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Slow Down the Iron Age v1.1 (Survival Tweak)

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avatar calebchan
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Slow Down the Iron Age (1.13+) v1.1

Wood pickaxe. Stone pickaxe. Iron pickaxe. Iron tools, iron armor.

You always reach the iron tier within the first 5 minutes of gameplay.

So with this datapack, I've made the following few major changes to the tier system:

  Furnace Smelting
  • Iron ore smelts into one iron nugget per ore in a furnace.
  • Gold ore smelts into one gold nugget per ore in a furnace.
  • Furnace smelting times and experience drops are still the same.
  • Use a blast furnace to get ingots as normal, at double speed. Or should it be at regular speed?
  Furnace Smelting (misc)
  • Emerald ore smelts into one stone per ore in a furnace.
  • Diamond ore smelts into one stone per ore in a furnace.
  (Not like you'd be doing this anyways, but just to keep the common sense logic)

  I recommend to add a rotten-flesh-smelts-to-leather datapack!

The aim of this datapack was to give stone tools and leather armor some relevancy in the game as an early tier grade, and kind of like how a wood pickaxe is a stepping stone to the stone pickaxe: similarly 5 iron ingots is a precursor to crafting the mid-game blast furnace.

The lore/logic is that, regular furnaces can't properly extract ingots from ores, though you still can: 45 iron ores for 5 ingots for the blast furnace. This prompts players to explore structures for loot chests for those 5 iron ingots. Then, you will really feel the satisfaction of reaching the mid-game tier as you assemble the pieces for a blast furnace.

I realize this only affects the first 30 minutes of gameplay. But I think it's for the better, if you want an early game challenge!

I'd love to hear your feedback and experiences in the comments :) Enjoy the datapack!

Note: I've thoughts of crafting chain mail armor with iron nuggets, as a precursor to iron armor before they reach 45 nuggets for the iron age. This would be an excellent transition from leather to chain to iron. But the iron nugget to iron ingot ratio does not match the chain mail armor to iron armor ratio. Thoughts?

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.16 Snapshot

1 Update Logs

v1.1 : 03/25/2020 7:45:49 amMar 25th

Updated for datapack conventions (advancement datapack list display)!

5 replies

03/25/2020 4:55 am
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
Excellent idea for RP ! I like it !

I think blast furnace should not create ingot, but may be -2-3 nuggets =)
03/25/2020 5:58 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Hi, thank you for replying! Glad to hear that you like it! And whoa, 2-3 nuggets sounds super rough, besides, I think we can only have one output item per smelt right now? I'll see!
03/25/2020 10:09 amhistory
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
I like RP gameplays ^^

So, i just push your idea a little bit more !
03/25/2020 7:38 am
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
Or : 1 custom nugget. Then create a new recipe : 3 custom nuggets for 1 ingot =)

Up to you =D
03/25/2020 9:28 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
ooh then it'd be three ore for one ingot in a blast furnace, instead of nine ore per ingot in a furnace? super pricey, I'll think about it. Why do you suggest to make it harder? Just like to know your thoughts.
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