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Hair shading tutorial. 2

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avatar Kirigiri
Level 48 : Master Princess
soo my last blog got popreel so I wanna start of this blog by saying OML thankyou soooooo much everyone who made that happen I love you all so much, anywho this blog is part two of my hair shading tutorial I will be showing you how to do the back of the hair if that makes any sense

Here we go
before we begin I reccomend you check out my first hair shading tutorial for color selection, as i will not be going over that here, this will be for the back of the hair

Step 1: so using your darkest color make the following shapes in the top corners of the back

Step 2: Using a lighter color than before draw lines connected to the tips of the previous ones you drew your hair should be looking like this currently

Step 3: using your next color fill in between the lines that you have so that your hair now looks like this -

step 4: after step three any additions to the hair are optional, personally I like to add a few highlights to the hair so using a lighter shade highlight the middle parts

your hair should now look like this

step 5 Completly Optional: if you are using PMC skin 3d you will notice there is an option to make the color you are using more transparent, so if you do wanna do a dip dye effect but you're feeling a bit lazy then just ajust the transparency on your color to about 50% and go over your hair it should look somthing like this -

Thankyou for reading part 2 of my hair shading blog I hope this has helped you in your shading endevors. my next blog will be on two diffrent styles of skirts so keep a look out for that

                             - Kirigiri xxx

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