Battleship HMS King George V - 1942

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HMS King George V (1942)

Under the London Naval Disarmament Treaty,
the new battleship was limited to 35,000 tons and 14 inches -gun
The U.S. has a 16-inch alternative plan for North Carolina-class
But Britain at that time had no choice but to limit its latest battleship
Because they thought other country would break the treaty if they exposed the possibility of loading other main guns.
they did not want to run naval arms race again

But things didn't go as Britain wanted
as a result KGV-Class fell behind the new battleships that times.

Despite these limitations,
She Satisfied the needs of Britain in the midst of an urgent world situation
and fought hard in numerous battles during WW2.

she was not superior, but not falling behind
whole class were enough to imprint about what is Her majesty's ship to enemy.

CreditNaval base crane from urbanslick
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10/20/2020 6:43 am
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10/20/2020 1:01 am
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amazing work. love battleships.
10/19/2020 8:52 pm
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Cool, make her blow the darn Bismarck!
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