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Infinity City - Planetary Terraforming Project with Self-Replicating Technology

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Gheppio avatar Gheppio
Level 59 : Grandmaster Engineer
Infinity City - Planetary Terraforming Project with Self-Replicating Technology Minecraft Map
Year 2048. Earth is overpopulated and resources are scarce; almost all the human population has evacuated the home planet aboard generational starships. With the discovery of interstellar travel, it’s now possible to artificially design temporary wormholes that possibly connect to any point in the Universe. Distances are no longer a limit, but energy is. Wormholes can be opened only using energy from stars, that’s why almost all the evacuation starships travel by jumping blindly between different star systems, looking for a new home, for a new planet, capable of sustaining a human colonization, because the ships won’t hold forever. Each ship is carrying an average of 1 million people, far more their nominal capacity, if a place capable of supporting all these lives is not found soon enough, the life support systems of the ships will gradually collapse and millions risk to get stranded in the depths of space. But there is still hope, a machine that can save us all, the last legacy of Earth’s science can open the door to our future.

They call it the “Seed”.

Imagine if technology could help us shaping new worlds, the possibility to create entire new civilizations among the stars, what could be the shape of such machine?
The Seed is the apex of the most advanced discoveries in the field of self-replicating machines. This type of machines already existed before the Evacuation Era, but they reached a high level of advancement only during the crisis. Furthermore, only very few scientists are able to fully comprehend and develop self-replicating technology, for all the others the way it works is simply beyond their comprehension.
Self-replicating machines are capable of recycling any type of organic and also inorganic matter catalysing its atoms accordingly to computer algorithms and blueprints stored in the machine itself, being able to generate further instances of themself or also other devices. That’s why these machines are potentially more dangerous than atomic weapons, I know that once an experimental unstable self-replicating weapon escaped from its containment and overwrote the laboratory it was developed in, after that it proceeded to reconvert the entire inhabited planet the laboratory was situated on. Many were afraid, realizing that we were finally capable to work on scales beyond human imagination, and the research was halted.

But after the crisis the situation changed. This was the moment when project Infinity City begun: it didn’t aim to cause destruction, but to achieve pure creation. The entire project finally condensed in the Seed: when activated on the planet surface, the Infinity Seed is capable to create a limitless city potentially capable of housing even billions of humans, accordingly to the planet’s resources. If the first self-replicating machines emulated the behaviour of bacteria and monocellular organisms, Infinity City resembles pluricellular life; it’s the next evolutionary step of technology itself, they say. Roads grow naturally on the planet surface like living roots, and buildings grow towards the sky organically, like trees. I’ve heard that visually is very modern but in its real substance it’s more similar to a forest than to an artificial construction. I can’t even imagine it…

Infinity City - Planetary Terraforming Project with Self-Replicating Technology Minecraft Map

Seeds have been produced in series and in large quantities, each one of them capable of generating a different inhabitable world. The real problem now it’s to find planets that are fitting enough to be reconverted. Each seed is a self-sufficient space capsule, when the laboratory discovers a new possible planet, a trained pilot must get onboard to a seed and launch it through an artificial wormhole to the new coordinates. Reached the new world the pilots will generate a new city, if the process is successful and the environment is sustainable, then the seed will emit a signal, a call for the evacuation starships for beginning the repopulation. The Universe may already be full of enormous metropolises quietly awaiting for their first human occupants, all in the hands of these solitary operators.

These pilots are called Seeders, and I am one of them.
I have to go now, if I’m awake this means that a new promising planet has been discovered.
I have a job to do...

Infinity City - Planetary Terraforming Project with Self-Replicating Technology Minecraft Map
Do you want to learn more about it? Read the INTERVIEW!


Infinity City is the most advanced self-replicating system architecture ever created by mankind.
Every time the Seed is activated a different city is generated: different road topology and different building placement. Even buildings of the same type will have infinite variations at every instance.

The first thing a Seed does is expanding downwards, when the ground is reached, a layer-by-layer scan is performed to identify the exact ground level. Once the planet surface has been connected to the Seed, forming the so called Seed Tower (the city's control centre), the system then proceeds to an horizontal expansion.

The horizontal road expansion is performed through a Gemini Cycle, a new-generation system architecture composed by alternating randomizers and expanders. The randomizers here used are state of the art single-use hybrid devices with 36 slots of capacity each. The road expanders instead are also capable to modify themselves to adapt to their bounduary conditions: they connect to nearby roads and detach from nearby buildings, forming a consistent road network. All the interconnected road modules form the road series, many of these series can be used in the expansion cycle.

During the growth of the so called living urban tissue, the free space near the roads is assigned for construction. This is the job of the Spacefinder Units which are capable of analyzing their adjacent spaces in an oriented 2x3 chunk area. The building area is than assigned as the largest convex shape inscribable in the detected free space, through a rigid priority scale that goes from larger to smaller shapes.

