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Potion Brewing 101 1#

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Chowder96239 avatar Chowder96239
Level 38 : Artisan Mage
Hello guys its me Chowder96239 here with something for the n00bs,its its...POTION BREWING yes that is right im and gonna do two blog posts for brewing.One post is gonna be for multiplayer brewing and single player brewing...Today we are gonna cover multiplayer brewing...

Now with multiplayer brewing it is very basic...PROTECT YOUR STUFF DUMMY...Ok what you wanna do is make a nether portal yes I know what your saying..."Whats a nether portal Chowder" well a nether portal is a purple 4x5 portal that you cross into and enter hell/the nether...Now the first ingredient youll need is the most important...NetherWort Now nether wart is like the chicken to your chiken pot pie you need chicken for the recipe.So what you wanna do is find a nether fortress in the nether its a dark red structure and inside you have a 75% chance of finding nether wart and when you find the nether wart youll find the blazes...BE SURE TO KILL ATLEAST 5-10 to insure a few blaze rods...Then go home into your base or faction or what ever you want to call it then craft a brewing stand the recipe is the following brewing stand in the middle of the crafting bench and 3 peices of cobblestone on the bottem of the crafting work spots.Then fill glass bottles with water than the top spot on the brewing stand after you place it and right click it place the nether wart then the 3 spots on the bottem place your water bottles.After15.5 seconds the bottles should be done and say akwardpotion...

That is the basic potion that my friend does the ultimate power...nothing...yep that is right it does absolutly nothing...Now for a muliplayer server id suggest these potions and ingredient 1.Instant health II youll need nether wart glistering mellon and glowstone this potions gives you health...2.Invisiblity what youll need is nether wart golden carrot fermented spider eye and a night vision potion it makes you invisible to other players and mods but for mobs they can sense your if your wereing no armor 2 blocks away from them.3.Strength youll need nether wart blaze powder it gives you strength.4.Fire resistance youll need magma cream and if you becomd ingulfed in lava or fire you dont get harmned.5.Regeneration youll need nether wart and a ghast tear and the potion will regenerate your health like a normal golden apple.

These potions WILL help I sweare, for raiding pvping griefing what ever you want to do but just be sure to hide your ingredeants or theyll be stolen...

BE SURE TO CHECK PART 2 OF THIS POST SINGLEPLAYER BREWING itll talk about what youll need to survive all alone...

Thanks for reading

Be sure to diamond comment and subscribe thanks guys

~Chowder96239 aka BRANDON96239 aka Bubs

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09/20/2015 6:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
bellegarcia909 avatar
Okay so the water breaks off in to four red stone, glow shown, fremented eye, and what?
12/16/2012 1:31 pm
Level 42 : Master Architect
TextualJavakid avatar
done my house review yet?
12/17/2012 3:43 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Mage
Chowder96239 avatar
OMG TOTALLY FORGOT IM SO SORRY ill get right on it
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