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    Call me Nova (:

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    I play Minecraft, Hiberworld, Roblox, Shell Shockers, Smash Karts, Half Life, Geometry Dash, Rocket League Sideswipe, Krunker, Prince of Persia, Counter strike etc etc. I play way too many games.

    ༊*·˚ ╰──────────────────────────╮ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-

    I love to play Hiberworld the most. Check out me on Hiberworld : hiberworld.com/user/Novaexon

    ༊*·˚ ╰──────────────────────────╮ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-

    I have a discord server too, it's right here - discord.gg/R6M4mtyDkJ

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    Stuff about me.


    6 ft (183 cm, last checked)


    Art, Gaming, Music (listening to, and also playing), outdoor stuff (especially soccer and basketball), youtube.

    Top Fav Youtubers.
    #1 Technoblade
    #2 High Boi
    #3 Ashswag

    Fav books
    Book type(s) I likes : Grapic novels and fictional novels

    #1 Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi
    #2 Harry Potter by JK Rowling
    #3 Time Shifters by Chris Grine

    Fav TV shows
    None. I watch YouTube

    What I wanna be.
    YouTuber ig?
    Or Artist (pixel art, sketch and digital art)


    My most fav thing ever
    A piece of art
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      Guts N Pixels posted to guest book of Alpharynx avatar Alpharynx
      November 12, 2022, 3:40 am to Public
      Hello Alpha, I am going through my subs and performing a wellness check on everybody, just to see how they are doing. So I hope you are doing good, if not I am here. I may create scary things but I'm not scary.

      Your friendly neighborhood monster...

      Alpharynx replied to Guts N Pixels's comment below 2023-01-11 05:11:43
      Lmao nice, well you did send them 2 months ago, so yeah (:
      Guts N Pixels replied to Alpharynx's comment below 2023-01-10 15:37:01
      Glad to see you respond, it is good to know you are doing well and keeping busy, truth be told I forgot I left these messages. Lol
      Alpharynx said 2023-01-10 13:45:15
      I know I'm "a bit" late to read this, but thank you so much :D
      I'm doing great, I've just been very busy with life, but I'll try to be active(:

      Hope you are doing well

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