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Customizing Your Profile
  Customizing Your Profile by PMC
  Our profile pages can be customized to present who we are, share our
  Minecraft creations and community activity. There are several ways to
  customize your profile and this article will help you get started.

  Take your profile to the next level with profile themes!
  Profile Themes by Caromid
  Profile Page Themes by TR05E

  How to manage your PMC collections
  How to use PMCSkin3D our Minecraft Skin Editor

Sharing Your Work

  Uploading Images to PMC tutorial by PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft  
  How to upload your MAP to PMC
by CaraRose
  How to create a Project Submission on PMC by CaraRose
  How to Upload a Project
by Metal Milk
Tips to Improve your Screenshots by MegaMinerDL
  How To Create Feature Images by Chiaroscuro

  Official PMC Contest Page
  Check this page often for ongoing Skin and Project Contests!! Prizes and
   Trophy's awarded!

  Official PMC Events Page
  Not looking to enter a competitive contest? New to the scene? PMC holds
  official, non-competitive events...where the main goal is to have FUN!

  Community Events Calendar
  Click here for a list of updated member-created contests! Member created
  contests are a great way to get involved in the community, meet new people
  and find inspiration!

  10 Steps to organizing a successful contest on PMC by DinowCookie
  Want to set up your own contest? Read this blog to get started!

  Feature Image Shop by Chiaroscuro
  Feature Images are very helpful in drawing attention to contests as well as
  blogs & resource packs! PMC Member Ciaroscuo offers free feature images!

  How to place Trophy/badge from Unofficial Contest/Event on your page
  by CaraRose
  Congratulations! You've won or participated in a community event! You've probably
  received a badge or trophy! Click here to learn how to put in on your profile!
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