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Features Which Have Been Taken Out Of Minecraft!

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Hey All

As I think you can all agree with me, Minecraft has added a lot of features into the game which allows players to explore more as well as craft more items. However, people seem to forget the items which have been taken out of game since new versions have released. Below I have added some items and features which have been removed.


- Brick Pyramids -

Yes Minecraft had Brick Pyramids in Minecraft which had no interior rooms and was spawned far away from the spawn-point. The Brick Pyramids were in the Infdev Version.

- Obsidian Walls -
Now the Obsidian Walls weren't giant walls of Obsidian which went miles high, but they were random pieces of Obsidian which were found often in rows.

Block & Items

- Rose -
The Rose is one of the most recent items which have been removed from the game. However they have been replaced with a new texture and are now known as a Poppy.

- Lantern -
The Lantern was planned to be added into the game in a Halloween update, however was never added. The idea was that torches would flicker and then go out after a while, and would have to be relight by flint and steel. However the large amount of negative reviews of the idea from the Minecraft Community, the idea was scraped.

- Crying Obsidian -
No, Notch didn't want certain Obsidian Blocks to cry. However the Crying Obsidian Blocks purpose was for the spawn-point after a player would die, however they were replaced with beds.

- Leather Chain Armour -
Leather Chain was added into Minecraft before Gold and Diamond Armour. However since Gold and Diamond can now be crafted into Armour, there was now purpose for then Leather Chain Armour.

- Ruby -
Not many people know, but Ruby s were added into Minecraft, however due to the developer of the Ruby Ore was colorblind, he found it hard to find the differences between the Redstone Ore and the Ruby Ore. So the Ruby was replaced with the Emerald.

- Pigman -
Now there is the Zombie Pigmen which are still in Minecraft to-day, however there was once a normal Pigmen which Notch announced they would be added as NPC in Villages.

- Environment -

- Sky Dimension -
The Sky Dimension was a type of world which had a series of floating island which players could fall off and die by falling into the void. This world type was taken out and was replaced with The End world. However, it is still debated if the world type should be added back into the game.

This is a few features which have been taken out of Minecraft however I did not want the blog to be extremely long. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my blog post.


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12/18/2013 7:09 pm
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I think little kids should be removed from mc, then maybe i might go online
05/18/2014 2:20 pm
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lobie10's Avatar
Correction: "I think people I dont like should be removed from mc, then maybe i might go online"
05/20/2014 5:10 am
Level 47 : Master Taco
Snailspot's Avatar
EXACTLY, thanks for wording it correctly :D
05/20/2014 11:52 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
lobie10's Avatar
No problem. :3 I just didn't understand the "little kids" part.
12/18/2013 6:23 pm
Level 27 : Expert Taco
dylwells's Avatar
lemme guess, you got this from the wiki.
Anyways, pop reel!
12/18/2013 5:45 pm
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ewpolly1's Avatar
if you go into .minecraft, inside a default texture folder there is a texture for ruby
12/18/2013 11:36 am
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
TehDansorz's Avatar
Herobrine :D
12/18/2013 8:34 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Narwhal
leander2009's Avatar
The only one i really forgot was the brick pyramid
12/18/2013 6:01 am
Level 24 : Expert Skinner
MusicalCrazeMan's Avatar
Thanks for the list

And oh, nice Bitstrips photo
12/17/2013 10:43 pm
Level 23 : Expert Explorer
PapaFrank's Avatar
Also i can find referances to Crafting Horse armour .... what happened there ?