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    41 y/o deaf woman
    avid gamer
    Cute nerd
    Into Mathematics, Science
    and cosmology ( especially Black Hole )
    Lives 45 miles from
    Fluent in four languages.
    Learning 3 new lagnguages
    My first language is French
    Political junkie ( Democracy πŸ”΅ )


    My birthday
    January 31st

    Food mind tracker


    Love to cheer up


    Being a night owl


    Puzzle brainier ( solve things )


    Crazy inner

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    33rd Participant of Nitgo's contest

    4th place of Whispearl's contest

    Participant of Hardcrafter's contest

    Participant of Chaotic Stupid's contest

    7th place of lovfallande's contest

    3rd place of NickTheGuy12's contest

    Participant of DinowCookie's contest

    Participant of Daggsy's event

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    Golden badge of DinowCookie's event

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    βœ–οΈ = Not yet
    βœ”οΈ = Done

    Get interviewed βœ–οΈ
    Become team member of PMC βœ–οΈ
    Be a judge for the official contest βœ–οΈ
    Write a blog βœ–οΈ
    Make a very successful skin βœ–οΈ
    PMC, Cyprezz or Dinowcookie follows me βœ”οΈ
    Make artwork about skin or Minecraft βœ–οΈ

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      March 6, 2022, 11:39 pm to Public
      report_problem UPDATED! report_problem

      I received a private message from GMwork who created this and he said: '' The builder said there's no mod. Maybe just a problem when converting from PE to PC ''


      πŸ™ I need your help!!!πŸ™

      I have google everything about the light emit in the game Minecraft but I couldn't find any I'm looking for.


      I downloaded a map WZAcity from GNwork's creation... while in the game I noticed the light emitted so low even though it's just glowstone block emit level 15

      πŸ‘‰here my screenshotπŸ‘ˆ

      Emit light from glowstone block

      I'm surprised to see it for the first time..... Anyone does know there's way to reduce emitting the light? I use my Minecraft Java Edition without mods and even I downloaded from there just a map.

      Thank you
      MJ_mcMaster replied to Melygoomba's comment below 2022-03-07 04:26:27
      Like the lowest level of lightness is called moody
      Melygoomba replied to MJ_mcMaster's comment below 2022-03-07 01:07:50
      What's a moody?
      MJ_mcMaster said 2022-03-06 23:46:23
      ur lightness is probably on moody.
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