damage!


Tiny lil baby shields! Parrying with them gives you resistance, and failure to parry bears no consequence!

Small Shields

Special, rarer shields meant to be used with two handed weapons. Doing so prevents the weapon from getting slower, and keeps it at its default DPS.

Tower Shields

Huge shields. Decreases your movement speed but gives you armor and knockback resistance.


When you put your weapons in your offhand, you can put them in a sheath!

This happens automatically when you put your unsheathed weapon into your offhand.

Sneaking while moving the sheathed weapon BACK into your main hand will prevent it from being unsheathed until you stop sneaking. This can be used when hanging up your weapon!

Sheathing is an optional feature!!! You can enable/disable sheathing using the command:
/trigger sheathing

Hanging your weapons!

You can hang your own weapons up on a hook! Simply drop your weapon onto a stone button that’s on the side of a block to hang your weapon on it! Right click slightly above the button to pick it back up again!

Old manuscripts (Crafting system)!

You’ve all been asking, so it’s finally here! A weapon crafting system!

In some special rooms, you can find old manuscripts, papers containing the recipes to specific swords!

In order to craft whatever weapon the manuscript is written about, drop your iron or diamonds and your sticks in EXACT AMOUNTS along with one manuscript on top of a smithing table.

Old manuscripts can be MULTIPLIED by dropping 7 pieces of paper, the manuscript you wish to multiply, and either a diamond sword or a shield on a smithing table, depending on whether you’re crafting a sword or a shield weapon. Parrying daggers count as swords!!!

How balancing works!

Every weapon, when held with a Small Shield or a Buckler in the offhand, is equal in damage dealt per second (DPS) to the vanilla sword of its tier.

Two handed weapons (Longswords, Greatswords, Greataxes, Spears, and Halberds) have stats that change depending on what’s in your offhand.

  • If there’s nothing in your offhand, your attack speed increases slightly

  • If there’s an item in your offhand that isn’t a small shield or a buckler, your attack speed will DECREASE by the same amount it would increase.

  • Having a small shield/buckler in your offhand keeps it at its default attack speed, making it, when executing no special abilities, equal to the default sword of its tier.

Locating a sword stronghold!

Sword strongholds can be found using a special compass (recipe pictured in the album) that points to the nearest dungeon within loading distance.

Holding it in your hand will make its face light up and some particles will display in the direction the stronghold is.

It doesn’t work at an insane range like eyes of ender do, so you’ll have to explore around a bit until the compass activates.


Be careful. The undead have more wrath than they did while alive.

Useful commands!

These commands can be used to give you the items in the pack

/function swordsandstrongholds:give_weapons

/function swordsandstrongholds:give_shields

/function swordsandstrongholds:give_manuscripts

/recipe give @s swordsandstrongholds:compass_recipe

Weapon Stats!

The spreadsheet I use to keep track of the weapon’s stats is open for you all to see!

(Navigate to the sheet called "final")


CreditMisode, Blockbench
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.20

25 Update Logs

potential more polishings for 2.1.0 : by SajNinja_PMC 10/26/2023 3:37:12 pmOct 26th, 2023

ok so my custom enemy spawning system may be the source of great amounts of lag

i'm considering changing to just mob spawners

it might be nice

if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment sharing your ideas. i might just implement them

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02/21/2024 8:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
liamthegreat28's Avatar
Where are the crafting recipes?
02/21/2024 9:13 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blacksmith
SajNinja_PMC's Avatar
written on each manuscript

please read the pack description
11/30/2023 12:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RefinedRain's Avatar
So if the custom spawning is a main issue, If you could release a separate datapack in the next update that just adds the manuscripts and weapons. I'd be personally happy! Adding them to existing structures would add to the exploration concept. I do like the strongholds, but having a separate datapack just for swords might attract more downloads, at least until the structure is redone. I still do miss the old ones IMO. They felt very vanillla minecraft.
01/03/2024 6:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
opaque_27's Avatar
this comment is a couple of months old, but i agree! spark is picking up 1000%+ spikes in tick duration when this datapack is spawning enemies, which is a real bummer since i like the custom swords and everything else.
11/30/2023 1:40 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blacksmith
SajNinja_PMC's Avatar
oooooooohhh yeah having a seperate pack minus the worldgen could be interesting!!!
11/15/2023 7:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
TheTouchpadGuy's Avatar
THANK YOU FOR POSTING COMMANDS (I could not find the dungeons after half an hour of searching)
11/15/2023 9:50 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blacksmith
SajNinja_PMC's Avatar
wtf does nobody read the description when downloading???
11/16/2023 1:01 pmhistory
Level 45 : Master Cupcake
mega7's Avatar
I am gonna be honest with you. No, Most don't.
11/16/2023 7:19 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blacksmith
SajNinja_PMC's Avatar
11/17/2023 3:25 am
Level 45 : Master Cupcake
mega7's Avatar
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