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How to Improve Your building Style - A Blog for all Builders Part 2. Building Progression [TI Blogging Group]

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I did a blog some time ago about how people can pick up new tips to improve how they build. I had alot of people telling me that it really helped them get better and that they were really glad to read it. This follow up blog is not a pot-boiler, simply further steps for people the experience new techiques with better explanations, and I feel that this will also help people.

To start off, the question everyone asks themselves "how can I get better?"
Honestly, it really doesn't take much time, just as long as you think with your creative mindset and explore different ways of thinking you will see improvments very soon. I know there are some who think they are not creative, but those who think that are limiting themselves of their potential. Everyone possesses some amount of ability to "think outside the box" so it really comes down to the decision of whether or not to. Never be affraid to do something radical or stray from the beaten path. Some of the greatest thinkers in history were completely abnormal, yet they found ways to use their unique qualities to shake the world.

Now, I'll bring this back to real time. Don't limit yourself because you think you're not as good. Really, the amount of building skills you have is a testament of how far you are willing to push. This same principle of "wanting it" follows just about everything with gaining other skills in the real world. That's why this is a good thing to understand now. So, lets hop to it then.

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Shell
Before we start going through the progression, lets focus some on this topic because it is really important to understand so the creativity can flow better later on.

If you want to learn new ways of thinking you must take steps outside of what you arleady know because creativity cannot be confined to just a box, rectangle, or circle. Creativity is without an end, and that's how you need to start interpreting ideas. There is no blueprint telling you how to conduct yourself. When you build your creativity frees you of any setback so you can think up your own unique ideas. The only thing you need to do is, as I've mentioned earlier, not hold yourself back from your full potential. 

The Building Progression

The next five tabs are the progression steps I went through to build the Mansion in the blog picture. It wasn't easy, I didn't just come up with that mansion on my first try. I had to build four other houses before I could begin to think about the final mansion. This is called a "progression". The houses run in order from least amount of work to most amount of work.  

Step One
How to Improve Your building Style - A Blog for all Builders Part 2. Building Progression [TI Blogging Group]
Yeah, it's pretty basic. Just a normal survival house really, but everyone starts somewhere so I started this progression as simple as possible. After I finised this hut, I started thinking of what I could add to the next build. 

What I want to include on the next build: 

-One center, two seperate wings
-add more interesting windws
-make the front seem more apealing 

Step Two
How to Improve Your building Style - A Blog for all Builders Part 2. Building Progression [TI Blogging Group]
Ok, so overall improvment has been made since the last build and the build does seem more appealing than the last. There is some obvious work to be made but for now were getting there. 

What I want to include on the next build: 

-much taller
-deffinate enterence, make bigger
-use more windows
-go for a "castle" look

Step Three
How to Improve Your building Style - A Blog for all Builders Part 2. Building Progression [TI Blogging Group]
Looking a lot better than when the progression started. Much better use of an enterence and better looking windows. The build is taller and more "smoothed out" than the last. It's coming along, but much more work is needed. 

What I want to include on the next build: 

-columns, the next house could really use columns
-add an overhang with the columns
-try and build the next out of a lighter material other than stone brick or wood
-make better use of windows
-maybe, go for a "Roman Villa" look?
-add some landscaping

Step Four

Yeah, now that's more like it!! This building looks very solid due to the things I've picked up in the progression so far. I think using the columns and overhang make it looks much better and now there has been great improvement since the first hut. Everything is coming together more than before, but there is still room for improvment. 

What I want to include on the next build:

make better looking columns, more detail
-make the overhang much bigger
-add a better design to the overhang
-make windows more intricate
-much taller
-overall, much more detail is needed
-make people's jaw drop...maybe?

Step Five

Ah-ha at last, I've done it!!! This is the final product that came out of my five step build progression. I must say it wasn't too hard building because I used the same basic shapes with detail, but it was very time consuming. This house took me a day just to build the outside. I honestly had no idea I would come to build this, and that's why you can never doubt yourself; you have the potential to do somehting like this or even better. It's up to you how good you can be, so dream big and NEVER give up just because somehting is hard

I know there are some out there that can build something 10 times better than this and right now they're wondering why this is the last step in my progression. The answer to that is I know my limits and I know I am confident I have done the best I can. Sure there is room for improvment, I just haven't gotten there yet. I'll get there but there's no need to be mad at myself for not being able to do better than I already can. Everyone is different and I know there are always going to be people better than me no matter what I do. That's ok because when you make something the only person's opinion that matters is your own. 
The secret to building really cool stuff is practicing!!

That's what this progression helped me do. Each step was a way for me to try something out, decdide whether or not I liked it, and come up with things to imporve on. It's not hard just time consuming. The amount of building skills you have are a testement to how much you work at it, so if you want to really increase your skills do a progression like this. I promise it will help you. Just remember not to rush somehting like this, otherwise you might miss things that could help you later.  

Here are some more pictures of the final house

Thanks for reading guys, I really hope this helps!!!

This is my first blog with the TI blogging group. We are a group of bloggers who want to produce the best blogs by working together. We try to do our best to entertain and help the PMC community by offering our blogs.

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10/24/2016 4:09 am
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How to improve you're building style. should be your.
12/27/2015 4:25 pm
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Love the last house!
11/04/2014 9:52 am
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TheEnderCat5's Avatar
There's a typo in the image ._. #GrammarNaziForLife

Nice tutorial though, it really helped me actually.
12/11/2014 11:11 am
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hobo joe
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Lol, I put that there to see how many people would notice it, but you're the 2nd one who...no one really got it :/
08/06/2014 11:15 am
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Woah?! For real? This'll work?!
My mind =
(i WaS GONna WrIte "blOWn" tHerE, buT My BraiN stOpPeD funCtIoniNg cOrreCtLy foR a SECOnd TheRe.)
08/06/2014 11:24 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Musician
hobo joe
hobo joe's Avatar
Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!!! :D
08/06/2014 11:25 am
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ChileanMiner5's Avatar
You're very welcome!
Thank YOU for the tutorial!
06/07/2014 6:42 pm
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Oooo i want to try that method!
06/07/2014 4:01 pm
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How to draw an owl..
1) Draw 3 circles
2) connect 1 line
3) Draw rest of owl
06/07/2014 8:09 am
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lol imporve
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