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    43 y/o deaf woman
    avid gamer
    Cute nerd
    Into Mathematics, Science
    and cosmology ( especially Black Hole )
    Lives 45 miles from
    Fluent in four languages.
    Learning 3 new lagnguages
    My first language is French
    Political junkie ( Democracy 🔵 )

    My birthday
    January 31st

    Food mind tracker


    Love to cheer up


    Being a night owl


    Puzzle brainier ( solve things )


    Crazy inner

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      March 28, 2024, 2:05 am to Public
      Here I go!

      I've completed area of my Huxley Sights city used to be a power plants transforms into normal place with a garden.

      That explains the radioactive that remains after power plant decommissioned.

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