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Fjord Horse- Standard Color

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★✰★✰★A Fjord Horse has appeared!★✰★✰★

Fjord horses are one of the most famous horse breeds from Norway. Their set of colors are well known. They all carry the dun gene, and their primordial/primitive (tiger stripe-like) markings on their knees and ankles are widely known. The primitive markings also cause their dual-colored manes and tails. They can come in only five colors. Brown dun or brunblakk, red dun or rødblak, grey or grå, white dun or ulsblakk, or yellow dun also know as gulblakk. Fjord's colors are almost always listed in the traditional Norwegian instead of English.

This horse is a lighter-coated brown dun fjord with primitive markings. Their mane is designed in a traditional clipped style where both the lighter and darker parts of the mane are clearly visible. Their manes are often kept short to show off the dual colors.

Some crossbreeds exist, and I will be adding two, a Knapstrupper (Danish Spotted breed) and a pinto cross, to the fjords I release.

My goal is to add some realistic colors from different breeds with unique markings for people to enjoy. My first set is paint and pinto horses, and my next project will be a set of Fjord colors.

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If you have any questions, please ask.
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