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Khazad-Dûm, Great Realm of Longbeards Clan on the Misty Mountains (Moria)

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The Pride of Durin’s Builders

Moria, one of the most famous and majestic Dwarven kingdoms in all of Arda, it is also known as Khazad-Dûm, Hadhodrond, Dwarrowdelf, Phurunargian, and eventually: Moria. This ancient delving was founded back in the Elder Days, a time remembered by only a few, when there was no sun or moon, and only stars illuminated the world…

Dwarrowdelf was the greatest dwarven city that ever existed in Arda. For three ages of the world it remained in peace on the Misty Mountains. The riches of Moria were not gold. Nor precious stones. These things could be found very easily. The real wealth of Moria was in truesilver, or Mithril, as it is known by the elves. During many years, the greatness of Moria grew either in size and wealth because of the Mithrill. It grew so much, that it reached the western side of the Misty Mountains, and the dwarves became great friends of the elves that lived around there, in Eregion, known by the men as Hollin.

For Those Who Do Not know, or have not read:

"Dwarves were a short, stocky race, a little taller than hobbits but much broader and heavier. Most Dwarves had thick, luxuriant beards in which they took great pride, and often forked or braided them and tucked them into their belts."

Moria Plans: We began this project way back in October of 2014. As we are coming up on the 6th years of work, we have made significant progress on the realm. Because the city is so massive, we divided it into five areas: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, and Outside the Gates. We began our work at Dimrill Dale and the Eastern gate to the city. From there, we began to push west towards the West Gate in Eregion (where the Fellowship entered).

The four areas will have their own distinct theme when we have finished with the project. The Northern area is where the famous mithril mines are located, and where most of the forge-related industrial work of the realm happens.

The eastern portion of Moria is the oldest part of the realm, where the most of the city per se is located. Durin began the delving from Dimrill Dale, and so the most important areas of Moria are located close to that gate. The Royal Palace, a massive structure, is located here, as is the Bank, the University, Leisure halls such as the Arena and the Hydrothermal Baths, many Markets, administrative places, libraries and a most of the population of the city.

Moving on to the south, we arrive in another industrial area. The industry in the south, however, is much more focused on the water, since there lay the biggest aquifers of the city. Built around the Great Southern Abyss, the south contains many delvings such as the Waterworks, the Endless Stair, and the tower of Zirakzigil – where Gandalf defeated Durin’s Bane.

The western part of the city is the place where the dwarves of Durin’s Folk traded with the Elves of Eregion in old times, and, as such, is home to a vast amount of important commercial areas, as well as junctions of roads, mines and some living areas through Moria itself. Though Eregion was attacked by Sauron and abandoned, that area has suffered a notable economic decadence and depopulation. The Western Gate is the most famous gate, being the gate that the Fellowship passed through into Moria.

At last, we arrive in the areas outside the city itself. To the east lies Dimrill Dale and Kheled-zâram, or Mirrormere. The Silverlode, or the Celebrant River rises here, and flows through the woods of Lothlórien. In the west lies the valley of the Sirannon River, a beautiful land in the heyday of Moria. In later years, a dam would be constructed, flooding the valley and creating the pool where the Watcher in the Water resided. The last area here is above the city – the Path of Caradhras – a mountain pass that went over the Redhorn.

Below is a summary of our current progress, as well as further division of the areas of the city.

Build Areas:

Eastern Moria
Eastern Halls – 100%
Upper Northern City – 100%
Lower Northern City – 100%
Upper Southern City – 100%
Lower Southern City – 100%
Royal District – 95%
Durin’s Causeway – 100%
Durin’s Abyss – 100%
Southern Moria
Great Southern Abyss – 100%
Inner Waterworks – 75%
Outer Waterworks – 65%
Foundations of Stone – 70%
Lowest Dungeons – 80%
The Endless Stair – 35%
Iron Pits – 0%
Silvertine Lodes – 15%
Zirakzigil Tower – 100%
Western Moria
Upper Crossroads – 100%
Lower Crossroads – 100%
Western Commercial Hub – 50%
Central Mines – 100%
Trifold City – 95%
Durin’s Way – 65%
Western Entrance – 100%
Southern Garrison – 50%
Northern Moria
Redhorn Lodes – 10%
The Forges – 15%
Fanuidhol Lodes – 0%
Northern Garrison – 90%
Northwestern Fissure – 60%
Outside the Gates
Dimrill Dale – 100%
Silverlode Valley up to Lorien - 100%
The Path of Caradhras – 70%
Sirannon Valey and Eastern Eregion– 100%

Maps, The Fellowship of the Ring, the Movie, and nice concept art that can be found the internet!

