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Avoyd Voxel Editor - Minecraft Map Importer, Viewer, Editor, Exporter to .obj

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Avoyd avatar Avoyd
Level 7 : Apprentice Modder
Avoyd is a voxel editor and viewer with the ability to load the largest Minecraft maps and display them in their entirety, explore them, edit them, and export to .obj

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  • Extremely long view distance
  • World size up to 260k x 260k x 260k voxels
  • Light and atmosphere can be modified
  • Cameras: first person and arcball cameras, teleport and save multiple camera positions
  • Edit tools: add/remove individual voxels or shapes (sphere, box, etc.), paint, copy/paste, undo/redo etc.
  • Constraints and symmetry planes
  • Imports: Minecraft maps, Magicavoxel models, heightmaps from images, and Avoyd Voxel Models can be edited and mixed together
  • Export to .obj format for use in e.g. Blender 3D


  • You cannot re-export any edits back to Minecraft or Magicavoxel
  • Avoyd does not use textures, but the materials used in Avoyd match the Minecraft default materials as closely as possible: their colour is based on Minecraft textures averages and they have specular reflection where relevant (water, glass, metal...).. Note you can edit the 'Minecraft Default' materials individually from menu Tools > Materials... or from the Palette in Tools > Edit Tool…
  • There are no emissive lights in Avoyd as of version 0.7.6, though we intend to add them in the future
  • Avoyd only runs on Windows PC

How to import a Minecraft map into Avoyd

  • Download and install Avoyd
  • Avoyd can load your own maps (stored in %appdata%\.minecraft\saves\ ), or download and save the Minecraft map to disk (extracting it if it is a zip file).
  • In Avoyd, open to the Voxel Editor an go to the menu File > Import > Minecraft Map (*.mca)... and select the region file directory (containing .mca files) and ‘Open’ to import it..
  • If you have 'The Nether' or 'The End' dimensions as well as the normal 'The Overworld’, a pop-up will enable you to choose which dimension to import.

How to explore a map in Avoyd

  • Lock the camera to the horizontal plane for Minecraft maps: select menu Camera > Align To Axes. Select 'y' and set the Axis Preference to '0.80' or above.
  • To move around:
  • set the camera to "Movement" mode: press the Tab key or hold down the mouse right button
  • Move the mouse to look around
  • Press W to move forward
  • More about camera controls in the voxel editor’s help menu: Help > Tutorial > Cameras and Help > Controls Documentation > Camera Controls

    Tips and tricks

    • Once imported, save the Minecraft map as an Avoyd world file. This will enable you to open it faster and use it as a paste brush.
    • Tune the Graphics properties under Settings > Graphics. Increasing the 'LOD change distance' improves detail in the distance but reduces performance.
    • Learn the basics of editing in Avoyd, follow the step by step tutorial under menu Help > Tutorial
    • All controls and keyboard shortcuts are listed in menu Help > Controls
    • Enable tooltips from menu View > Show Tooltips
    • Check the size of the world and add notes from menu View > World Properties
    • Light or Dark mode UI, adjust font size etc. in menu Settings > Display
    • For further help see Avoyd News and Support forum


    Screenshots gallery features Minecraft maps:
    Atropos by carloooo
    Cuirassé DSD-401 by MrBatou
    Drehmal: PRIMORDIAL by Balderich
    Greenfield City by Greenfield
    King's Landing by WesterosCraft
    CreditScreenshots gallery features Minecraft maps: Atropos by carloooo, Cuirassé DSD-401 by MrBatou, Drehmal: PRIMORDIAL by Balderich, Greenfield City by Greenfield, King's Landing by WesterosCraft
    Progress100% complete
    Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.4

    2 Update Logs

    Avoyd 0.7.6 update: Import fix and added user configurable max edit tool size : 02/26/2021 8:18:11 amFeb 26th

    Avoyd 0.7.6 update:
    • Fixed import so it can handle Minecraft files with invalid chunk locations;
    • Edit Tool Size limitation is now user configurable so you can copy/paste volumes larger than 1024x1024x1024 voxels. Menu Tools > Edit Tools >… > Size maximum value is set in Settings > Controls... > Maximum Edit Size.

    03/01/2021 2:21 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
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    Есть ли там русский язык?
    Есть ли там русский язык?

    02/11/2021 2:54 pm
    Level 9 : Apprentice Modder
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    oh my god awesome
    01/30/2021 5:20 am
    Level 52 : Grandmaster Pirate
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    01/30/2021 3:56 am
    Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
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    I think i am going to be making a map with this and give credit.
    01/29/2021 4:54 pm
    Level 55 : Grandmaster Explorer
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    This is excellent, thank you very much for sharing.
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