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Celestial Protocol [1.19.3 Sci-Fi Adventure Map]

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Cavinator1's Avatar Cavinator1
Level 86 : Elite Programmer

What is Celestial Protocol?

Celestial Protocol is a sci-fi adventure map that takes place in space, from the creator of the Assassin of Steve trilogy and Blaze and Cave’s Advancements Pack. It has been in development for over four years and was released on 22nd November 2022.

My philosophy has always been to create a unique experience that shows what Minecraft Java maps are capable of, and it is my hope that you will be wowed by my creation that I have put so much time and effort into over the past two years, and that it will be seen and praised all over the Minecraft community. But more importantly, I hope that it will encourage more aspiring mapmakers to create amazing creations of their own down the line and also bring more attention to Java maps across the community and shed more light on their capabilities and potential.

Minecraft Version: 1.19.3
1.19.4 has some minor issue but it's playable. I wouldn't try it on 1.20 or later.

Gameplay time: 16+ hours

Players: 1+ players
The map works best in singleplayer, however you may play in multiplayer. Due to the way the story is set up, other characters will treat you all as one person.


Humanity… so unaware of what is out there.

They question whether they are truly alone in this universe.

But one thing that they have never considered…

Is what they should do... should they discover that they are not alone.

Or what those that come from the stars would do to humanity.

Celestial Protocol will deliver a unique, imaginative story. It revolves around the Celestial, an alien spaceship the size of a city, which has abducted you and several others from your ordinary lives on Earth. When faced in this situation, your only hope of survival against whatever the aliens have in store for you is to fight back, so you can go home, to Earth.

Celestial Protocol [1.19.3 Sci-Fi Adventure Map] Minecraft Map

Characters and voice acting

Celestial Protocol features over 25 different fully voice-acted characters, which range from small side characters to the several who will go on your journey with you as you fight to liberate humanity from the alien drones.

You can choose a male or female voice for yourself, the player, voiced by Cyber_Tooth_Tiger and HBear21 respectively. In addition to this, allow me to introduce you to the main characters that you will meet while playing the map.

Leader Hyso

Voiced by abrightmoore, Hyso is the leader of the Varkem Forces - the resistance against the alien threat. Operating out of an uncharted planet in a distant solar system, the Varkem Forces will be your main allies in the map and you will have to work alongside them in order to destroy the alien drones so you can go home to Earth.

Celestial Protocol [1.19.3 Sci-Fi Adventure Map] Minecraft Map

General Utgy

Voiced by CrazyCowMM, Utgy is in charge of training you for battle and in tactics to use against the alien drones. Like many hardened soldiers, Utgy won’t take no for an answer and will rage hard if you fail in his training, but he is also a superb fighter and you will be glad to have him on your side.

Celestial Protocol [1.19.3 Sci-Fi Adventure Map] Minecraft Map


Voiced by sixfootblue, Lucas will become one of your closest friends and allies. He is an ordinary guy, abducted from an ordinary life like everybody else, and will not hesitate to spout several pop culture references and other humorous gags when going up against the alien drones. After all, humour is the best defense against fear.


Voiced by Light Shadow, Narelle will become another one of your friends and allies. Her aim is legendary and she knows how to keep her cool in extreme circumstances. And I can’t imagine a more extreme circumstance than basically everything in this map, could you?

Captain Kelrig

Voiced by Innominate, Captain Kelrig is the menacing alien captain of the Celestial, the ship that abducted you. What is clear is that being forcibly abducted from your home is never a good sign, meaning he will be the main threat that stands between you and victory.

Custom Mobs

The alien drones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each different type is unique in its own way. While some may have attack patterns reminiscent of the monsters you may be used to fighting in vanilla Minecraft, there are just as many with completely custom AI or brand new special abilities that range from shielding or healing other drones to flying around dropping explosive quantum energy on you.

Throughout your adventure you will come across several boss drones, including the Celestipede, which is a multi-segmented worm boss inspired by Terraria’s Destroyer and Eater of Worlds. Many bosses have unique attack patterns and often multiple phases and special abilities to throw in twists and turns and make you think about how to best take it down.

Custom Crafting

Fighting and defeating alien drones will reward you with several different types of drops such as drone parts and energy cells, which you can take to the Matter Manipulator, a device that can combine and restructure molecules in items, in order to craft several different custom items. Some such items include weapons like swords, blasters, laser-beams, exploding energy launchers, the list goes on. As you progress through the map you will unlock more schematics in order to craft more powerful weapons as well as several different utility items such as force fields and grenades.

