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Planning a Great Building

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Hi all! I haven't had school for a while due to a hurricane, so I decided to write this blog!!! Huzzah!!! Anyways... today I shall teach you how to plot and plan out a great building as the title says, I will also teach you how to make a few bucks depending on how good your building is. Alright, before we start building our own building, let's take a look around at other peoples. If we look at HUGE and I mean HUGE projects such as the Imperial City project http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/monumental-imperial-city/ or the Project 1845 project http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/project-1845/ we can see that they are both based off some sort of blueprint, or drawing. This is probably going to be the most vital part of constructing our building. Not having a good plan or outline is like running into war without a gun, your not going to get anything done or in the war case, die.
When you draft a building, don't joke around about it thinking that "Oh its just minecraft, no need to be serious about it." NO DON'T DO IT. I used to make this mistake all the time thinking that I could just blindly start a new world and build some amazing structure but all that came out was some witty little wood cobble house.
Some might think that using minecraft planners and tools to do this part is the best but in my opinion a pen/pencil and paper are the best tools you can use. You want to keep in mind and consider the dimensions as you plot it out. First, draw a rough outline of your building and how you want it to look.
This next part will make your life so much easier and that is dividing your building into sections. Let's say you want to build a enormous mansion with, let's say 2 towers, a garden, pool, and fenced in backyard. These are all sections of your building, and if you want to finish your building faster and more efficiently your going to want to use this method.
The final part of planning is block types. You want to look into each section and imagine in your head that your in minecraft and your walking around, what blocks do you see and you need? Make sure to write a list of all the materials your going to need to make things go faster. Ok so your complaining I have all these things what's next?
Ok, so were finally onto the actual building part of the tutorial. This is where we apply what we learnt before. This part is optional, if you have a really big and repetitive build, let's say like a mob tower that is the same and stacks up, you can invest some time learning MCEdit and how to copy and paste sections(See it came in use again!) Next is VoxelSniper, this tool is probably THE BEST and I mean THE BEST tool you can use if you want to build an amazing city. You customize the terrain to almost anything you want and the possibilities are almost endless. If you watch FyreUK on Youtube all their builds are built on VoxelSniped terrain. The only downside is that you must run a server to use it, plus it takes some time to perfect it(it took me about a week just to get the general idea of the whole tool!)
Alright, so we have our wonderful terraformed terrain now for the building. You want to start with an initial outline that is only one block tall but shows your entire building form. Then, build a wire frame of your entire building, which aren't actual walls but just parts of the wall to show where you need to put walls. I call this the skeleton. Once you have the skeleton, you fill in the floor and then start making the walls higher and do whatever design to you plan to do. Remember how I said sections would come in handy in the building process? Well here you have it, now you can be organized and build each section and customize it to the max without worrying about building everything at once, remember, details count. Also, finding out those block types probably made your life easier huh? When building, you also have to really keep in mind about your terrain and adapt to it. Think of it this way, the terrain owns you and you must build to fit its need/liking. Another tip is when your filling in large areas, divide it up with lines and fill in the gaps between the lines, it's easier to do plus you can count how many more blocks you need if needed. Once you master all these aspects you'll pretty much be able to build almost anything you want and make it awesome!
This is the final part of the tutorial that probably a lot of you have been waiting for. How can I make money? Will it's simple. You post your project onto PMC or Minecraft Forums and the key part here that most people don't do. Sure you can call it scamming or a bad thing to do but it is probably the smartest way to make your money. That is to not put a download link for the project but to include the download link your description. Instead of uploading your file straight into PMC you upload it onto file sharing sites such as RapidShare or MediaFire, I like using Mediafire for it is the fastest and easiest to use. Then take that link and go to a ad shortening site such as AdFly and shorten it. Then take that link throw it in your description with a few enunciations such as bright colors bold words or simply just a line of text that says CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD. Then there you go, bam you got a sick building that people love and you a bit of cash rollin in every now and then. Remember when I said detail counts? This is where it counts, the more details and complicated your project is, the more people will look into it. For some reason humans just like complex even if they don't understand it, they just think "Oh complex is better and more interesting." Anyways enough of these philosophic views, if you want me to make another tutorial on how to furnish your building, divide the rooms, or even make a video on this, you can give me a diamond, comment saying you want one, or just PM me, all of these choices work.

Finally, not to advertise of anything but if you want to support me and help me you can click this adfly link that just leads to Google: Click This

Btw: Moderators if you're reading this and aren't satisfied with the bold font it's because I find it easier for people and myself to read thicker font plus its better for the eyes and you don't have to squint :)

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09/10/2013 10:22 pm
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Furniture guide and this is awesome I diamond it and I really liked this :D
11/11/2012 11:14 am
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Helped me a lot! thanks! :D
11/11/2012 10:46 pm
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Thanks for reading
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