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Cavinator1's Avatar Cavinator1
Level 86 : Elite Programmer
The Custom Generator is a normal survival world with a twist - thanks to the wonders of command block technology, custom structures, dungeons, caves, mobs and many other awesome things generate as you play, making the survival experience
more interesting.

Notable Features:
  • Most mobs get converted to custom mobs.
  • 5 different surface dungeons.
    List of surface dungeons (don't look at if you want to be surprised!)
    Water Drop, Crazy Villager Hut, Surface Mineshaft, Watch Tower, and Undead Shrine.

  • 4 different underground dungeons.
    List of underground dungeons
    Leftover Supplies, Silverfish Nest, Creeper Lair, and Stone Lair

  • 3 different custom caves, which each spawn a unique dungeon within.
    List of custom caves
    Granite Cave, Diorite Cave, and Andesite Cave.

  • Random loot tables for all mobs and loot chests in custom dungeons.
  • Custom crafting of special materials found in custom caves into special equipment.
Players: As many as you want
Gameplay time: As long as you want
Minecraft versions: 1.9.2+

The Custom Generator is currently NOT UNDER ANY DEVELOPMENT and will NOT BE UPDATED in the foreseeable future.

Important Settings:
When opening to LAN or if hosting this world on a server, set gamemode to Survival and enable command blocks.
Set your render distance to at least 6 chunks for generation to be most effective. At least 10 chunks is best, but slower computer users should use 6 chunks. Also, there is currently no dungeon support for the Nether or the End. Although nothing will stop you from going to either dimension, be prepared for weird generation if you do.

How to change the world seed:
The Custom Generator world seed can be changed using external tools. If you do so, the generator will still function properly. Follow these steps:
1) Download an external tool that allows you to change the seed of a pre-existing world such as MCEdit or NBTExplorer.
2) Download the Custom Generator world and put it in your saves file. Do not open it in Minecraft if you intend to change the seed. We have pruned the world so that the only chunks that exist are those that make up the wiring in the generator.
3) Use the program to change the seed. In MCEdit you can do it under the NBTExplorer option at the bottom. Change the value of the RandomSeed tag to whatever seed you wish. NBTExplorer works in a similar way, however you have to open up the level.dat file in the world, then scroll down to the RandomSeed tag and change it.
4) Load the world in Minecraft. All the chunks generated around the Custom Generator wiring will be that of the seed you chose.
Progress30% complete

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11/24/2022 8:28 am
Level 43 : Master Procrastinator
SoapSoapSoap's Avatar
This was ahead in it's time
11/24/2022 4:15 pm
Level 86 : Elite Programmer
Cavinator1's Avatar
It was
02/17/2020 7:07 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Artist
SomeDude207's Avatar
Has this been updated to 1.15? If not, then what is the latest version of Minecraft this works on?
02/18/2020 2:37 am
Level 86 : Elite Programmer
Cavinator1's Avatar
It was designed for 1.9.4. It will definitely work on 1.10.2 but it probably won't work in later versions than that (and definitely not in 1.15).
11/17/2019 5:55 pm
Level 26 : Expert Architect
Bushmonkey's Avatar
Can you update it for 1.14.4?
11/17/2019 6:18 pm
Level 86 : Elite Programmer
Cavinator1's Avatar
Theoretically it can be updated for 1.14.4 but right now I'm working on/maintaining two different projects, which are Celestial Protocol and the Advancements Pack. It is not impossible that this concept might be revisited in the future however.
11/24/2017 4:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner
LegitMichel777's Avatar
Does it work on 1.10?1.11?1.12?
11/24/2017 3:36 pm
Level 86 : Elite Programmer
Cavinator1's Avatar
It may work in 1.10, but we haven't tested it there. It definitely won't work in 1.11 or later. The recommended version you use is one of the 1.9 versions.
06/22/2016 11:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Matt10y's Avatar
Just a thought, it would be nice if you listed all the dungeons on this page to help players.
06/23/2016 12:03 am
Level 86 : Elite Programmer
Cavinator1's Avatar
We did think of doing that, but decided that it would be better if players discovered the dungeons for themselves. But we have now put the list of all the dungeons and caves in the spoilers.
Thanks for the tip!
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