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Journeyman Taco
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    I Love all things Minecraft!! I have been a playing Minecraft since before MCPE 0.9!!!! I remember when we had neather reactor cores! I am learning the art of skin making. I am also pretty good at answering Minecraft questions. I like Chocolate and Ghasts!! And made the name when i was like 10!! I LOVE reading. My favs are Warriors, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter!!! I am crazy, and while SushiKay loves Peach Tea and LeCollectuer loves collecting, I love all things magical!! And I have started to really like the galaxy theme! I also LOVE cats!! (Especially Nyan Cat)

    Skin Requests: Yes
    Message me with the details of your skin. I need to know:

    Hair style/length
    Hair Color
    Skin Color
    Eye Color
    Shirt Style/Color/What's on it
    Pants Color
    Any other accessories
    If your skin is a different species

    Minecraft Questions: Yes
    I will answer any question Minecraft related. (Vanilla Minecraft Only) It can not be anything inappropriate or personal. Ask your question Here
    Art Requests: Ask
    When it comes to people I'm not the best. I am good at technical drawing and animals. I will do both Pokémon and Anime as well. Please specify as much as possible including if you want it colored or not.

    Banner/Stamp: I'd Love To
    Just tell me the details! :D
    Unofficial Trophies:


    Iced Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose


    My banner was made by the amazing CultDad!!!
    My stamp and profile pic was made by my good friend LeCollecteur!!!
    I do not own any of the photos except my stamp and my banner and my pic.
    I do not own any of the videos or music in the lol radio.
    The big ChocolateGhast was made on a website called Cool Text!
    I am not responsible for not being responsible. ;D

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