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Opened by: Drazile
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11/13/18 8:48 am 11/13/18 8:48 am


At the very-top right of most pages on PMC, there is a link that reads 'Account', that takes you to a redundant page, called "My PMC Account".
I propose that this page be removed hidden, its features be moved elsewhere, and the link at the top be redirected to simply take you straight to your account-editing page, AKA "My Public Profile".

On this "My PMC Account" page are links to individual pages for each type of submission (projects, skins etc.). These pages let you edit submissions without going to the submissions' pages first, as well as view and edit drafted submissions. Both of these features could simply be moved to your main member page, as shown bellow:

Of course, both of these things would only be able to be seen by you on your own page.

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said 2018-11-13 08:48:35
Cyprezz set status to Accepted, assigned Cyprezz.
Site has changed a lot since this ticket was opened and while there are new ways to get to the "manage submissions page", I still like the idea of having the edit option appear on your own submissions in the listings. Will add this.
Frogurt said 2016-03-15 08:44:03
I disagree, I want things to stay the same.
Frogurt said 2016-03-15 08:43:13
I don't like this idea.
CroatiaTheMan said 2016-03-13 07:26:18
Yeah that should be a redirect to the same thing if you change the Any Subject part on your page to projects or skins,etc , for example if you click on the project button on your account it would go straight to your page but only all of your projects same with skins,blogs,etc.
said 2016-03-13 07:20:54
Drazile modified ticket description.
Drazile said 2016-03-13 07:20:08
Hmm, good point. Maybe keep that page, but still cut out the middle man and make that link direct to the Edit profile & settings page.
CroatiaTheMan said 2016-03-13 06:45:19
I wouldn't say to Remove the PMC Page but only add the part of being able to edit and shown if live or drafted on your page. If you removed the My Account page Paril/Cyprezz would have to make a separate page then for PM's and a total separate page for all the Account Details: account home, edit profile&settings, my subscriptions,etc.

Nonetheless the editing from Member Page would be a good idea.




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