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My Mineidea - The Amazing Pigmen Nether Village

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Oh look. Another random idea. Greaaaaat.

However, This one is quite unique. It doesn't add game-changing content. Actually, it doesn't even change much in-game. It wouldn't alter your existing world, and will be completely optional due to the mechanics of the system. I hereby present:

Pigme Nether Villages!

(Oh boy seriously? That is totally unoriginal!)


-Wha-what..The hell... I don't even...: This new village type resides within THA NETHER. It's resident, the foetidum homo-porcus, also known as the Common Pigman, is an extinct species from the Sky World we were promised, and the souls of their dead reside in the Nether. Their spirits can be saved from damnation with the use of a new potion, the Potio of Ressurectio, which revives the Pigmen from their undead stayed. These sentient swines lack the knowledge and skill to build houses on their own, and YOU must build them a new village in the Nether, complete with certain structures which unlock certain trades. The Pigmen may lack in the construction department, but they make up for it with 5 diffrent trading classes: Farmer, Alchemist, Goldsmith, Witch-Doctor, and Engineer. Using gold (nuggetsingotsblocks) as currency, they will be more than glad to trade new items and useless emeralds for your gold and Overworld materials. New systems, such as the "Mood" systemm and the ability to heal villagers will also be included.

-Waaaait... Why would I want this? The new village, other than introducing the long-expected Pigmen, will give the game a new edge with the must-defend system. You need to build your village, as well as provide defensive measures, a task made much harder with the existence of fire-launching Blazes and explosive-spitting Ghasts, neither of which is particularly fond of their new neighbours. The new trades will give new items, such as the Repel block or the Frostbite enchantment. No new better-than-diamond tools, not a-bucket-of-random mobs, only a new village, with some additional rewards for taking good care of it (also some bling from all the acquired gold). You can not only build houses and such for your Bacnonmen, but also castles and tower and whatever comes into your mind, to give life to the village, and the Nether as well. Every time you will travel back to the Nether, you will do this with a smile on your face upon gazing at your very own homegrown piggie colony. Besides. who doesn't want more ways to get bacon?

-So, how is this exactly optional? Your new piggie neighbours cannot be revived unless you gather the sacred 3 skulls and summon the Wither, whom upon demise will drop a twinkly little Nether Star. The Nether Star will serve as a new potion ingrident that must be combined with the Potion of Regenration (requiring some nether exploring, to bring home the Ghast Tear and Netherwart), yielding the Potio of Ressurectio, which in splash form could revive the undead Pigmen or Villagers and destroy zombies and skeletons. Ressurected pigmen, however, cannot survive the harsh climate of the Overworld, and must remain in the Nether if they wish to continue in their second life. Upon revival, they will seek homes in a similar fashion to Villagers, and the more homes there are the more piggies that will grow.

-What should I know about the Pigmen villages?
How do I even get started on these so called "Pigmen Villages"

First, you must journey to the Nether (Thank you captain obvious). In the nether, you must take a peek at your new grocery list to begin the foundations for your Pig Empire:
-Blaze Rod
-Ghast Tear
-Soul Sand (4)
-Wither Skulls (3)
-Nether Star
With these ingridents, you will be able to brew your new pigmen stew. Once in the Nether, you must seek out the items, defeat the Wither, and return home to alchemise a brand new potion: Potion of Ressurection. Firstly, you must build yourself a brewing stand with the blaze rod. Next, you must create an Awkward Potion, with that brand new Nether Wart you brought. Nextly, add Ghast Tear to the mix and get yourself a Potion of Regeneration. Add the sparkly nether star for full effect, and TA DA! Potio of Ressurectio. Add a pinch of gunpowder, from your local creeper or nearby ghast, and arm yourself with the reveresed-deadly Splash Ressurection Potion.
Nextly, you must journey once more into the depths of pixelized-hell, and find a good-looking Zombie Pigman. Launch the potion at it from a safe distance (wouldn't want to get caught in the blast radius), and watch as their muscles begin to spasm and they run at you attempting to stab you to death. They will attack any mob, whether passive or hostile, including other zombie pigmen and ressurected pigmen. Once their life is restored, they wil be turned into pigmen and return to act peacefully. Yay!

