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    Welcome To Texturing 101


    This group is everything about texturing in Minecraft! Here you can learn the basics of making texture packs, teach others your tips and tricks for texturing mobs, and sharing all your retextured creations! We also dabble in custom models.

    Everyone is welcome, whether you're a novice or a pro.

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    Texture Pack FAQs

    How do I make a Minecraft texture pack? JAVA Edition/Windows
    Texture Pack Creation 101

    Step ONE
      - Create a folder for your pack, name it [​pack name]
        └ Inside this folder you need the basics to make it work in Minecraft

          - PACK.MCMETA file (I recommend you use notepad ++ for this) Pack_Format changes with every new MC update.
          Below is an example for a pack for version 1.18+
    Contents of the MCMETA file
    "pack": {
    "pack_format": 8,
    "description": "YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE"

          - pack.PNG (This is the packs ICON. Size shouldn't matter, stick to pixel art sizes [​16x 32x 64x 128x 256x]

          - Assets folder [​You will get this in the next step]
    Step TWO

      - Get Assets Folder
        └ To get your assets folder, do the following

          - Open your File Explorer [​Folder Icon on your computer]

          - In the navigation bar at the top, type %appdata% and hit enter

          - Click .minecraft and follow the folder path here: .minecraft/versions/[​THIS IS THE VERSION YOU WANT TO TEXTURE]

          - Using 7zip or Winrar, right-click on the .JAR file, example 1.18.JAR, and extract the assets folder ONLY

          - Drag the assets folder into YOUR texture pack folder

          - Decide what you want in your assets folder. You can delete a lot of junk out of the folder if you don't plan on messing
          with it. EXAMPLE: delete the Models and Blockstates Folders if you have no plans to mess with custom models. You
          only need the 'Textures' Folder if you're doing a simple texture pack that replaces blocks/items etc.

    Step THREE

      - Now you can use any art program that supports pixels [ I recommend using a PIXEL ART application. Check out the FAQ for a list of programs ]
        └ The default texture size for minecraft is 16x16, so your assets folder is going to contain all the vanilla textures.
         To upscale to, say, 32x or 32x32, you just need to double the size in whatever program you are using. You may also
         use a 32x32, or whatever size you need, minecraft texture pack already published as a base if you don't want to
         resize every image, but you MUST texture your own blocks.

    I will be creating a most visual tutorial soon. There are PLENTY around the internet in the meantime, another good source is the Minecraft Fandom Wiki Page. Youtube and PMC is your friend too. Lots and lots of resources are available to you. 
    How do I make a Minecraft texture pack? BEDROCK Edition/Windows
    Texture Pack Creation 101

    A Good start is this collection of Bedrock youtube tutorials by AgentMindStorm

    Click for Tutorial Playlist

    It starts from beginner lessons (understanding how to set up the pack) to more advanced topics (like atlas tiles - alternative textures)
    What programs should I use to texture?
    There are many different programs you can use and it's honestly up to preference!
    Whatever is most comfortable to use is up to you. Anything that can do pixel art, which is pretty much any standard art program, will work for you.

    To make your life easier, I have a list of recommended Art programs below!
    These are programs specifically for doing pixel art.
    I highly recommend you use an actual pixel art program, since it will have tools and color pallets made for exactly what you are doing.

    Think of it like this: You could use a butter knife to cut a carrot, but why make it harder when you can use an actual knife? This is how a pixel art program is going to help you succeed. You don't need anything fancy, just something made for the job.

    Check out under the art programs for text editor suggestions!
    (you'll need these if you want to do advanced editing in Java & Bedrock)


     - Paint [​FREE]
        └ Paint is the most basic program you can use if you have nothing else. I don't recommend it for it's very rudimentary tools, but if you're in a pinch, it will work.

      - pixilart.com [​FREE]
        └ A great, free, program in your internet browser. A large step above Paint. There are plenty of free internet browser programs, feel free to use any of those.

      - piskelapp.com [​FREE]
        └ Another great free program in your browser. This one has simple features, so It's easy to use and learn. Also has a small section for animation.