Resource Pack

Using a custom resource pack, I have been capable of creating unique 3D models for all the alien drones, characters, weapons, and other background aspects of the map. In order to add to the immersion, I have also added a plethora of sound effects to enhance the feeling that this is no ordinary Minecraft map. To top it all off, over 60 different royalty free music tracks by TeknoAXE and Kevin MacLeod are featured, which overall create a unique atmosphere to intensify battle against the alien drones.

You can view a playlist containing some of the music I plan to use here.

And, of course, we can’t forget the incredible voice acting that 25 different people have volunteered to do for the map.

Teaser Trailers

Click to view

If you want to keep up with Celestial Protocol updates or other projects created by me, feel free to either follow me on Twitter or join my Discord.

If you join my Discord, go to the #roles channel and give yourself the Celestial Protocol Squad role in order to be notified of all teasers and announcements regarding the map.

Read the walkthrough here.


Map and Resource Pack created by Cavinator1

---- Full Voice Cast ----
Click to view (If you wish to go in blind, don't view)
Male Player - Cyber_Tooth_Tiger
Female Player - HBear21
Hyso - abrightmoore
Utgy - CrazyCowMM
Lucas - sixfootblue
Narelle - Light Shadow
Captain Kelrig - Innominate

Carl - Redcakes
Corporal Hydroix - Cavinator1
Private Sully - Diamond4luck
Private Gordon - Sparkour
Sergeant Rogers - CatCreamYT
Other Varkem Soldiers - saladbowls, Galaxy_Reborn, SlammerBash, Wolfguy2005
Varkem Computer - Flyingshadows18
Chef Lasaga - GlennAngel
Chef Arkun - FireBlast
Private Ridley - BowserButtTV
Detonator Dude - Cavinator1
Hidden Soldier - Diamond4luck
Tricky Soldier - TundraFlame
The Mind - Cavinator1
Captain Blader - Madhat
Colonel Spanner - DrTrog
Lieutenant Dundoo and Lunloo - NecromancerT-Rav
Sergeant Marys - DazedAngel18
Varkem Commando - JessMatrix
Piker - YaGuyALT
Grenway - AmericanAir88

---- Music ----
By TeknoAXE and Kevin MacLeod

Website: http://teknoaxe.com/Home.php
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Kevin MacLeod:
Website: incompetech.com
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

A full list of tracks featured in the map can be found in this playlist

---- Sound Effects ----

Robot Cat voice generated with:

---- Magazine Covers ----
From MapMakingMag, edited by abrightmoore
Used with permission

---- Programs Used ----
MCEdit filters "That's No Moon!" and "World Foundry" by abirghtmoore
DaVinci Resolve
Notepad ++
Google Docs
Google Sheets

---- City Contributors ----
Fiery_Crystal, Diamond4luck, Galaxy_Reborn, Wolfguy2005, saladbowls, Infinity_InGloriouS, BlackBird_6

---- Cryo-Frozen People ----
Agoodoldchap, DrTrog, Hex4Nova, Slug_Craft, ShapeShifted

---- Alpha Testers ----
Cavinator1, MichaelMKenny

---- Beta Testers ----
AmericanAir88, BlackBird_6, Cyber_Tooth_Tiger, FireBlast, FixingGlobe, Infinity_InGloriouS, ilyYerin, Keisti, saladbowls, WeeAngus, Wolfguy2005

---- Patreon Supporters ----
(As of the time of the map's release)

Fiery_Crystal, FixingGlobe, Wolfguy2005, Infinity_InGloriouS, saladbowls, Daleth, ilyYerin, WeeAngus, PortableGames, PointyPlayz, syntonical, Kilorelv, CyberDaxter, Keisti, Blobbie01, QuasiStellar, Enucius, AmericanAir88

---- Command and Concept Inspiration ----
TheRedstoneScientist's CutscenePRO
Sethbling's and Phoenix SC's YouTube channels
The Exodus Season Trilogy by R3D's Kingdom
Wrath of Tornath by FallDamage312
Beyond the Dwarven Dark by FallDamage312
Illemana Defense by Piyotato and Piyos
Totality by Cold Fusion
Diversity 3 by qmagnet and friends
Parcels by Likarios Lebeks
The Kitatcho Laboratories by Team Syllica
Arrendor by Defectus
Chasing Time by Vu6
Assassin of Assassin by WeeAngus
Assassin of Logic by BlackBird_6
Curse of Cavinator by BlackBird_6

