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    Hi. My name is ChocolateGhast. I’ve playing Minecraft on PC for a while and MCPE for years. (I think before 2013. I don't really remember.). Also, I act like a 7 year old boy.

    Let's see. I like Video Games (Minecraft, Fnaf, Fallout, DDLC, Fortnite, etc), Marvel, Assassination Classroom, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Citrus, Kakegurui, Pokemon, Comics, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Spongebob, Chucky, Scream, Jigsaw, Stranger Things, The Office, Friends, Lucifer (The Show), Pewdiepie, Dope or Nope, Unus Annus, Game Theory and Film Theory, Scooby Doo, D&D, Psych, Supernatural, Bob's Burgers, Christmas, Orange Juice, Bruno Mars, and Gay Pride.

    “My only defense is being loud and obnoxious.”
    -Felix Kjelberg

    Skin Requests: Yes
    Message me with the details of your skin. I need to know:

    Hair style/length
    Hair Color
    Skin Color
    Eye Color
    Shirt Style/Color/What's on it
    Pants Color
    Any other accessories
    If your skin is a different species

    Minecraft Questions: Yes
    I will answer any question Minecraft related. (Vanilla Minecraft Only) Ask your question Here
    Art Requests: Hahaha No.
    I'm literally the worst.
    Banner/Stamp: I'd Love To
    Just tell me the details, I can photoshop. :D

    Iced Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

    Unofficial Trophies!

    My stamp and profile pic was made by my good friend LeCollecteur!!!
    I do not own any of the photos except my stamp, banner, and profile pic.
    The big ChocolateGhast was made on a website called Cool Text!
    I am not responsible for not being responsible. ;D

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    5. Maddness Skin (Contest)
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    8. Spectr3 Request
    9. DorothyGale's Request
    10. KevinGoatGamer's Request
    11. Make a skin Contest
    12. Chiaroscuro Writing Contest
    13. DorothyGale's Skin Request
    14. DinowCookie's Contest
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