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Anglesey Planted - Update

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billoxiiboy's Avatar billoxiiboy
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
Anglesey ~ Planted
Anglesey Planted - Update Minecraft Map
A Massive Shout out & Thanks to

I have featured RobotChris's Tall Ship The Victorya II as an example of how I envisage my maps being used.
I think of my maps as a blank canvasses for people to place their builds in.
In everyone of my Landscaped Terrain maps I design locations for photo shots. They are perfect for building on. Or, for those who prefer building off site and placing their Ship, Plane, Castle or Railway Station in a perfectly framed spot ")

Anglesey is an island off the northern Welsh coast; situated in the Irish sea.
The traditional last home of the Druids.
Buffeted by Atlantic Ocean Storms and farmed for millennia; its countryside is mostly bare of trees.
Craggy granite outcrops protrude through toughened heather and gauze shrub land along its coastline.
Whilst lush green farmland cover the centre.
This build was inspired by the island and the rugged coastline it exists in.
Free Download available

Credits must be published to the follwing Artists...

Tall Ship Victorya II by RobotChrisMinecraft this ship can not be reproduced without the permission of RobotChrisMinecraft
Custom Mountain Brushes by Jerancraft &

Custom Tree Brushes: DarthEnigma, Monsterfish & Lentebriejes
Stazza's Super Shader
exture Pack: Pulchra revisited (Continuum Graphics) and Conquest 1.12 (V1.0 for MC 1.12+)

Original unplanted Anglesey Map
Progress95% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by billoxiiboy 03/25/2018 5:24:13 amMar 25th, 2018

I finally got back to Anglesey and planted it up with Lentebriejes Magnificent Trees. There are some new lakes and the mountain has grown slightly to accommodate some trees. This is a huge map and will take quite a bit of time to load.

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03/25/2018 3:21 pm
Level 76 : Legendary Crafter
JohnnyCoolwater's Avatar
looks awesome!
03/23/2018 8:19 pm
Level 84 : Elite Jarl
Aspirin60's Avatar
Wow, so natural...
03/10/2018 6:35 am
Level 76 : Legendary Creator
Springstof's Avatar
Very nice terrain! Did you use World Machine for this?

By the way, those are some very nice shaders for terrain screenshots! You should also try out Stazza's Super Shaders. I love those.
03/10/2018 6:43 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
billoxiiboy's Avatar
Hey Springstof, I used Worldpainter for this map? Old fashioned I know :(
I get the erosion look with a combination of brushes and tools.
I'll definitely look at Stazza's Super Shaders. I always like a new one! Thanks :P
03/10/2018 6:50 am
Level 76 : Legendary Creator
Springstof's Avatar
I personally only use WorldPainter too. It's quite impressive that you did not use WM for this! The mountains look really convincing.
03/10/2018 7:07 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
billoxiiboy's Avatar
Thank You! Thank You! That makes me feel on top of the world!! I have experimented and trialed so many ways of getting a similar look to world machine. The funny truth is, I didn't know it even existed a few months ago. So, I thought everyone was doing it with worldpainter - I'm such a noob! So I worked really really hard to replicate what I had seen...thinking I was a talentless fool. Then I heard about world machine. I was ecstatic and furious at the same time. Then I tried to use world machine and it made no sense to me.....
03/10/2018 1:42 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
babbajagga's Avatar
and from the noob turns out a genius ;-)

btw. I know that feeling man! was exactly same for me when I tried out WM, and I was just like HUH WTH is that... :P

It's why I preffer to use Paint.NET rather then PS or Gimp, completely anti-intuitive those later 2.
03/10/2018 12:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hermione100's Avatar
why is there a mirror download and mirror downloads dont seem to be working for me and i really want to download this map. can anyone help
03/10/2018 2:56 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
billoxiiboy's Avatar
Hey Hermione100! I'm very sad to hear you're not able to download this map. I'm not sure why you can't download the mirror I've made available. Are you using Chrome? People have trouble downloading successfully from Mediafire, when using Chrome. Try Edge, firefox or safari. Let me know how you go :)
03/10/2018 2:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hermione100's Avatar
ok i will try safari thanks for the tip i really hope it works