The vertical expansion is performed by the buildings growth. Once the areas have been assigned by the Spacefinders, defining the building class, the Loader units specify instead the building type. The collection of all the city's components is defined as the Infinity Matrix. Considering all the current building classes together with the loader's capacity, the current Infinity Matrix can house at least 288 different types of building. Version 1.0 has only 9 building types installed (3,125% capacity used).

Even buildings of the same type will be different every time they're built. Buildings have a modular architecture and will have variations in the following key parameters: the direction the entrance is facing on the ground level, the building height, the building structure itself and the type of roof.

Buildings of the same type resemble each other in the same way that plants of the same species could, but every instance will be unique, and some of them will also be very different between each other.


It's all here? No, it has just started!
Infinity City is designed to last far long than the showcase for this contest, it's made to be a real tool for players to use, since the seed can be placed anywhere in a common flat world. The whole system also, can house far more types of building than shown at the moment: what you see in version 1.0 occupy only the 3,125% of the total capacity of the Infinity Matrix.
Different self-assemblying buildings can be created and can be simply installed in the Infinity Matrix, the Seed will then use the new elements alongside to the old ones to create the new cities, and bring variety to a whole new level.
The same can be said for the road components.
In parallel, system optimization will be performed and the current buildings will be completed in specific project pages.
Differently from nice static dioramas or from the usual still spaceships, the Infinity Seed aims at being a real, functioning and powerful instrument at player's disposal; that generates environments that other players can actually inhabit and where live their adventures.

Infinity City has just begun!

_UPDATE 1.0.1_

More variety on the road modules has been introduced!
Trees, flower pots, parkings, bus stops, benches and more!


-Minecraft version 1.12.1

-Download includes New Planet for generating a new city, Demo World with an already generated city and all the technical drawings.

-Unedited screenshots (50% of the gallery) are taken in the Demo World so that they’re completely reproducible

-Uniform Glass or Connected Glass texture packs are suggested for a better visual experience

-If you found this project interesting please leave me a diamond, and if you have questions please ask them in the comments!

CreditChunky, SEUS used for some pictures
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update 1.0.2 : by Gheppio 10/20/2019 8:36:53 amOct 20th, 2019

+New Demo city! (SO-04a)
+implemented P-Trinity system for building randomizing to bldg_expr modules
*fixed bug in adaptive link of road module ic_road_0101_16
*doubled loader refresh time period
*halfed spacefinders distribution delays
*disabled safety clocks in bldg randomizers

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04/26/2020 9:18 am
Level 31 : Artisan Fox
Fennecai avatar
can you please post a download link that's a bit safer? this download redirects through like...3 different sites, all with super sketchy URL names, and then I cant get to the actual download because Malwarebytes blocks the end site for various reasons including fraud, trojans, and other stuff. I understand why you'd like to make money from the visits to your downloads when and if possible, but these sites are not safe for people. Can you please find a safer way to do this? maybe amazon affiliate links or something of that sort. something reputable.
04/26/2020 10:25 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Engineer
Gheppio avatar
Sorry, adfly wasn't that bad some time ago, I don't know why it worsened so much... and so fast!
Try again now, I'm putting a direct download link
But be careful! A the moment it works in 1.12, I haven't updated the project yet!
04/01/2020 1:23 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Magical Girl
SomeBasilKinGirl avatar
*cyberpunk project flashbacks*
03/30/2020 11:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Chan Ming Hang-6a04
Chan Ming Hang-6a04 avatar
i cannot see the city
03/30/2020 6:19 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Engineer
Gheppio avatar
That's because you will create it in real time! Turn on the controls for city generation!
(works in 1.12 atm, will be updated soon; there is also a demo city in the download, that is already generated)
03/30/2020 11:12 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Chan Ming Hang-6a04
Chan Ming Hang-6a04 avatar
01/15/2020 5:19 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
dr-accounter avatar
can you manually add more buildings and street types into the matrix/repository? if so how do you do it? i would really like to costumize this!
01/15/2020 5:46 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Engineer
Gheppio avatar
Hello and thank you for being interested in my project!
Yes, it's definitely possible to add more buildings and streets, in fact, there's a lot of "free memory" in the redstone circuits of the machine that can be used for adding more content.
I would've added new buildings myself already, if it wasn't that a.t.m. I'm working to a massive upgrade of the project for compatibility with the newer versions of minecraft, together with a huge system optimization too!

Anyway, it's quite complicated to explain how the Infinity Engine works and can be programmed, it would require some sort of course/video tutorial. Don't worry though, I'm also working on something that could partially answer your question, but it'll come in the future, so stay tuned! :-D

PS if you want to take a look at other similar creations of mine, you can find all of them HERE
10/22/2019 2:17 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
minecraftman556 avatar
This is amazing but how do I use the seed in a random world
10/22/2019 2:09 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Engineer
Gheppio avatar
You just have to import all the structures in the desired world, then paste the "ic_seed" in the air and activate it!
I'm sending you a private message with a more detailed explanation :-)
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