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Glowstone and Glass Stairs

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So, I've been thinking this for a long time, and I know I'm not the only one (people on my server agree that this would be beyond cool): Glowstone Stairs.

I myself have already found a mod that adds 9 new stairs, but that's simply not the point. Glowstone stairs (and maybe glass ones, too) would be a very interesting aspect for Minecraft. They would add a new reason to spend time in the nether looking for and mining the evil block, as well as add cool new ways to build!

Giant palaces with giant staircases are a pain to light up using torches, but glowstone stairs would bring a very easy way to light them up! Imagine seeing a set of stairs with fancy lighting on a server, even, it would impress users!

Glass, too, could be used for such things. A glass staircase above an ocean or mountain, rising to a glass road that leads to a majestic palace in the sky, or see-through stairs over dangerous lava!

How about combining the two? Lighting up a dark portion of your map while still able to see the amazing Minecraft scenery below, or having beacons shine through a glass staircase, being lit up with glowstone stairs as well!

Crafting them would be easy, too! Just glass or glowstone blocks in the same pattern that you would normally do stairs (the 3 2 1 pattern in the crafting table) and you could have 4 of the new stair block!

I can't even think of how many other possibilities there are, but I have about 100 of them stored up in my brain. Just THINK of what else the Minecraft community can come up with to build and design with these 2 simple blocks!

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