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Shrimp's 1.19 birch forest - Datapack

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    ShrimpSnail's Avatar ShrimpSnail
    Level 65 : High Grandmaster Wizard
    Since the 1.19 wild update anouncement and the showcase of the concept art for the new birch biome i absolutely loved it and started working on a recreation of it, i couldn't play mc for a bit and also got distracted playing grounded for a bit so it came a bit later than i wanted it, and this is the datapack to recreate it, also all 4 biomes are the same now

    Known problems-

    the side branches are NOT solid blocks this is extremely annoying and i'm still trying to figure out a way to do it in 1.17 my small brain is incabable of such things.

    things to come -

    fallen logs and also some fallen logs on top of ponds that could look interesting,

    better carpet moss for said fallen logs

    some more flower variation

    anyways i still hope you enjoy and if you are going to showcase this then give a link to this website. Cheers!!

    (resource pack not available yet, early bird)
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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    07/12/2022 10:10 pm
    Level 42 : Master Modder
    CreeprVictor's Avatar
    Where bees?
    12/19/2021 9:20 pm
    Level 47 : Master Sus
    Rob333's Avatar
    What exactly changes the resourcepack?, and what if i don't install the resourcepack?
    12/20/2021 3:51 am
    Level 65 : High Grandmaster Wizard
    ShrimpSnail's Avatar
    not installing the resource pack will remove all the neat flowers and the colorful leaves aswell as the sideways logs which i couldn't get working normally, i think the grass stays the same tho since that's from biome temperature
    12/18/2021 8:09 pm
    Level 23 : Expert Dragon
    MadCreeper7611's Avatar
    You forgot the allay that spawns in the forest
    11/10/2021 1:38 pm
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    PaniZima's Avatar
    It looks lovely. ^^ I'm wondering if you could add fallen trees and make those branches and bee hives actually generate instead of just using a resource pack? Oh, and could you make flowers and stuff look something like this? https://twitter.com/hatsondogsmc/status/1452376737682178057 If that doesn't bother you
    11/10/2021 3:04 pm
    Level 65 : High Grandmaster Wizard
    ShrimpSnail's Avatar
    i'm still trying to get the stuff to actually generate but it's gonna wait, i'm on a break, those flowers do look lovely and i could ask to use them, but teh closest i could do is just be inspired by them
    11/10/2021 3:15 pm
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    PaniZima's Avatar
    something close to it would to, but understandable that life happens. It's more of a suggestion if you feel like "improving" your pack :)
    10/29/2021 5:03 pm
    Level 73 : Legendary Artist
    Kubek727's Avatar
    I loved this concept since I saw it on Mincon :)
    It's sad however how little grass "ambience" we have now
    Yet wonderful thing
    10/28/2021 9:21 pm
    Level 31 : Artisan Artist
    Ibex80's Avatar
    Very cool
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