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CatCreamYT avatar CatCreamYT
Level 21 : Expert uwu
“it's unknown what the caves will hold. only those brave enough to venture may find the end.”

This is Beyond Below, a Hollow Knight inspired dungeon crawler.

This map is also made in tribute to Deep In Dungeon, and Crypt Crawler.

Slowly make your descent into the vast caves, an unique and magical underground where no man has come out alive. Your origins are unknown, and what you find below is only there for those who decide to find it. Find out what awaits you at the end in this semi-open world dungeon crawler.

  • Over 80 different types of foes for you to battle
  • Several Unique and Grand areas for you to get lost in
  • Large arrays of weapon types to fit your playstyle
  • A new charm system to increase your potential strength
  • An average 9 Hours of Gameplay
  • And much more for you to discover on your own


  • While not required, it is highly recommended you play this map with Optifine installed in order to have the full experience.
  • This map was made and intended for single player. While the map was created with multiplayer support, it has not been tested and may lead to game breaking bugs. Play at your own risk.
  • If you do choose to player multiplayer, the link to the resource pack can be found here
  • Play in 1.17.1
Progress100% complete

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10/07/2021 1:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
chobnar avatar
This entire map was an absolute blast to play through, the new area introductions definitely stand out to me as some of the coolest experiences i have had playing Minecraft, the buildup walking through dark tunnels only to expand out into this spacious and magnificent looking cavern (especially with sildurs shaders) was very well done, it also helps that
the map was very evidently inspired by hollow knight, which is great because hollow knight is great.

the music accompanying each area was nothing too special in itself, but it did wonders to improve the ambience as it felt sometimes i was playing an entirely different game. i also really really like the weapon variety and how each type encourages its own unique playstyle, I chose the axe when i played, and the slow attack speed was something i had to really get used to, but when i did, it was a very viable weapon, and the combat is very very different to what you would find in normal pve, as you need to work your way in and out of enemy attack distance as you wait for your axe to recharge, it was a nice breath of fresh air. this is everything i could have wanted in a minecraft map and you are definitely doing something very right
10/03/2021 6:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
snowiecat avatar
def my favourite map i have ever played in mc. i played this multiplayer with one of my friends and there wasnt too much broken. the only notable issue we encountered is that towards the end we just werent able to get the charms we bought or found, we would just get the particles and glitchy text but then nothing. that aside though, we have both never played a minecraft map we enjoyed this much almost every area was so fun, the only one i didnt enjoy was the deep dark but now i know to get night vision before then and when you can see its pretty fun and doesnt drag on too long either. im not very good at writing my thoughts but this map was very very very fun we had a great time playing it
09/30/2021 10:22 pm
Level 76 : Legendary Programmer
Cavinator1 avatar
I just finished playing the map! It's very well made, has a decent length, and a wide variety of aesthetically-pleasing areas. I also liked the map's semi-non-linear structure.

The economy and shop system were all well-put together, with a decent amount of items to work towards in the first few levels. In the mid and lategame the only things I really thought were worth spending crowns on were more random charms (I managed to get all but one by the end).

I also thought the weapon-upgrade system was pretty cool, though I only found the sword and the scythe (if there were other weapons, I must've missed them).

I'll put more detailed thoughts as well as a few bugs I found into the spoiler below.

Don't read if you haven't played the map.

Minor bugs I found
- One time when I died in the Deep Dark, my spawnpoint was set to the Venation Village (I used that place as a sort of 'base' since its waypoint was close to both a shop and spawnpoint for healing), and when I respawned there the Deep Dark music kept playing.
- When I got the Blazed Charm and Fire Aspect got applied to all my weapons, my Amethyst Sword reverted to its default attributes (7 attack damage as it was internally a diamond sword) instead of keeping +8 attack damage. My Steel Scythe got the enchantment properly though.
- One time I bought two random charms in a row, the second being bought while the first was still rolling, and the second just disappeared without doing anything.
- The wither skeletons and piglins sometimes started fighting each other in the King's Den. Though this is part of their regular AI and there isn't any way of stopping them from attacking each other.

General feedback / suggestions
- I couldn't figure out what pure essence was for.
- It also wasn't obvious what Magic Milk was meant to do. In Minecraft it cures all effects and I thought that was all it would do, but because it was so pricey in the shop I never bought any. It was after finishing the map that I went into creative and found out it restores health to max.
- It would be pretty cool if the charms in your inventory listed what they did in their lore.

Deeper thoughts on each area:

Abandoned Mines
A good starting area.

Venation Village
This area was probably one of the most difficult for me, being quite a spike in difficulty compared to the Abandoned Mines and the two areas that come after. There were cave spiders, witches, and creepers, the first two being dangerous due to poison, and creepers are inherently dangerous for obvious reasons.

I probably had the most amount of deaths in here, which was annoying since I hadn't yet gotten enough crowns to get a Soul Shovel. Maybe if a level with these difficult enemies had been a bit later in the map when players were more likely to have the Soul Shovel so that deaths to poison and creepers wouldn't be as frustrating. (Especially since some later levels such as the Hive barely had any difficult enemies at all).

Crystal Caverns
Definitely one of my personal favourite levels both in terms of its aesthetic but also in the level design, where It started from the top and I found I could either choose to play it safe and go around the ledges in a spiral downwards, or drop down to try to reach certain areas faster but risk being swarmed by mobs with no way to safely get out. The bridges were also nice.

I will say that this area was way easier to finish than the Venation Village since none of the mobs were anywhere near as annoying, mostly being melee mobs with a few shulkers.

Aquatic Hollows
Another area that I really liked the unique aesthetic of, especially in the large cavern that you first enter into. The glowing water (yay 1.17 light blocks) looked really nice as well. Maybe some of the side caves could have had a bit more done to them to make them stand out, though on the other hand they did highlight the transition to deepslate (i.e. getting deeper and deeper) very well.

Deep Dark
First thing I'll point out is that I did not play with Optifine - I never use it, and I think that without dynamic lighting this level is almost unbeatable simply due to how dark the floor is. Thankfully I found the way to the Hive level pretty quickly, which did surprise me because it wasn't behind a key door. It wasn't until I went back in spectator mode that I found out it was possible to get to the Charred Chambers by completing either Deep Dark or the Hive, which is definitely nice for those who don't want to go all the way through the Deep Dark.

The Hive
Compared to the Deep Dark, the Hive was a piece of cake. The only enemies in here were simple melee mobs (there weren't even any true bees, which can actually be used as enemies with some command magic to make them permanently angry and keep having their stinger given back after stinging). There's not really much else I can think of saying aside from it being a bit too easy for this late in the map.

Charred Chambers
This level felt like a true final journey leading up to the final area. It was lengthy, had lots of branching paths, and plenty of dangerous mobs. Solid area overall.

King's Den
The mobs felt like an extension of Charred Chambers with a few additions, which I'd say worked since this area wasn't hugely long before the boss. Some of the interior aesthetic felt a little too bland, square and flat compared to how varied the rest of the map is.

As for the boss itself, I'd say it was good. It fit the style of the rest of the map. The only real problem was that the checkpoint was easily accessible next to it, and that meant it was way too easy to cheese the boss by regenerating your health. Maybe if checkpoints either stopped regenerating or only regenerated by a little bit during the boss it would be a bit less cheesy.

I also think that the carpet on the floor in the boss arena looks like a pizza. Now that is cheesy.

Apologies for that pun
09/28/2021 2:47 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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09/28/2021 2:45 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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09/28/2021 12:39 pm
Level 21 : Expert uwu
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