---- Special Thanks ----
To everyone who voice acted for this massive project

To the Blaze and Cave Discord community including:
BlackBird_6, saladbowls, WeeAngus, FixingGlobe, Wolfguy2005

And to Mojang Studios for crafting such an excellent game, with the capability to create epic experiences such as this (except Iceologer should've won).
CreditCyber_Tooth_Tiger, HBear21, abrightmoore, CrazyCowMM, sixfootblue, Light Shadow, Innominate
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

1.1.1 Update : by Cavinator1 01/09/2023 7:34:00 pmJan 9th, 2023

- Fixed the closing electric fence in the City having a strange visual/sound glitch halfway through closing.
- If you punch a Drone Identification Slot while your hacked drone is at least 16 blocks away, it will now teleport to you.
- Whenever it says “Hint: Check your advancements for a list of what to craft” said advancements now all become visible even if none have been completed yet.
- Fixed an issue where it is possible to get teleported back to the Crystalline Craters by going near the hrover even during Chapters 3 and 4, which would result in a softlock.
- In Chapter 2 when following Utgy to the training building and to the hrover, and at the beginning of Chapter 3 when following him to the dropship, a glowing cube highlight will now appear above his head.
- Investigated Heavy Aerial Drones not being able to pick up players in multiplayer.
- In Chapter 3, fixed all players receiving the “Pong Krell” advancement in multiplayer even if you disqualify yourself from achieving it.
- When going through the tube area of the Central Databank towers, fixed some Ray Drones spawning in weird locations outside the tubes.
- Fixed the barrier wall around the top of the Central Spire not extending all the way around, making it possible to leave the boundaries of the map in a magnetic hovercraft. The barriers up there overall also now stretch above y=255, all the way up to y=319.

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02/13/2024 3:11 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
TeaV2's Avatar
8.7/10 almost as good as an AAA game, however it is extremely easy to get softlocked.
02/13/2024 1:30 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
SpiceyChicken21's Avatar
This I must say, was one of the most fun and enjoyable adventure maps I have played so far! Very impressive story line and art put into this map! I really enjoyed the cutscenes, even though due to the amount of players on our server, TPS was suffering a bit (nothing map specific, I'd say). The boss fights were challenging, but mostly fun. Only a couple were a bit drawn out and overly powerful, but still enjoyable. While being quite well optimized, only real issues I'd say would be the rail system in chapter 3 (which I was informed on the Discord is a known issue), and the inability to properly balance the music and voiceover volumes.

As for the voiceovers, we (my team and I) understand that voice acting is a huge step in game development and takes time, courage, and effort. We thank the people who did the voice acting for taking their time to helping make the project, as any of the other devs. For us, we thought a lot of the voices do need work in some way, especially in the aspect of making it seem more in character and not stifled. You've definitely got a step in the right direction and we hope our thoughts can help make an even better experience.

The music, oh man the music!!! I couldn't help but find myself bobbing my head to it! Very beautifully composed! Some times, however, the tone didn't match the event we were in, but that could be due to Mojang's cycling of the music tracks. In any case, the music was a great touch, and sounded amazing!

All in all, very good map, would recommend! Thank you to the team, for all the hard work that went into this map!
12/11/2023 12:40 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Heir_of_Life's Avatar
I regret to say that I need help. I defeated the Supreme Celestipede (I think) and the bossbar is changing colours, mind explaining to me whats happening please?
12/11/2023 3:28 pm
Level 86 : Elite Programmer
Cavinator1's Avatar
It's not defeated yet if the bossbar is changing colours. But you're close. Keep damaging it until the bossbar is empty
12/11/2023 4:36 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Explorer
Heir_of_Life's Avatar
Thats the thing tho, the boss is not there or at least, I don't know where it is plus the bossbar IS empty but still there.
12/12/2023 3:09 am
Level 86 : Elite Programmer
Cavinator1's Avatar
Hmm try running this command
/function command:cutscene/c4_ending2/22_begin
12/09/2023 10:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
AliveMaybe's Avatar
help i restarted because i wanna try 100%ing it but the challenge advancement tab isn't showing up
12/10/2023 3:16 pm
Level 86 : Elite Programmer
Cavinator1's Avatar
It will show up once you obtain an advancement in that tab.
07/09/2023 6:43 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
TeaV2's Avatar
this is like my 7th attempt. <:(
06/28/2023 11:51 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
TeaV2's Avatar
Where do I have to go to spawn colonel spanner?
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