• About Avoyd

    Avoyd Voxel Editor is an art tool. It enables you to load the largest Minecraft worlds and display them in their entirety, explore, edit, render and export to mesh.

    • Extremely long view distance
    • World size up to 260 000 voxels in any direction
    • Create voxel art from Minecraft worlds
    • Cameras
      • First person and arcball cameras
      • Save multiple camera positions
      • Orthographic projection with isometric presets
    • Edit Tool
      • Add/remove individual voxels or shapes (sphere, box, etc.), paint, copy/paste, undo/redo, brush modifiers (random size, randomise materials) etc.
      • Constraints and symmetry planes
      • Materials and palettes
    • Light and Atmosphere
      • Physics based
      • Procedural generation
    • Render
      • High quality CPU path tracing with OIDN denoising
      • Emissive and transparent voxels
      • Depth of field
    • Import
      • Minecraft maps • convert Overworld, Nether and End worlds to voxels
      • MagicaVoxel .vox • import models, multimodels and their palettes
      • Images • convert to heightmaps and palettes
      • Raw 3D binary 8bit arrays
    • Export
      • Export to polygon mesh in the Wavefront Obj file format for use in tools such as Blender 3D and game engines which support directly importing the format such as Unity.
    • Online Tutorial and Documentation
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