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Liebherr Rotary Drilling Rig

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Captain_JEK's Avatar Captain_JEK
Level 87 : Elite Deity

this is a rotary drilling rig inspired by the Liebherr LB 44 rotary drilling rig "Mr. Torque". This kind of drilling rig is used for making deep pile foundations. It can drill holes with a diameter of up to 3 meters.

The version I made shows the LB 44 in the process of Kelly drilling. Kelly drilling is one of many ways to make pile foundations. First, the rig drills a metal tube into the ground. Then, it uses an auger drill to clear the tube's inside from dirt. After that, the rig grabs another metal tube which gets connected to the first one (already in the ground) and the rig continues drilling the tubes into the ground. This is followed by clearing the inside from dirt again using the auger drill. This process is repeated so long until the desired depth is reached. A metal cage gets pulled up by the rig's crane and gets lowered into the hole before it is filled with concrete. Finally, the rig connects to the metal tubes again and drills them out, one after the other. When all of them are out the rig's job is done. It has successfully made a new pile foundation.

Pile foundations are needed when the ground itself would not be able to support a building. If this is the case, concrete piles reaching down to solid rock (or other material stable enough) are built. These are the pile foundations the building will be sitting on.
This has the effect that the building's weight is distributed directly to a solid base (the rock) and does not squeeze the softer ground above. If you construct buildings on soft ground the building might tip after a while because it sank into the ground. To prevent buildings from tipping or even falling over pile foundations are needed which are made using rotary drilling rigs like this one.

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09/16/2022 3:06 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Dragonborn
The_EnderSpider's Avatar
Files are all corrupted btw, ive tried to open them with litematica, amulet and mcedit and none of them are able to read the files (not only this post, multiple posts). I do not have this issue with any other schematics ive ever used, this is the first time.
09/16/2022 6:31 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
Try world edit.
Litematica, mc edit and amulet can only handle legacy schematics, so only schematics with a .schematic ending and made in 1.12 or earlier.
This drill rig was made in 1.13 and uses the newer .schem schematic files (when you download it it will still say .schematic cause I changed it to .schematic, otherwise pmc couldn't handle the new .schem files when they came out).

So, just try world edit. I also made this schematic file with world edit.
08/08/2019 6:01 am
Level 1 : New Miner
TexasOutlaw05's Avatar
Will this be a tutorial?
08/08/2019 6:36 am
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
I don't make build tutorials. I only design the vehicles and present them here.
But maybe Virtilise is going to make a tutorial somewhen ^^
06/25/2019 3:02 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Artist
Grandmaster_dorak's Avatar
Wonderful! You make the best interpretations of transport in Minecraft!
Energy Master
06/30/2019 11:15 pm
Level 23 : Expert Procrastinator
Energy Master's Avatar
06/25/2019 5:49 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
Thank you very much!
06/25/2019 2:20 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Engineer
Jim55's Avatar
06/25/2019 5:50 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
Thanks, man :D
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