      - Pixel Studio [​FREE]
        └ This is an app you can get on your phone/ipad. Absolutely recommend. There is a free and paid version. The free version is more than enough for you to texture your pack with.

      - BlockBench [​FREE]
        └ That's right! You CAN use blockbench to texture with! Especially recommend if you're texturing mobs, or blocks that are a pain to texture like the brewing stand or cauldron. It's not the best painting program and takes a little knowledge on how to use, but it's fairly easy to get started in.

      - PMC SKIN3D [​FREE]
        └ That's right folks! PMC has it's very own editor. This is for mobs and skins, but it's a GREAT resource to use. Link here for easy access

      - Aseprite [​PAID] 
        └ You don't NEED this program to make great pixel art, but I find it's one of my favorites. Tile mode is especially useful to make sure your textures are smooth and all the tools are great. Highly recommend this one.

      - Losec Pixel Editor [​FREE]
        └ The entire lospec website is a great find for pixel artists. It has color palettes, and an editor! Everything you need at your fingertips

      - Pixelover [​PAID]
        └ A super neat program to help you if you struggle with animating pixels. There are tons of effects/filters/algorithms designed SPECIALLY for pixel art. Absolutely worth every penny.


      - Notepad ++ [​FREE]
    This is like using regular notepad that comes with Windows, however it's more advanced - it keeps code formatted correctly. Would highly recommend this over a plain text editor!

      - Visual Studio Community [​FREE]
    This is one of the BEST text editors for minecraft - this will keep your code clean more so than Notepad++ (you don't have to format correctly once a file is made, you can simply copy/paste code and it should format correctly) This will also tell you at the bottom of the document if you code is valid before you load it up in-game
    How do I make custom blocks for my texture pack?
    There are a couple programs you can use, but here I'm going to always 100% recommend Blockbench.

    Blockbench was made specifically for making minecraft models. There's a couple other programs like Cubik Studio and Mrcrayfish's Model creator. Whichever you're most comfortable using.

    We now have a dedicated tutorial for simple models in blockbench below
    Check it out here
    How can I do randomized alternative textures in my resource pack?
    If you're looking to, say, have 3+ different textures for the dirt block, look no further!

    This step is divided into two parts that you must do to achieve a randomized texture. You will have to make a model file for each alternative texture you want, and a blockstates file to pull it all together.

    Step ONE - Model Files

      - Create your textures [ For example here i will be using dirt ]

      - Name them dirt.png, dirt1.png, dirt2.png,

      - Place them into the correct folder location [​YOURTEXTUREPACK/assets/minecraft/textures/block]

      - Create a folder in [​YOURTEXTUREPACK/assets/minecraft] and name it models

      - In the 'models' folder you will add another folder called block [​YOURTEXTUREPACK/assets/minecraft/models/block]
      - Inside the block folder, you will have your model files. Because we are doing 3 different textures for dirt, there will be three
      different model files. So, you will create dirt.JSON, dirt1.JSON, and dirt2.JSON. [ You can name these whatever you like if the
      numbers get you confused. You could do dirt, dirt2, dirt3 instead. ]
        └ To make this even easier, you can navigate to %appdata% ->.minecraft/versions/[​VERSION#HERE] and go into the .JAR file
         and copy the original model file for dirt, and paste it 3 times in your folder, naming them accordingly.

      - If you copied the dirt file, you will see the original file structure inside when you open it up. If not, I'll add it below for dirt
    dirt.JSON (model)
    "parent": "block/cube_all",
    "textures": {
    "all": "block/dirt"

      Every model file needs it's own directory for the texture we have added. So inside the dirt.JSON file, "all": "block/dirt" means
       the texture is taking from the block folder and the texture called dirt. Your dirt1.JSON should have a directory of
      "all": "block/dirt2", and dirt2.JSON will have "all": "block/dirt3" inside.

    All your model files should be done now, so we move onto the next part, blockstates.

