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Paint's Completionist Advancements (v4 for 1.18)

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PaintTheFuture avatar PaintTheFuture
Level 43 : Master Engineer
To use this datapack, you also need a resource pack called Paint's Completionist Resources, available here. It will not function without it.

Paint's Completionist Advancements is an advancement datapack for
players who spend dozens of hours in their survival worlds, with 700
tasks to complete in 5 tabs.

Do not unzip this datapack, it works as is.

Supports Spanish & future translations!
  • Set your in-game language to any variant of Spanish to see advancements in Spanish.
  • Do you want to help Paint's Completionist Advancements by translating the pack to another language?
  • * If you want to become a translator, download Paint's Completionist Resources.
    * In the lang folder where all the languages go, there's a file called 0FOR_TRANSLATORS.json.
    * Inside there are ~1,300 translation strings. They must all be filled in, or deleted.
    * The folder must be renamed to a language code eg. pt_br.json for Brazilian Portugese.
    * A complete list of all the language codes can be found here: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Language
    * Before you dive in, change one line and test it to see if it works.

Follow @PaintCreates for updates and more creative datapacks!
CreditPaint. Backgrounds by ONLYUNUSEDNAME, Some enchantment icons by CISCULOG, typeface by RANDOMINTEL, Spanish translations by DEStruyyec. A few icons were done by jjpivotz, King Squiggles, EugeneTLT, DraminOver, and AlostBR.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

2 Update Logs

v4 for 1.18: : by PaintTheFuture 11/30/2021 12:22:58 amNov 30th, 2021

PlanetMinecraft can't paste basic formatting so I'm showing the changelog on pastebin here.

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02/02/2022 10:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4023062G avatar
Algumas conquistas que eu fiz não contaram
por exemplo a conquista de desbloquear todos o 20 portais do the end não contou
Jogar este data-pack em minecraft pirata tem algum problema?
02/10/2022 12:33 am
Level 43 : Master Engineer
PaintTheFuture avatar
Creo que es probablemente la versión de Minecraft en la que estás jugando. Solo se admite vainilla 1.18.
11/25/2021 8:07 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Vanillaplus_ avatar
Is there any chance translate this datapack?
11/25/2021 7:04 pm
Level 43 : Master Engineer
PaintTheFuture avatar
Yes, this datapack has the infrastructure to support non-English translations, but people need to manually translate all 1,300 strings for it to work. User DEStruyyec did this with Spanish, so if your in-game language is set to Spanish (except Chile or Venezuela), then advancements & descriptions will appear in Spanish. But until more translators want to translate, it's only English & Spanish that are supported.

If you're interested in translating, shoot me a message. I'm working on a version for 1.18 that has 56 strings that don't appear in 1.17, and I'll make sure your translations will get included with that version.
09/16/2021 10:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
AlexGamingg avatar
Hola, Ay una version de este data pack que sea compatible para la 1.16.5 y si la ay donde puedo descargarla?
09/18/2021 2:40 pm
Level 43 : Master Engineer
PaintTheFuture avatar
Hola. PlanetMinecraft solo le permite alojar una versión a la vez, por lo que solo la última está disponible aquí. Si desea versiones anteriores, están alojadas en Curseforge. Sin embargo, solo la versión 1.17 tiene traducción al español.

08/09/2021 4:43 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Rayskiz avatar
Thanks for the update, I love the artwork and the premise. Was looking forward to this as I was using it for 1.16.
06/13/2021 9:12 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Yampolcito avatar
Sé que esta echo para la "1.16.4" pero quisiera que lo actualice a la nueva version "1.17" es que quiero jugar con amigos y decidimis hacer todos sus logros completos y que al momento de ponerla a la 1.17 para probarlo hay un error que solo tealizas una accion el juego y obtiemes varios logros incorrectos y asi está el fallo :(
Enserio este datapack es muy ingenieso por eso te doy 5 estrellas
06/21/2021 12:37 pm
Level 43 : Master Engineer
PaintTheFuture avatar
Estoy trabajando para actualizar este paquete a 1.17. Una nueva adición será que si tienes el idioma del juego configurado en español, los avances y las descripciones de los avances aparecerán en español. Será el único idioma que no sea el inglés que se admitirá, pero permitirá la posibilidad de más traducciones en el futuro.
02/25/2021 4:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3456864G avatar
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