Great, I got the villagers. Where the hell (no pun intended) are the villages?
Your newly-acquired pigmen are terrified of their new home. They must find a house nearby, or they will begin wandering aimlessly in the depths of the Nether, and may run into fire or lava, which in their mortal state would certainly harm them and burn them, or worse: They might encounter blazes, which have an uncontrollable hate for walking bacon. They will find them, and they will kill them. Either plan ahead or build an house, or quickly make a new shelter, similarly in requirments for Villager houses, but they should be explosion proof: You do not want the big bad Ghast to huff and puff and blow their house down. The pigmen are reluctent to leave their houses, but will occasionaly venture out tenderly, and if any sign of trouble arises they will quickly dash to the nearest shelter. Fireproofing nearby areas is also a good idea, since the pigmen might occasionaly stumle into the nearby lava spring, and will turn into roast bacon. Not pretty. A good idea might be to connect homes with tunnels,or build apartment housing. Can't be too careful with these Blazes out there. Now that you built your houses, certain structures could be built to improve village life, as well as offer new trades: Brewing Cauldrons, Lava Smithy, Nether-wart farm, Pyre, and more. New structures wil offer new trading options, such as nether warts, potions and enchantments, as well as new and unique items, such as the Repel block. The bigger the village, the more pigmen that could live there.

So, what do my newly-acquired piggies even do?

Pigmen will go around, explore their new home, trade items, farm netherwarts, etc. Each pig has diffrent trading options, similraly to overworld villagers. Each one's trade is related to the Nether.
-Farmer: Farmer Pigmen will buy mushrooms and sell Netherwarts. These pigmen's only edible food around are the mushrooms. Until you build them a Netherwart Farm, they will only buy mushrooms and carrots, but once built they will begin selling them by the stack. Meaning ALOT. Useful for lazy farmers :)
-Alchemist: Pretty straighforward, Alchemists will buy overworld ingridents, such as fermented spider eyes and glistering melons, and will sell Potions of Fire Resistence and Splash Potions of HarmingPoison. They will require a Brewing cauldron, a cauldron over a fire with Nether Fence above. For an extraordinary price, few Alchemists will sell the Potio of Ressurectio.
-Goldsmiths: These useful piggies will need an organized Lava Smithy to melt down their precious gold, and in return will trade their useless diamond and iron equipment. They will buy gold with their useless emeralds, and will forge Hellforged Gold Armor, brand new armor type with unique ability to set fire to any monster foolish enough to so much as poke you. Only as durable as regular gold armor though.
-Witch-Doctor: Piggies aren't well educated, and cannot understand all the writing in books, and therefore must turn to their local Witch Doctor to pimp up their equipment. Witch Doctors will require a Pyre, a large firepit. Witch-Doctors will buy books and sell enchantments, with a tendency for Fire Aspect and Looting, as well as the rare Frostbite Enchantment, a new enchantment which deals extra damage to Blazes and Lava Slimes, plus slows down regular mobs, appliable to swords and bows.
-Engineers: These smrty-pants piggies enjoy fiddeling with wires and making stuff tick and go boom. They will buy your redstone and gunpowder, and may sell complex devices such as Clocks, Note Blocks and the Repel Block. The Repel Block is an intraciate device used to dicourage monsters grom entering a 10-block radius, allowing you to protect you new village from incoming monsters. The drawback is that the block is extremely fragile, and could be broken by arrows, fireballs, or Ghast-explosion-spit.

Click to reveal
Oh boy, i'm glad I asked. Unlike their overworld counterparts, pigmen lack the ability to summon iron golems, and similaraly to them, they will not protect themselves. YOU must become the new guardian of the village, and build fortifications and repel blocks to keep the monsters at bay. Fortify your village with stones and stone bricks, or break down the nearby old Nether Fort to build luxurious new homes. High walls, snow golem turrets, auto redstone traps, and TNT canons are all optional. The idea is that the player must defend the village, because there is no other mean of protections. Leaving a growing village defenseless might result in an empty village on the next visit. Fireproof materials are recommended due to the nature of blazes, and blast-resistent blocks should be used as a safety measure against ghasts. Netherrack is EXTREMELY volatile, and can ignite by a stray fireball and break apart by a single ghast-boom-puke. The key words are "Planning" and "Ahead"; if you start a Pigmen colony unprepared, it might soon be reduced to ashes and porckchops.

