Ayo Waz Up My Chicken Nugget's!
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  • About Wolfy

    Sup im FuntimeWolfy112 ✌

    Nicknames/What My Friends Call Me: Toby, Chicken Nugget, Toebean L

    Skin's request's :some time's

    Art request's: I can, just want be good at all 😎💅

    Discord: I have it, lol

    Pintresrt: Eh- If u are able to find my Pintrest, u deserve to roast me L 👑

    Post Date's: Random caz i have stuff to do most time's

    Art Post's: idk mans, when i feel like it

    Game's Most Played ; Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Call of Duty, Pony Town, Fnaf game's, i play others, but i forgot there names

    That's all for now cya lil chicken nuggets
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