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Friesian Horse

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★✰★✰★A new Friesian Horse has galloped out of the forest! ★✰★✰★

This horse is a Friesian horse in the striking black color the breed is known for. Actual horses of the breed have no white marks and only coming in black with the occasional bay or chestnut. This large horse breed is known for carrying knights in armor in the old day while nowadays being more known for dressage and eventing. This breed originated in the Netherlands, where it is still kept today.

Some of these amazing horse pull carriages still. They are known for a higher lift of their front legs as they move. This is a gentic trait that all of these horses have and the trait is highly sought after for the graceful look it has. They also have long manes and tails which are braided to give them a curly look for showing.

This horse is the second part of a request and it was given to me by x-form5

My goal is to add some realistic colors from different breeds with unique markings for people to enjoy. My first set is paint and pinto horses, and my next project will be a set of Fjord colors.

In the paint and pinto collection are these other skins:

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My other horses are:

Friesian Sport Horse with White Snip: Here

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I will do my best to answer each one -Vampiric.
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