Piranhas Datapack & Fishes+ [1.13]

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                      PIRANHAS HAVE MOVED, check them out in their new datapack here: D2G's Mobs+ [1.14+ Datapack]

                      Download version 2.1, for Minecraft 1.13.1, today - Mediafire download: d2g_piranhas_V2.1.zip

                      Watch the trailer here:

                      Piranhas in Minecraft, because we needed more fish! This datapack doesn't replace any mobs or features within game, and it is 100% resource pack compatible. Piranhas will typically only spawn in lukewarm and warm oceans, and can rarely spawn in other ocean biomes and rivers. Though the datapack is complete, it is an ongoing project that may see new features added over time.

                      - 2 varieties of piranha, a common red type, and a faster and healthier yellow type that is more rare.
                      - 5 custom advancements
                      - Ability to "tame" piranhas, if you punch then bucket them very quickly
                      - Updated one default advancement, so you must now also kill a piranha mob to achieve it
                      - Functions that supply /summon and /give commands to support mapmakers
                      - Custom spawn eggs for passive and angry versions of each piranha, the Angler drowned, each parrotfish, and a pufferfish (regular pufferfish spawn eggs will also spawn 2 piranhas)
                      - 1 custom item, the piranha tooth, that can be used as a weapon or as an alternative for flint in crafting
                      Version 2.0 Added:
                      - 2 varieties of perch, replacements for salmon about a handful of biomes
                      - 3 new marine fish, the bass, the banjofish, and the high-hat, each of which spawns in different ocean types
                      - 5 more custom advancements
                      - Functions which give custom spawn eggs for all new types of fish added
                      - Functions which give custom spawn eggs for already in game fish, including all the clownfish and tangs
                      - Changed the loot table for red snappers to be equivalent to that of salmon
                      - Added a way to "feed" dead corals to parrotfish to farm sand
                      - Added a custom spawn egg for salmon that prevents those it spawns being occasionally turned into perch (in select biomes)

                      Legacy Versions:
                      - For 1.13.1, Download V1.9: d2g_piranhas_V1.9.zip
                      - For 1.13, Download V1.8: d2g_piranhas_V1.8.zip
                      CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13

                      9 Update Logs

                      Final Update : 08/13/2019 7:13:27 amAug 13th, 2019

                      The piranhas have moved home. For future updates to these piranhas please go to D2G's Mobs+, where they take a slightly different (but no less charming) form. Thank you for the continued support of this datapack and its successor.
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                      07/15/2019 8:19 am
                      Level 26 : Expert Unicorn
                      love to see this updated!! Makes swimming on a server just a little more risky!!
                      08/04/2019 5:09 pm
                      Level 44 : Master Button Pusher
                      Whilst this datapack itself will not be updated to Minecraft 1.14, I am in the process of moving and reworking many of its features over to a new datapack that will feature a wider variety of mobs and changes to the game. Whether or not I will later rerelease that version of the piranha pack separately as well remains to be seen. Thank you for your support though.
                      04/29/2019 2:42 pm
                      Level 1 : New Miner
                      Is there going to be a 1.14 version of this datapack its awesome
                      02/24/2019 11:40 am
                      Level 35 : Artisan Miner
                      This instantly crashes my game as soon as I'm in a Warm Ocean biome. I'm running 1.13.2 with optifine and liteloader. Made a new buffet world of only Warm Oceans with no other datapacks.
                      02/24/2019 2:13 pm
                      Level 44 : Master Button Pusher
                      As frustrating as this is going to sound, I have no clue why that happens. I am aware that the spawning mechanism can cause some lag, but is it only in the warm oceans? If this issue occurs in just the warm oceans, and not lukewarm too, then I don't think there's much to be done.
                      04/06/2019 3:42 am
                      Level 43 : Master Dinosaur
                      Maybe I can point out a possible reason, this is for 1.13.1 and you're running 1.13.2, i'm no Minecraft expert or modder but maybe that's the problem? I hope to be able to use this for my world too but I need 1.13.2
                      01/11/2019 6:05 pm
                      Level 1 : New Miner
                      What are the names of all the new mobs?
                      02/12/2019 1:08 pm
                      Level 44 : Master Button Pusher
                      There are two types of piranhas: Red-bellied and Yellow-bellied (which is faster and more durable).

                      The pack also adds 5 types of Perciformes (fish of the perch family), these are:
                      1. The common perch
                      2. The yellow perch
                      3. The largemouth bass (in cold and normal oceans)
                      4. The banjofish (in lukewarm oceans)
                      5. The high-hat fish (in warm oceans)

                      02/18/2019 12:46 pm
                      Level 1 : New Miner
                      Thank you!
                      09/20/2018 8:35 pm
                      Level 44 : Master Button Pusher
                      Version 2.0 is out!!! Not gonna lie I've been super excited to release this for a while, I wanted it to be themed about a specific group of fishes though. As always I'm accepting suggestions, however I'm moving back to university on Saturday, so any bugs found may not get fixed for a week or so. Sorry. Also, just because a suggestion or past idea wasn't included in this update doesn't mean it's not being worked on, this update was themed, maybe the next major update will be the one for your suggestion.
                      08/21/2018 8:41 pm
                      Level 52 : Grandmaster Toast
                      That is such a good idea! I never thought about this!
                      08/11/2018 4:01 pm
                      Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
                      Hey dude, here is just an idea of what i think maby the pirana theeth could make.
                      I call it The CLAW.
                      It would have three parts to it. Upper claw, Under claw and a Grip part.
                      The Grip would just need 3 iron to make, put in a straight line horrisontal.
                      The Upper claw would need 3 pirana teeth and 3 iron, in a horrisontal line.
                      The Under claw is the same as the Upper claw.
                      And when combined toghether create The CLAW.
                      It would be very slow, but would do 10 hearts of damage.
                      So yea, thats it.
                      08/11/2018 7:50 pm
                      Level 44 : Master Button Pusher
                      My favourite part about this idea is that, despite using teeth to craft it, you did not call the item the JAW. Though custom crafting recipes are somewhat limited at the moment, I would love to add something like this in the future. I can't promise when that would be, or how close to this original idea the final item would be, but it is definitely something I'll work on.

                      Thanks for the support, and for the awesome ideas.
                      08/06/2018 3:52 pm
                      Level 15 : Journeyman Cowboy
                      i literally love this! This is always going to be the first Datapack-Mobs in the game! Great job!
                      08/06/2018 8:15 am
                      Level 16 : Journeyman Pokemon
                      08/06/2018 12:43 pm
                      Level 44 : Master Button Pusher
                      Oh shoot, I tried updating it but it hasn't worked, i'll fix that ASAP

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