Are the Pigmen's trades affected by anything? (A.K.A the Mood system)

A system which could also be implemented for the actual villages would be the "Mood" system. The mood system will be affected by several factors, such as making trades, behavior from character and other enviormental factors, up to a certain level. If the mood drops beneath a certain level, villagers will refuse to sell any goods, and will only reluctently buy materials (at an extremely low price).
Improving Mood:
-Trading with a villager (+1 to villager moodtrade)
-Animal is nearby (+0.5+1 if pig to villager mood)
-Building the villager its required structure (+2 to villagers of that proffesion)
-If no monster threat had been detected in a certain time frame (+1 to generall village mood)
-If the villager is at full health (+1 to villager mood)
-Walls around the village (+2 to generall village mood)
-(Overworld villages) Golem in presence (+1 to villager mood)
Ruining Mood:
-Killing a nearby animal (-1-2 for pig to villager mood)
-Killing nearby pigmen (-5 to general village mood)
-Monsters in proximity (-2 to villager mood)
-No house to live in (-3 to villager mood)
-Health is very low (-1 to villager mood)
-Harming other pigmen (-2 to general village mood)

How do they interact with other mobs?

Pigmen just LOVE any animals from the surface, and their mood will improve with the more animals around them. Pigmen have a great fondness particularly for pigs, and also like cows, sheep and chicken, but they dislike the menacing wolves and wil shy away from them. With mobs being able to travel through the Portal, one can bring mobs to the new colony, and let the Pigmen's mood soar. The better their mood is, the better their trades are.
Also, the undead Pigmen and their lively ones do not resent each other, and will sometimes even wander into the villages. Harming a zombie pigmen will reduce the pigmen's mood, as well as get a whola buncha piggies trying to chop you down.
However, they are very, VERY afraid of all other mobs, and with good reason. Scary skelletons and spooky slimes are not to the Pigmen's tase, however their fear of fire results from their mortal enemies: Blazes. These puromaniac creatures resent Pigmen and love the tase of cooked porkchop, and will stop at nothing from getting their bacon treat. They tend to spawn outside the village, and will burn the unwary who did not get inside on time. Lacking the means to break down the houses, when they cannot find any more Pigmen or even tasty humans, they will drift off and villagers will resume regular life. Occasionaly, a Ghast may happen nearby, and that may cause havoc. Ghast's fireballs scare the Pigmen inside, but without proper protection, they will break apart and the pigs will have to scatter. Ghasts will react hostile towards the pigmen, with possible disastrous results.

I remember you saying something about healing eariler
Why of course. Pigmen are likely to get hurt oftentimes by the occasional fireball or explosion, and will need to get their wounds healed somehow. Pigs often dine on carrots and mushrooms, however the real shizz is Golden Carrots. Piggies love carrots, they love bling, why not both? Feeding a golden carrot to a pig will restore its health to maximum and improve its mood for a while, and give use to these useless nuggets somehow. Overfeed a pig with golden carrot, however, and it will spontanousely combust. No refrences whatsoever. You splash them with healing potions, but what's the fun in that?

So... what do the Pigmen drop?
*sigh* every time someone suggests a mob a drop must come with it... fine. Pigmen drop 1-3 porkchop, cooked if the Pigman was on fire. Also drops 0-2 gold nuggets it carried around in its invisible pocket.

Thus ends my article on the new Pigmen Nether Villages. I myself am really in favor of this, and would hope that even a small part of it will somehow ever be implemented in-game. I spent a long time on this blog, and hope that you enjoyed reading it :) The aim of this feature is not to alter the game completely, or introduce game-beating elements, but put a nice addition ingame, consisting mostly of pre-existing in-game content, in order to add some more hours of fun building and taking care of your new civilized pigsty.

Any other questions on the subject? Do you likedon't like this? Why do I ask so many questions? Comment about it down there!
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CreditI'd like to thank the academy... I guess. Also JohnSmith for making this texture pack.

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12/17/2012 6:32 pm
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12/17/2012 2:03 pm
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Cake_Miners's Avatar
that would be really awersome
jeb should add it
12/17/2012 10:23 am
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leander2009's Avatar
really awesome idea and also a awesome blog diamond for you ;)
12/17/2012 10:28 am
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
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Thank you :D
12/16/2012 11:16 pm
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Really good idea and a well written blog. I hope it gets made into a mod!
12/17/2012 12:11 am
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
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I hope so too :) thank you
12/16/2012 10:49 pm
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Good idea but if the potion is that hard to make, how would it be possible to get enough to populate a whole village?
12/17/2012 12:08 am
Level 33 : Artisan Architect
xwx977's Avatar
Pigmen can also breed with each other similarly to testificates, and from one Nether Star you get up to 3 potions, enough to start of a colony
12/18/2012 6:51 am
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Oh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.
12/16/2012 9:56 pm
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i cant put this in words its to baws