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Minecraft Pixel art?!

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Minecraft Pixel Art?

Over the years people that played Minecraft may have at least once tried making Pixel art from Minecraft blocks and ending up with good looking results! Some have even took it to a whole new level by making map pixel art, super detailed Pixel art, and 3D Pixel art! It's pretty impressive, but how can you make any of these for your self and why would you need them for?

well the reason you we may need any of these pixel art examples in the first place is for viewing purposes, Map Making, or paper art on maps or even info cards on maps! there are many reasons you may need them for, But first you need to build them in the first place! First is map art; well you first need a map and after getting it label out the space that will be built in, test some of the colors you will be using in the art and build it like your on photo-maker. For the normal art it's pretty important to have a reference picture if you want to make a hyper-realistic art you can also edit the reference picture to make it more pixelated to be easier to copy from, but if you are jest aiming for a simple picture to build then it's pretty easy to build! Jest imagine what you want to build and build it while looking at the picture whole every now and then to edit mistakes, but if your aiming for a 3D look then: build close, or big part of the build closer to the view point and small or far parts of the build further back from the view point. Also do the same to this build which is looking at the build whole from the view point so if there is any mistakes you would be able to solve it early instead of it becoming a problem at the end and that means you'll have to fix everything the mistake has damaged.

Thanks for reading the helping guide, and if there is any mistakes in spelling or in meaning comment bellow! Also this was made by: Nitgo!


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