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[REUPLOAD!!!!] The Cedar Estate - PMC Interior Contest Entry

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avatar creeperkiller0411
Level 19 : Journeyman Crafter

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Welcome to the Cedar Estate! In the heart of the American Midwest, the Cedar Estate is a cozy, well-built home that can comfortably house a family of 5 for the rest of their normal American lives.
Or so you think...On the surface, the Cedar Estate seems like a normal house in 1980s American suburbia, but the family that's moved in here has made some significant renovations to some parts of the house to cater to their special needs. A project of creeperkiller0411 and his friend, Auberon.

House details:

Expansive front and back yards with 4 large Acacia trees, a large koi pond that covers the front and back yards, patio dining area with pizza oven and sink, small Japanese bridge over the rear area of the pond, tree-hung bench swing, fountain, lawn mower and rose garden.

The main house has three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room with large TV, a kitchen, a dining room with a fireplace, and a game room in the attic. The bedrooms are for the parents, and two children, boy and girl.

The garage has space for 1 car and 3 motorcycles, and the driveway can fit up to 2 cars.

*THE SECRETS OF THE HOUSE for contest's sake*

Above the garage is the lair of the town's hero, ArmourMan. Inside his lair is an armour closet ala-Iron Man, weapons arsenal, armour testing platform, lit and a large screen where ArmourMan can plan his next missions.

Below the house is the basement, home to the (good) Witch's Den. The witch, married to ArmourMan, assists him in fighting crime whenever his missions get supernatural. Inside the basement is the apothecary for potions, enchantment table and library, end crystal display and portal to the Nether.
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Update #1 : 06/30/2020 12:17:01 amJun 30th


Apparently an earlier version of the world was uploaded ngek sorry.

06/29/2020 11:41 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
I guess flying through the PMCview3d the secrets are in the nether? The basement is quite empty, except for a nether portal. The koi-pond is quite nice, idea form your other (japanese) builds I take? Is quite nice, but personally I wouldn't want to have a pond directly underneath my floor. Recipe for trouble.

The interior is quite bright & diverse in the colors. For me personally nearing the point of to much. But nicely done fellow contestant.
06/30/2020 12:03 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Crafter
Yeah I might've stupidly uploaded the wrong file there mate hang on...
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