Make sure to visit our Main Page for more info

Download won't be avaliabe until we are done.

If you are interested on joining, check out our Site: https://durinsbuilders.wordpress.com/

Khazad-Dûm, Great Realm of Longbeards Clan on the Misty Mountains (Moria) Minecraft Map

CreditSpecial Thanks to everybody involved in the project, specially Brunokuz for worldpainting the terrain, Kette442 for handbuilding many of the caves; Xytric_ and WiseWizard for revamping most of the northeastern city.
Progress75% complete

11 Update Logs

Update #11 : by Durins Builders 08/24/2022 5:49:33 pmAug 24th, 2022

Hail! It's been a while, but here's a short go-through in our recent progress:

Other than the Northwestern Fissure, all other large cave areas have been completely shaped. It will still need some work for them to be properly decorated, but that's quite an advancement. We've also completed the fellowship's path, with almost no visible open-areas in the side hallways and halls that stem from it! We also have started some rework in the foundations of stone and the Mountain Peaks / Caradhras Path thanks to the minecraft height improvement. Other than that, the city (eastern) areas are very, very close to completion, and the vast majority of halls previously built are already furnitured too! We're steadily advancing in the western mines, dwelling suburban areas, and the southern industrial region, as well as approaching the northern forges are, tho that will still take some time and a good ammount of planning.

Make sure to join our discord so you can see updates with more frequency and talk directly to us :)

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09/22/2023 2:14 pm
Level 42 : Master Technomancer
Giancarlovan's Avatar
This project looks promising and I love the attention to detail, can't wait to see more!
10/04/2022 6:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
xX_RealHyperinon_Xx's Avatar
Also, build the
Khazad-Dûm from hypixel skyblock.

09/14/2022 4:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
EinTod's Avatar
Can you lay out a map even if it is not completed?
09/15/2022 11:28 pm
Level 49 : Master Dwarf
Durins Builders
Durins Builders's Avatar
Nope my friend, I'm afraid not! We're building it every day, expanding it hall by hall, tunnel by tunnel, and it wouldn't be fun at all to release something unfinished while building. It's like asking a bookwriter to publish their books before they have finished writing the story or reviewing it through. We will, as much as we can tho, try to keep fans updated (specially on our discord!) with sneak peaks: pictures, sometimes videos and live transmissions showing the place around, that kind of stuff!

Its the difference from an artist publishing a picture of their WIP art, and framing it while unfinished, ya know?
09/02/2022 5:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
thrain1234's Avatar
Is this done yet want to download?
09/02/2022 8:37 pm
Level 49 : Master Dwarf
Durins Builders
Durins Builders's Avatar
No, will still take some years to finish, unfortunaly. But we're getting closer day by day :)
02/21/2022 11:05 am
Level 47 : Master Dwarf
Nishisumi's Avatar
Such a fantastic build, I'm really happy to see that people like you guys are working on these crazy epic projects!

I'm currently building Khazad Dum on another server aswell.

On what scale is this Khazad dum version?
06/25/2022 1:31 pm
Level 49 : Master Dwarf
Durins Builders
Durins Builders's Avatar
Hey, thank you for the kind message!

Its approximately 2150 blocks East to West and 1300 blocks North to South so far, but will probably get larger when we start working on the Mines
02/14/2022 4:11 am
Level 28 : Expert Crafter
robzz's Avatar
Is the server able to have visitors?
02/14/2022 12:42 pm
Level 49 : Master Dwarf
Durins Builders
Durins Builders's Avatar
Hey there!

Yes it is! Please join our discord and message us there and we can arrange you a guided your :)
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