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    Chandris Lines was a company that started in 1960. This company sought and bought its first ship, the Bloemfontein Castle of Union Castle Lines. Renamed RHMS (Royal Hellenic Mail Ship) Patris, she set off from the UK to Australia and back again, setting a new player in the transpacific market. Things took off in the late 1960s, following a purchase of other liners, the most populous of those being the RHMS Australis, which would never sail empty until the mid 1970s. As Time went by, Planes replaced ocean liners on the Transpacific run and in 1977, the last ship on that run was taken from service, and so Chandris became entirely a cruise company. Things went by and they sold off a small chunk of their refitted interwar ships in the 1980s, and in 1989 they created a new subsidiary: Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity Cruises utilised the X of their mother company, and became a success In the world. in the mid 1990s, Royal Caribbean Cruises gained control of a large portion of their stock, and eventually Chandris was taken over in 1997. They made the decision to remove the last traditional liners from the company, and so went the Amerikanis, the last Union Castle Liner. Then finally in 1998 Chandris was Deleted, and their Subsidiary Celebrity Cruise Lines became the new Chandris... except just another american cruise line. In 2000, their last ship to bear the white X on plain blue funnels, Britanis, was sold for scrap (but sunk, cheating the scrappers torch off of Africa!) and so ended the Chandris Story. Any trace of Chandris was removed from Celebrity Cruises, save for the colour blue and the big white X
    https://discord.gg/kT75hWE <my discord server, the widget doesnt want to work with me. this server includes the Ocean Liners of the 50s-70s. Do come and join me!

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