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mega7's Avatar mega7
Level 46 : Master Cupcake Ranger
What is this Datapack?

Quality Of Life Changes is a datapack that adds or improves minecraft vanilla features. This datapack is always up for suggestions. So if you got a suggestion about a feature you'd like to see. Type it here! and i will gladly do my best to add that feature. If you got any questions. You can ask it here. Or preferably at my discord server.


- Please try using the recommended version of the datapack. In the update log each update has a recommended version next to it. As any glitches you encounter when not using the recommended version won't be patched.

- I take my sweet sweet time making/updating my datapacks. To give it some Quality. And because i'm kind of busy.

- Check out my other datapacks! And to improve mc even more Check out my Warfare Expanded datapack. Or XP Bank one.

What are the changes this Datapack provides?

Currently, This Datapack has somewhat of limited features. That's why suggestions are pleasant.
the changes this Datapack provides are:

- Around 30+ new recipes. All are mentioned in images. but most of them appear on your recipe book.

- Vanilla recipes like furnaces & droppers can be made with any type of rock. (stone, basalt, granite ..etc)

- World Height is Almost Doubled. Allowing more space to build upwards. (It is till 704 Now)

- Some materials that were only able to be smelted in a normal furnace can be smelted in a blast furnace now.
(Clayballs, Netherrack, Quartz Block, Stone, Sandstone, Red Sandstone, Basalt, Clay Block, Sand & Red Sand, Cobblestone, Cobbled Deepslate)

- Dyeing glass doesn't require it to be uncolored anymore. (will be added to wool & concrete later)

- Loyalty tridents no longer disappear in the void. If they fall in it they will return as if they hit a block.

- Leashed mobs will no longer die of fall damage. Therefore traveling them with elytra doesn't pose much of a threat.

- All piglin trades cannot be picked up by piglin babies. Along side any gold material. Making it less annoying to chase them.

- Cauldrons can break your fall. As if it was a water source [​EXPERIMENTAL]

- Some of vanilla Loot tables were Improved.

- Horses can no longer sink in water. Unless if fallen from a height. So you can somewhat cross rivers in your way.

- Breaking Grass won't drop only wheat seeds anymore, But all types of seeds with melon being the rarest. And must be using a hoe. to prevent inventory clogging.

- Armor stands could be given hands. By Holding a stick and shifting while looking at one.

- Like armor stands. Item frames Could be turned invisible. By holding a glass pane and looking at the item frame. Works with glowing item frames.

- Eating Glow Berries Will give you night vision for 10 seconds. While eating Beetroot soup gives way more saturation. making it a better food option to consider making.

- All wood types could be used now in stonecutters. yay no more scams

- Having a parrot on your shoulder grants you speed. While having parrots on both shoulders doubles the effect.

- Chains are climbable. Along side Glow lichen.

- Sugar canes and most plants can now be planted on farmlands. to avoid being annoyed

- Copper blocks can be used as beacon base blocks. Though if it oxidizes won't work as one.
Making it a good temporary beacon-base block.

- all Glass variants are now considered blocks mineable with pickaxes. Making them be mined quicker when using a pickaxe. Though don't forget silk touch.

- Stonecutters deal damage for any mob standing on it. With a custom death message.

- Paintings: Fire, Water, Earth and wind can now be placed just like normal paintings.

- A Skeleton dying to the wither effect has a 10% chance of turning into a wither skeleton.

- Raw ore blocks can be smelted as they are. Not needing to make them smaller

- Budding amethyst is now mineable with silktouch.

Togglable Features
Some of the features mentioned can be toggled through this command:
/function qol:admin/customization

The features mentioned up that have a - . Are considered togglable. If it was up to me i'd make them all togglable but it is sadly not possible to make all of them like that. Though if you need to disable a certain feature you could always ask me to do it for you!

We're Done. Cheers!

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19
toMinecraft 1.20

9 Update Logs

Quality of Life changes - v1.5.1 *Recommended version: 1.20.3-1.20.4 : by mega7 01/26/2024 3:31:05 amJan 26th

  • Fixed bug related to the grass loot table. Since in the newest update it was changed to "short grass"
  • Added cobblestone & cobbled deepslate blasting recipes.
  • If you want this exact version click here

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01/26/2024 11:35 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
TheChair's Avatar
Very fun tysm mega7!!!
01/27/2024 1:44 am
Level 46 : Master Cupcake Ranger
mega7's Avatar
Glad you enjoyed it mate.
12/10/2023 12:43 pm
Level 1 : New Network
FallenPaladin's Avatar
[12:34:05] [Worker-Main-2/ERROR]: Couldn't parse element predicates:qol:caul - Not a json array: {"condition":"minecraft:entity_properties","entity":"this","predicate":{"location":{"block":{"blocks":["minecraft:water_cauldron"],"state":{"level":{"min":1,"max":3}}}}}}
11/16/2023 11:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
EditingMitten39's Avatar
is this working in a paper server
11/17/2023 3:25 am
Level 46 : Master Cupcake Ranger
mega7's Avatar
It does work. But if you encounter any bugs report them so i can check em out.
10/22/2023 7:40 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
AlterNate_1337's Avatar
Stonecutter doesn't deal damage which is a shame because I wanna experiment w/ it for trap and farm potentials
10/23/2023 7:16 am
Level 46 : Master Cupcake Ranger
mega7's Avatar
What do you mean. They do damage. Are they not on your world?
Report the bug on the discord server and add more details there if you can.
10/28/2023 9:01 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MomosMong's Avatar
i cant find the discord server, where is it?

i have the same problem, the stonecutter doesnt deal damage at all, im on paper 1.20.2.
edit: found the server, also where is the download for the 1.4 version?
10/30/2023 1:35 am
Level 46 : Master Cupcake Ranger
mega7's Avatar
- I've added the link to the dc server. And it should be working
- And you just made me realize i accidently linked to the version 1.3.1 instead of 1.4 so now it is there.
- About the stonecutter glitch. It could be for the format i typed it in because paper can some times be demanding for a certain one. I will track the bug down soon and fix it. Add more info in the dc if you have any. Thanks for the feedback really appreciate it thumb_up_alt
10/30/2023 8:34 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MomosMong's Avatar
I downloaded the version and put it in the server, the stonecutter deals damage now and it's fixed. I also wanted to say thank you for making this datapack, it's really good and helped the server several times
10/30/2023 9:07 am
Level 46 : Master Cupcake Ranger
mega7's Avatar
I have no idea what has changed from the last version. The only thing i changed about stonecutter in the latest version is that they work with scoreboards now so i can be able to toggle them on and off. But i guess it worked at the end.

I should be thanking you for using some of your spare time to try out the pack. I really appreciate it. If you need any more help hit me up. :DD
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