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  • Who is TheDiamondPlayables?

    I am TheDiamondPlayables. Mapmaking and datapack creating are my passion. My wish is to make this as my full-time job so that I can make more awesome datapacks more frequently. You can support me by giving me diamonds if you really liked my project.
    (or favorites)

    About my projects:
    - I work on mostly Datapacks. Sometimes Survival Maps if I really wanted to.

    + My datapacks are made in a themed-style. You can (of course) combine my datapacks for a multi-themed experience!

    + I always test my datapacks for bugfixes,upgrades and special features that works when you combine my datapacks. I test them on a server as well to test for multiplayer-compatibility and multiplayer-related bugs. So you should have a very good experience when using my datapacks.

    + If I can, I always try to create easy ways for my datapack users to modify certain aspects of the datapack without having to touch the datapack codes at all! (if I can). For example: You can set the percentage in certain datapacks, you can enable/disable things personally if you don't want them in servers ...

    - I got a Discord Server where I announce new datapacks, give you progress updates, as well as some beta images! You can also leave your bugs in there as well and I'll come check those out!
    Click here to join the Discord Server!

    - I don't play on any servers (Apart from the ones I made myself). If you see me on another server, it isn't me. Never give your password or personal information to anybody!

    - I don't upload my work in anywhere else apart from these locations:
    + PMC
    + Patreon´╗┐ <--- (click the blue letters to go to my Patreon Account)
    Any other sources apart from the ones listed above are not my officially posted content and I am not responsible if you get a virus/malware from the said "other sources".

    If you see my datapacks in other locations (apart from the ones listed above), report them to me via Private Message or via Discord. That would be very appreciated.

    If you wish to modify my work, make it better, add translations to advancment packs etc... you need to ask me before doing that.

    Do not repost my datapacks. If you want to share my work, copy and paste this link to share my profile!
    Link: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/thediamondplayables/

    Thank you for your time, and have fun using my datapacks!
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    • TheDiamondPlayables
      July 12, 2019, 8:55 am to Public
      I'm actively taking your thoughts about my recent activity (the new PAD system, the recent datapacks) as well as suggestions for something you might want to see in my submissions list.
      (I have always been, but I think I need to remind you anyway)

      How to put these suggestions and thoughts?
      There are 2 ways for you to do so:
      1. Use the Guest Book
      2. Go to #suggestions at my Behind The Datapacks Discord and leave your suggestion there.

      For those who do give me suggestions, do note that not all your suggestions will be accepted, I'll only do the ones that are dualable, and what I think is a good thing to do. (If I do your suggestion, you'll be added in the credits)
    • TheDiamondPlayables
      July 4, 2019, 10:28 am to Public
      Just realized that my link I sent, I may have put it at the wrong section, which is why there are literally 0 downloads in my latest releases. Silly me.
      Fixing this tomorrow, gotta go to sleep now. Good night!
    • TheDiamondPlayables
      June 29, 2019, 11:18 am to Public
      Spellcaster will be the first datapack to introduce a new system that I came up with. It's known as the Pick-and-Download. If you want a particular enchantment to appear in your gameplay, pick and download it from the Collection. Simple right?

      PS: More Enchantments coming soon... Expect some ... unexpected releases...

      Also, You can now direct support me via PayPal at ttdnguyen83@gmail.com
      If you appreciate my work, please consider supporting. It really helps out on my journey to make more awesome things for you!
    • TheDiamondPlayables
      June 29, 2019, 2:21 am to Public
      Due to the difficulty of the datapack that I'm working on, the release date of the upcomind datapack will unfortunately be delayed once again. Because testing vital tools that will be used in my future datapacks is very important and I want to get this one in the perfect shape, so when I use the tool for my future datapacks, I won't have to test quite as much.
      Nitgo said 2019-06-29 03:37:46
    • TheDiamondPlayables
      June 28, 2019, 8:27 pm to Public
      Special Thanks to Brebro #8644 on Discord for being the first one to ever support my projects (25$) ! He has received a 1-week Early Access of my upcoming release! (of the next week's release that is)

      If you want to support me directly, you can do so at PayPal: ttdnguyen83@gmail.com.
      The supporters will have their very own section at Info.txt in my upcoming datapack!
      (and if you can verify that you're the donator, you'll get an Early Access as well!)
      TheDiamondPlayables said 2019-06-28 20:29:13
      If you don't want to support directly to PayPal, Patreon is also a very good option.
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