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    infamousmusicify avatar infamousmusicify
    Level 54 : Grandmaster Programmer


    Create a super cold blast! Melt Pesky Obsidian!
    Cool lava and freeze water! Evaporate water and ice!
      How to Use Cryo-Bomb:
    Place a Blue Ice block on a Magma Block and it will create a Cryo-Bomb, the blast will turn nearby water/lava to its solid form.
    Place Packed Ice next to Magma to create a mini Cryo-Bomb! (turns lava to magma)
    Standing to close may hurt.

      How to Use Thermite:
    Place a Ancient Debris on a Magma Block and it will create Thermite, the reaction will turn nearby Obsidian into Magma.
    Water and Ice nearby will be evaporated.
    Standing to close may hurt.

      Crafting Thermodynamic Armor:
    Place Blue Ice and a Netherite Block in a crafting grid, spit any leggings on the ground and eat the item you made to craft Thermodynamic Armor.

    If you are wearing a Netherite Chestplate/Thermodynamic Armor or a Chains+ Chest piece you will not be damaged by the blast!
    Hit the advancements key to see in-game info and help!

    OG Packs:

    Original pack: Lava Sponge
    By: Cortexiphen
    (I just improved the pack for my purposes and made it multipurpose.)

    CreditInfamous, Cortexiphen
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
    toMinecraft 1.18

    2 Update Logs

    1.18 Update! Full release. : by infamousmusicify 04/01/2022 1:17:18 amApr 1st

    Version 1.0:

    Full release for 1.18. Textures and features set.
    Please report any issues on github!

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