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[AI Hunter] Minecraft Manhunt but you have no friend... (speedrunner vs. terminator)

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kyleong's Avatar kyleong
Level 71 : Legendary Engineer
Have you been wanting to try out the fancy Minecraft Manhunt but your friends just do not play Minecraft (or you just have ZERO friends)?

Here is the thing you would ask for, AI Hunters that will chase you down NO MATTER WHAT.

Fair Warning: it is not easy

[AI Hunter] Minecraft Manhunt but you have no friend... (speedrunner vs. terminator) Minecraft Data Pack

Challenge Goal:

-Kill the Ender Dragon (you can choose other goals) before it kills you

To start your own challenge:

1) install this data pack in a newly created survival world, with "allow cheats" on (tutorial from wiki)

2) make sure your render and simulation distance is 8 or above (this is crucial for this datapack to work as intended. If your device struggle to render and simulation distance to 8 please see the "Options (settings menu & more)" section below, there is a way)

3) type /reload or /function kyleong:aihunter/menu

4) click <[​start]> on the pop-up main menu[AI Hunter] Minecraft Manhunt but you have no friend... (speedrunner vs. terminator) Minecraft Data Pack

Once you click <[​start]> hunter(s) will spawn at where you are, and there will be the new world spawn. Hunter(s) will not start to hunt their targets down since they are not activated yet. They will be activated once any of their target moves (unless you set initial activation time in settings menu). Normally one death means game over for manhunt, but you could set the rule yourself in settings menu. (please see "Options (settings menu & more)" section below)

Hunter's targets:
Hunter(s) will hunt down any player in survival or adventure mode. However, any players in the team "aihunter" with be excluded and considered as their teammate. That means if you want, you can hunt down your friend(s) with AI hunter(s) as your ally. (see "Teamming up with AI hunter(s)" section below for details)

Basic information about AI hunter(s)

20 health points. Movement speed vary by challenge difficulty, although won't overrun a sprint-jumping player. Immune to fall damage (can be disabled in settings menu, please see "Options (settings menu & more)" section) and drowning.

Equipment level:

While they are hunting you, they may decide to upgrade their equipment, although it takes time. There are 5 levels of equipment that they could reach:

LevelsArmourMain weapon
Level 1-wooden sword
Level 2leader-iron hybridstone sword
Level 3full ironstone sword
Level 4iron-diamond hybridiron sword

[AI Hunter] Minecraft Manhunt but you have no friend... (speedrunner vs. terminator) Minecraft Data Pack
*Note: Other than stat changes, equipment level also affect their mining speed and enable them some items. For example potions.


-will (almost) always try to get close and hurt you down

-respawn after death (5s cooldown if in the nether/ the end)

-place blocks in several ways if they think it is necessary

-break blocks if they think it is necessary (except obsidian, crying obsidian, bedrock, end portal frame, and other "unobtainable" block)

-try to get away when they think is appropriate

-consume food and regenerate health when they think is appropriate

-break boats if close enough

-place bed and set its spawn point where they think is appropriate (all hunters share a same bed)

-save themselves from fire with water bucket

-travel through dimensions following a target

-deactivate nether portal

-use fire resistance potions in the nether

-use healing potions

Options (settings menu & more)
Settings menu:
Click <Settings Menu> in the main menu to access the settings menu. there are many options for you to customize your challenge. This section will explain all available options.

Menu page 1:

Challenge difficulty: Independent from Minceraft game difficulty, affect hunter(s) movement speed and some action. Could be choose from easy, normal (default), hard and terminator. Terminator mode is pretty much same as hard, but hunter(s) take no damage except from void.

Challenge goal: Could be choose from kill the dragon (default), get a diamond, go to the nether and kill an elder guardian. Upon completing your selected goal you will win, the challenge will end and all hunters will stop.

Challenge fail if: Could be choose from 3: Never but pause if any target dies, Never, and if any target dies. As words suggest, this is to determine when will a challenge considered failed. Upon failing, the challenge will end.

Number of hunters: Could be choose from 1 (default) to 50. Any number above 10 is not recommend since (personally) it is not enjoyable beyond 10, and game performance will be affected greatly.

Hunter's initial activation time: Could be choose from every 30s between 0 to 600s. Determine how long will hunter(s) be activated upon clicking <[​start]>. If 0 (default), hunter(s) will be activated once any of their target moves.

Show hunter's HP: Set if show hunter health point with a bossbar. Only works if number of hunters is 1.

Highlight hunters: If enabled, glowing effect will be applied to hunter(s), then could be seen easily through blocks.

Menu page 2:

Animation quality:
Could be choose from none, standard (default) and smooth. Hunter(s) animation quality, although in small scale, may affects game performance.

Hunter's appearance:
Although doesn't affect stats, hunter(s) armour and name can be customised. See this video for how (video was from an older version, but still works very similarly).

If hunters immune to damage: "Disabled" is the default setting. Hunters will try to perform MLG to negate fall damage if "Disabled" was set.

Hunter's cross dimension time: Similar to Hunter's initial activation time, but determine the temporary deactivation time every time hunter(s) travel through dimension following a target. If "By Distance" (default), that time will vary by (average) distance between you and hunter(s).

Hunter's initial equipment level: Could be choose from 0 (default) to 4. See Basic information about AI hunter(s) section above for more information about equipment level.

If hunters upgrade equipment: As name suggests. Enabled by default.

Notify when hunters upgrade equipment: As name suggests. Enabled by default.

