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    I'm Axiim

    I'm 21, been playing Minecraft since v.1.2.3, almost exclusively in Creative

    I used to play Minecraft a lot more "seriously" but life and school have gotten in the way (as they should) so most of my achievements are listed on my profile under "Former"

    Big Thanks: I've used the OC of a DeviantArt user known as pikaxiu as my Minecraft online image for the last four years and I cannot be more grateful to them and their incredible talent, and PlanetMinecraft user joeshmo01 who created the Minecraft skin of that OC which I have not changed as my skin for the last four years as well.
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    • PlanetMine: HeadBuilder / Staff
    • Zion Realm: HeadBuilder / Admin
    • St Craftdrews: Owner / Builder
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