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5 Second Finish

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avatar Imm0rt41
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The crowd was cheering, the sound blasting on my ears. It felt like my eardrums were being pushed inward, forced into my skull and brain, just so I could listen to the horrible noise better of a thousand people screaming and ranting, stamping their feet and clapping their hands.


The announcer screamed out over the loudspeaker. Already a second had passed, and I had not yet completed the task. A task I was forced into, a task I did not want to take, never asked for and never knew was coming.


I had been taken from my family last Saturday. We were about to enjoy a nice dinner, and feast on the deer my father had recently caught. It looked delicious, and its savory aroma I could even still now nearly taste in my mouth. My younger sister was extremely excited at the prospect of the meat, for we had not had much to eat for a while before, and she was beginning to thin down. We all were. I remember her running around the table in an adorable bundle of anticipation, as my mother prepared the dinner for us. She was precious.


But then the men suddenly burst in the door. We all swung around and stood to attention, expecting them to be guards on a routine check, as they usually came in around this time. Except they weren't guards, nor did they seem to belong to any official order. They were each wearing different uniforms, the only similarity being the logo that I could see on their chest. It twirled and shifted, and would have been impossible to describe even if I had managed to get a good look at it before they strode over to me and knocked me over the side of the head. I heard my sister scream as all went black.


When I woke up, I was in a cell at the edge of this arena. The gate led directly in to the arena, and I saw a person hunched over in the center. I walked over to the gate to get a closer look, but as I did, it rose, gaining me access. I was hesitating my decision of whether or not to enter when I heard a blast of noise from the other side, and saw a thousand people in the stands, screaming at me. I was dazed and confused, and turned instead to run back into my cell. But I was blocked by a man, with a crest the same as those who had taken me. He handed me a sword, and told me that if I was to live, I would have to successfully preform the task of killing the person in the arena, and that I only had five seconds to do it once I was within range. I took the chance to live, and quickly walked out into the arena, towards the huddle. As I approached, I saw a strange sense of familiarity in the person. It wasn't until I got within range that I realized. It was my sister, scared and crying.


I twirled the sword around, and ran it through my chest.
CreditThis was a story originally written for my deviantART account. You can check my stuff out at http://imm0rt41.deviantart.com/
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