Preset allows players to change challenge settings before world generation, removing the need of clicking the setting menu in-game. Thus saving time between multiple challenge runs in different worlds.

Preset takes the form of another datapack. You can alter the numbers of the command under instructions to change the settings.
Everything in settings menu can be set in preset except custom hunter appearance.

Download the pre-set datapack (for aihunter v1.8):

Un-zip/de-compress the pre-set datapack and you will see:

Go in and open: data/ kyleong/ aihunter_set/ functions/ set.mcfunction using text editor, please follow the instructions written inside. You should see the following text:

*Note: If you can't understand just reach me on discord, I can take more time to explain it.

Preset Installation:
The pre-set is essentially another datapack. Just put this in the datapack folder along with the aihunter datapack. You don't need to compress/zip the files again.
(tutorial from wiki of how to install datapacks.)

If the pre-set is successfully loaded you should see green text of "AI Hunter pre-set applied" upon /reload.

Teamming up with AI hunter(s)
If you want hunter(s) to ignore certain players, you need to do the following before starting your challenge:
As mentioned, players who are in the team "aihunter" will not be targeted by hunters. So after installing this datapack, enter this command: "/team join aihunter <NAME>" and replace <NAME> into a player id. Any player (not in creative/ spectator mode) who is NOT in the team will be targeted by hunter(s). You can use "/team list aihunter" to check who is in the team. Similar to joining a team, you can use "/team leave <NAME>" to remove a player from any team.

*Note: Players in team "aihunter" can still hurt hunter(s), however hunter(s) won't fight those players back.

Check out the progress note (click me) of the next update!

Check out my Youtube channel (click me)! I post things about my creations.

Join the fan-made AIhunt Community discord server (click me)! Play this datapack with other players/ make videos/ get strategies/ share your experience!

Main credit:
This datapack was inspired by Minecraft Manhunt and speedrunner vs. terminator video made by Dream (click me).

CreditMCStacker, TheDestruc7i0n, and Misode for their awsome generators
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.20

22 Update Logs

Update v1.8.0 : by kyleong 08/31/2023 9:26:13 amAug 31st, 2023

Main additions & changes:

-two new goals: “kill a warden”, “kill a wither”, and "survive for" (with customisable time up 2 hours)

-hunters can do water bucket MLG from upgrade lv1 (with random chances to fail depend on challenge difficulty)

-legendary cookies

-"if hunters take fall damage" option is now "if hunters immune to fall damage". If 'Enabled', hunters will automatically immune to fall and will never MLG.

-improved lava interaction in the overworld and the end

Bugs fixed:

-invalid youtube link in menu tab (thanks Xejuex for finding this)

-hp bar not working in MC 1.20 version (due to changes to signs in MC 1.20)

-if player leave hunters for certain distance hunters will activate regardless of the start timer/ ahead time

Minor adjustments:

-adjusted return distance and upload require distance for simulation

-potato device mode button's colour is now yellow

-"if hunters upgrade" option is now named "do hunters upgrade"

-more notes within .mcfunction files. now also state the root file (some)

-small improvements in settings menu

-nerfed hunters' speed on water

-slightly shorten the distance needed for hunters to begin upgrade level 2-4

-changed hunter's upgrade particles to more a obvious type

-slightly increase the distance where hunters start to "use boat"

-hunters now more unlikely to upgrade continuously

-updated block tags. now scaffolding and other blocks will no longer be considered 'passable' for hunters

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02/23/2024 2:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
YoussefM3's Avatar
Littteraly best datapack ever
02/13/2024 12:37 pmhistory
Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
lool8421's Avatar
well, i played a little bit with this datapack... i might've made hunters way too brutal lmao

literally made them throw cast some weird spells when certain conditions are met (cheese-proofing) and have alternate, much more powerful levelling system (literally they deal 40 damage per hit and gain -90% damage resistance after 10h)
01/27/2024 6:19 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Wolf
ItzOrangey's Avatar
Hi! Can I use this for a youtube video?
I'll credit you!
01/17/2024 2:54 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer
sniffercraft34's Avatar
It works in 1.20.1 but not 1.20.4 pls can you fix besides that good job
01/17/2024 2:25 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer
sniffercraft34's Avatar
when playing in 1.20.4 it did not work
12/03/2023 8:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Brastemp_'s Avatar
I'm having a problem with the 1.16.5 version, when i install the datapack (i did extactly how the tutorial explain) and enter an world it appears that something like "safe mode", and when i enter in the world and type; /reload, it appears that it failed to reload, keeping old data, same as i go to the creation menu of the world and when i put mannually the datapack, it appears that the validation failed, could you help me? (i also have changed the packmenu for 5)
11/28/2023 8:39 am
Level 71 : Legendary Engineer
kyleong's Avatar
According to other players, apparently the pack doesn't work in MC 1.20.2 (and I assume other version after this), please use MC 1.20.1 instead. I am sorry but I won't be making updates or being active for questions for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.
11/27/2023 5:24 pmhistory
Level 22 : Expert Imposter
OtisGaming54's Avatar
did you fix the bug where he just doesn't chase you down if you're too far away, and does it work on 1.16.5
11/20/2023 8:53 am
Level 1 : New Miner
wackywobblewave's Avatar
great datapack, but please make support for 1.20.2
11/19/2023 7:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Kureumaru's Avatar
is there a command to make the hunter start to chase you right away, or at least shorten the time he takes to upgrade?, mine just sits there for like 10minutes doing nothing ,
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