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(1.17) xEconomy - The #1 Economy Datapack in Minecraft Reborn! - Money, Shops, Payments, and More!

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NickTonj avatar NickTonj
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Programmer
This datapack is made for 1.17 and up.
Latest build: 6/9/21 for 1.17
In 2018, I released a datapack named nEconomy, which was a bare-bones project I was working on for fun, with no actual intent on it becoming anything more. It soon became a much bigger project, undergoing two revisions to make it the best that it could be, hitting #1 for google searches for any money or economy datapack. Although it was doing really well, I believed that it was unoptimized and didn't have the best effort from me. Today I present to you, xEconomy, an open-sourced economy datapack, built from the ground up and based on nEconomy 3, but without the bugs ;)

Money (of course)
Easy balance view by looking straight down or using /trigger bal
Paying players by distance or direct player ID
Shops! Players can Buy or Sell ANY Item
No known Glitches or Exploits
Easy and Cheap setup for players
Custom colors for shops
Open Source, and Secure!

This datapack is meant to have addons/plugins! Feel free to make or find some!
If you make a plugin please add the following code to your load.mcfunction
summon armor_stand 0 255 0 {Invisible:1b,Small:1b,Tags:["xplugin"]}

Installing / Uninstalling:
To install the pack, simply drag the datapack zip file into the world/server's datapack folder. To uninstall the datapack, type /function xeconomy:uninstall
Giving players money:
All players start off without money, and is the server admin's responsibility to supply them with some. Admins can use /scoreboard players add (player) balance (amount) to give money to a player. This is subject to change in the future, and an official way to obtain money will be added.
Setting up and Configuring a shop:
Players can make a shop by placing an item frame on a chest, and sticking a sign inside it. This should automatically create the shop. To access it, they must hold sneak, and open the chest with an empty hand.
The shop can be further configured using the buttons inside.
Make sure you use the blue/yellow button to select the proper shop type!
Removing Shops:
Player can remove their shops with the "Destroy Shop" button on the inside. Admins can remove shops by looking at the item frame of the shop they want to remove, and typing /function xeconomy:removeshop
Buy Shops:
For a buy shop, fill the chest inventory with any item you choose to sell to players. You can then configure the price using the green and red buttons, and set the item count using the gray button.
Sell Shops:
For a sell shop, place one item you're looking to buy off of players in the very first slot available slot in the chest. You can then configure the price using the green and red buttons, as well as set the item count using the gray button. In order for the shop to give the players money, you must deposit money of your own into it. Go as close to the shop as you possibly can, and type /trigger deposit add (amount)
Replacing (amount) with your choosing.
Admin Shops:
Admin Shops are like normal shops, but do not require money or extra items. Its a set-and-forget feature of the pack.
To make an admin shop, instead of placing a sign in the item frame to create a shop, place a debug stick instead. You can obtain a debug stick by typing /give @s debug_stick
Playtime rewards can be configured with the xsettings panel. Type /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar xsettings and then modify the settings you wish.
Payments & Transactions:
Players can now pay other players easily! All they have to do is type /pay (amount) and they will be shown a menu of players to choose from.
Redstone Triggers:
Shops have the ability to trigger redstone when they are used. To do this, place a repeater on the back end of the shop, and once a player successfully buys or sells to it, it will trigger for one tick.

Planned Features
In the video I mentioned that this datapack is fully finished and is releasing as-is. I kinda lied about that. Basically there are a few things I plan to code in eventually:
-An easier, command-less way to deposit money into sell shops
-Cleaner UI
-More optimizations
And yeah that's pretty much it. If you would like to see a feature in this pack, please post it in the comments below!

Open Source Info
This pack can be found on GitHub, and if you'd like to contribute or make changes to the pack's code, please let me know and submit a pull request! You will be added to the credits!

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

37 Update Logs

Update #37 : by NickTonj 06/11/2021 3:33:39 pmJun 11th, 2021

For some reason the download for the datapack was removed. Should be fixed now!

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01/06/2022 12:32 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
MRnanner avatar
hey sorry but you seem to reply to comments here so i wanted to ask are going to continue the factions datapack or not sorry.
-im not canadian
11/12/2021 6:25 am
Level 1 : New Miner
if u get some money it gets infinite? plz fix this
10/21/2021 4:40 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
JustPaddyB avatar
I have a bug with /trigger pay set 1000

If someone has lets say 1800 and the run the above. it takes 1000 but doesnt pay the other player.
If they have 2001 and runs the command it does.
There seems to be a problem with a percentage of money you have to how much you pay someone.
Please help ?
09/06/2021 11:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RedDeadKing avatar
I have the problem when I load this datapack that I cannot see any commands like / datapack list available
08/06/2021 2:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gabriel2713 avatar
What is the shortest name of this?:

world/server's datapack folder.
07/29/2021 6:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Bud82jp avatar
It refunds the money when I buy something
08/30/2021 1:36 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Programmer
NickTonj avatar
It will do that if you're the owner of the shop
09/05/2021 12:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Bud82jp avatar
Ok thank you for letting me know
07/21/2021 10:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Merubarume avatar
Doesn't it work with version 1.16.5?
07/20/2021 7:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
CharSticks_ avatar
What is a good amount of money or a trade shop that you can give in like 1 diamond and get 100 dollars but the admin doesnt get the money
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