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IR - Urban American Railroad - New update April 2021.

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Another video from the map:


More screenshots are available on my Discord archive: https://discord.gg/tdecBDDr

It is now recomended to have the SPSF recourse pack installed. Check IR Discord for link. There are some areas where rails from the pack is used. Works fine without it however, but it is recomended for visual effect.

Update 21.11.21
A new depot has been added, credited to Admiral. The depot has a roundhouse and a small storage yard. Some new buildings have been added to the Cranwich harbor area, to fill inn the gaps around the new depot. A new car float service has also been added to Cranwich, which is larger and much easier to use then the old one in Alstora.

Update 13.04.21
New area south of main city: Cranwich harbor. Tracks trhough suburbs to a large grain terminal (Half way done, still needs work). Rerouted main line in Cranwich, more gentle slopes, and a better ride. Remade yard in Cranwich, still lacks details however.

Update 25.02.21
New street running network and industrial area in main city, Cranwick. More details along the network in Elmton. General detailing along the map.

Updated 06.12.20
The new city has had a rail extention and a station, through a detailed, dense urban core. A coach yard is located here aswell, and a service facility

Sarver Bay, at the far end of the track, now has a turn table. The foundation of an upcoming depot and a yard is layed. Nothing is finished, but locomotives can be flipped arround atleast.

Updated 08.11.20

Rail extentions from the desert/mesa station to end terminal in new city. Started working on a new industrial city, freight yard and depot finished. Added drop-off area to cement plant.

Updated 12.09.20

Rail extentions in snow and mesa biome, three new stations. Oil facility in main city.

Updated 12.08.20

Lumber yard and new town. Check change log for more info

Updated 01.06.20.

Small update. Line extention: A new line is not beeing built. From the original town, there is now a new line branching off from the sunken railway section. It goes through a short tunnel, before ending up at a dock area. It passes through a detailed dock and warehouse, before leaving the city. Then your ride goes through a scenic swampland off to new areas. The place it ends up have not been built up yet. But the railway does a large loop, so you can head back towards the area you came from. It is in other words just a scenic tour for now.

Fast travel between the two (still unnamed) main towns have now been set up. You can teleport from one station to another.

A new ship is added to the harbour, created by Commentered. Link for the downloadable ship is at the bottom.

Updated 29.03.20.

Line extended past the new station. You can now run your train in a loop, comming past the industrial and dock area, before returning back to the original city. Your trains can now run around forever without the need for turntables, if you wish.

Stone quarry is established. The Flatawe Valley Mining Co. exports large amounts of stone on the railway.

New smal depot along the route, just between the stone quarry and the cement plant.

Elevated rail extended. Detail work is still needed, but the track is longer, contains a new station, and have a distanse without stop to be able to get higher speed.

A yard have been made in the original city, where you can store and asemble trains for a longer journey. Freight trains from other destinations can end their trip here, and shunters can bring the cars to the right destinations on the street running track.

More detail work along the line. More vegetation, farmland, power poles, roads, switch towers and other decorative stuff have been added in various locations along the railway, both in the cities and in the country side. It becomes a more scenic tour when riding along.

Updated 19.03.20.

A new suburb station outside the main city. A local commuter train can now run between four stations, or a regional train to the other city can stop here on the way.

Concrete facility: You can now ship gondolas from the cement plant to this area for unloading.

The new city is more built up: Nicer scenery when driving to the new station. There is a whole city here now, with a new industrial spur.

Depot in new city: A good place to start or end a journey. Does have a turntable, so you are able to turn arround, and head back to the original city.

Harbour: Goods have finally a place to end up, or to come from. Ship cars down to the docks, or away on the car float.

I wanted to make a standard gauge railway again, with a focus on urban industrial areas, and elevated rail service. Much on the buildings is inspired by american architecture, from industrial areas around Brooklyn. This map contains an elevated subway line, street running tracks to serve industry, a mainline going through the city to a central station, and a large depot for locomotive service.

At the moment, there is nut much outside the city area. You can ride your shunting locomotive to various areas arround the city, sereving different warehouses and factories. There is also a smal suburb outside the city with a station for local trains, a small town further down the line, and the beginning of a new town with a larger station a few minutes away. When it comes to industry, there is a large cement plant along the railway, but not a dedicated place to deliver the goods in the city yet. Many of the buildings are beeing reused many times arround the city, everything is not uniqe. I have however tried to make some uniqe stuff arround every area on the railway, so it will feel different when you travel. If this is not to your liking, then you are welcome to go make your own map, with only special buildings.

NOTE that this map is no way close to finished, with many weird spots in the city, where you see straight into a wall of trees, or a flat, open grassland. I am focusing on covering up areas that can be seen from the track, but as soon as you start flying arround, it all looks odd. That is they way it will be.

MOD CONFLICT: For some reason that I do not know, this map does not work with Journey Map. Even tho there is no other mod used than IR, the map shuts down when Journey Map is loaded. I recomend to remove it when using this map.

You are welcome to use this map they way you want, sharing screenshots and videos as you please. Just be kind to give credit where needed. You are however not allowed to reupload any content on the map, nor the map itself. Private use only.

The map is built with only vanilla blocks, exept for the railway system. You do therefore only need the Immersive Railroading mod.

Updates will come to this map from time to time, either with a growing city, or new destinations. Enjoy your trainride.

The map was originaly made by qwryzu.

Ship by Commentered:
Creditqwryzu Commentered
Progress60% complete

8 Update Logs

Update #8 : by Doffen 11/21/2021 3:46:01 pmNov 21st, 2021

Update 21.11.21:

A new depot with storage yard and a roundhouse has been completed in Cranwich harbor. This is a large round house, with a large turntable. All the big locomotives can be stored here. Credit to Admiral for the roundhouse. A new car float service has been made in Cranwich harbor as well, much easier to use then the one in Alstora, and larger as well. Some general detailing and buildings have been placed in that area as well.

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02/20/2022 4:01 am
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bob budowniczy z ciebie
01/23/2022 12:35 am
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yeeeep's Avatar
i want a update
01/15/2022 11:16 am
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save the map on tlauncher plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz D:
01/14/2022 7:11 am
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Ayush_Desai2031's Avatar
I've also downloaded the mods from curseforge. But when I open it in forge 1.12.2 it says that immersive engineering and railroading needs 1.16.4 and universal mod core needs 1.16.5.If you have advice there, please tell me what to do.
01/14/2022 7:05 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Ayush_Desai2031's Avatar
Doffen, Please tell me which versions is this map available. And, can you use this map in Minecraft launchers like tlauncher?
01/12/2022 6:14 pm
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TheFutureLineMan's Avatar
the map never show's up in the world list
01/07/2022 7:20 pm
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fishsticks709's Avatar
when i load in tthe map it says universalmodcore missing assets lights. how do you fix that?
12/27/2021 5:21 pm
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andreobrother's Avatar
it takes a long time to download
12/12/2021 5:33 am
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Nikod121's Avatar
hey can u help me i got everything right but every time i try to load this it say that i dont have universalmodcore
and when i enter the map its just a masive no end ocean and i dont know what to do
09/29/2021 2:50 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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где скачать моды?Я могу скачать саму карту
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