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    Required Resource Pack
    infamousmusicify's Avatar infamousmusicify
    Level 59 : Grandmaster Programmer


    Create a super cold blast! Melt Pesky Obsidian!
    Cool lava and freeze water! Evaporate water and ice!

    Hit the advancements key to see in-game info and help!
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      Cryo-Nova: Netherite Block on Blue Ice (Huge)
    Blue Ice block on a Magma Block (Large)
    Packed Ice on a Magma Block (Medium)

      Cryo-Pop: Ice on a Magma Block (Small)
    The blast will turn nearby water/lava to its solid form.

      Aziroazide Azide: Netherite Block on a Magma Block (Huge)
      Thermite: Ancient Debris on a Magma Block (Large)
      Flameite: Quartz Block on a Coal Block (Medium)

      Rosite: Coal Block on a Magma Block (Small)
      Pinite: Quartz Ore on a Magma Block (Tiny)
    The blast will turn nearby Obsidian into Magma. Water and Ice nearby will be evaporated.

    Standing too close will hurt.

      Crafting Thermodynamic Armor:
    Throw a Blue Ice, a Netherite Block and any Leggings on an enchanting table to create Thermodynamic Pants.
    (to disenchant throw on top of a grindstone)
    If you are wearing a Netherite Chestplate/Thermodynamic Armor or a Chains+ Chest piece you will not be damaged by the blast!

    /trigger thermodynamic -to toggle reactions, and set fuse times
    /function thermodynamic:config -Admin Settings

    OG Packs:

    Original pack: Lava Sponge
    By: Cortexiphen
    (I just improved the pack for my purposes and made it multipurpose.)


    CreditInfamous, Cortexiphen
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
    toMinecraft 1.20

    10 Update Logs

    More Bombs Added! : by infamousmusicify 08/15/2023 4:10:15 amAug 15th, 2023

    3 new bombs!

    smaller variants of thermite!

    Quick Mine added to admin settings! Melt bedrock and blow more away! who needs tunnel bores? just melt the world!

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