    Step TWO - Blockstates

      - Create a folder in [​YOURTEXTUREPACK/assets/minecraft] and name it blockstates

      - Create a file inside this new folder called dirt.JSON
        └ This file is going to tell the game all the models you made are intended for ONE block.

      - You can, again, copy the original blockstates file the same way you copied the model file. For convenience, here is how this
      file should look inside
    dirt.JSON (blockstates)
    "variants": {
    "": [ { "model": "block/dirt", "weight": 2 }, { "model": "block/dirt2", "weight": 1 }, { "model": "block/dirt3", "weight": 1 } ]

        └ You can add lots of model modifiers here. The minecraft wiki lists them all here if you want to play around with them.

      - Change the "weight" setting to determine how much your texture appears. In the code above, we have weights of 2, 1, and 1.
      This means original dirt has a 2/4 change to show, while the dirt1 and dirt2 have a 1/4 change. You can completely delete the
      weight code if you want this to be a truly random texture, just be mindful of your commas.

    This should be all you have to do. If you launch up your pack and the model is present but showing pink and black squares, your textures are in the wrong spot/not correctly directed in the model's folder. Always make sure you're looking at your code. A missed comma or misplaced bracket can make the entire code null.
    Where Can I Learn How To....? Documentation Hub
    Here's a list of various documentation you can look through when you're creating texture packs!
    These are good resources for people starting out and veterans alike!

    Make sure you're paying attention to JAVA vs BEDROCK distinction!


     - Optifine Documentation Website JAVA
        └ Documentation for various OPTIFINE features that includes a search function and various categories (does not cover legacy 1.8 below)

      - Optifine Github Issues / Documentation JAVA
        └ First link is to the github issues pages where you can track down possible version issues/solutions and the next link are the file documentations for all the properties files.

      - Minecraft Wiki JAVA & BEDROCK
        └ A must have for texture creation - will have item IDs for both Java and Bedrock in case you need to find where a texture is located.

      - Bedrock Dev / Bedrock Dev Wiki BEDROCK
        └ Documentation for various bedrock features - like variant textures, custom blocks, etc etc

      - Microsoft Creator Documentation BEDROCK
        └ Official creator resources from microsoft themselves - lots of examples, getting started guides, and this is also a way to download the official up-to-date vanilla resource pack for bedrock

    Artists FAQs

    How do I become a 'Content Creator' In this group?
    Content Creator is reserved for those that put out their best content!

    This group is focusing on texturing and art, so these individuals need to be artists/content creators.
    If you're one of the following and meet the below criteria, please apply in a PM


    We're looking for individuals that are:
       Texture Pack Creators
       Data Pack Creators (That feature their own assets)
       Mob Skinners
       3D Creators (Blockbench or similar program users)
    and their creations feature:
      • Create Unique Content
       Original Ideas
      High Quality Work
    What should I upload to the group if I'm a Content Creator?
    Here are the posting rules!

    Please make sure to read through them thoroughly, or else your submission might be removed!!


    1. Must Be Minecraft Related/Used In Game
      └ There are PMC fanart groups for just art. Make sure what you're uploading is something that can be used in game.

    2. Must be Group Related
      └ Your submission must have an art Element - Something you textured! Make sure it's one of the following:

      • Texture packs
      • Resource packs
      • Mob skins
      • Custom GUI
      • Datapacks (That include your OWN textures!)
      • Items
      • Armor
      • Particles
      • Custom Models (Again, that have been textured by you!)
      • Tutorials (These must cover something related to texturing)

    Note that Player Skins aren't allowed here

    3. Your Own Work
      └ Make sure this is your OWN work. Collabs are allowed if proper credit is in the description

    4. Must be SWF
      └ No NSFW content. Keep everything Safe For Work and PG please

    5. No Spamming
      └ Try to not post the same submissions you've already done/that others have already posted. You can upload multiple posts
       a day, however keep in mind how much you're posting at once. Don't hog the group to showcase every single project you have.

    5. Follows the Rest of the PMC Community Guidelines for Submissions

    Group FAQS

    How do I become a group member?
    Hello and welcome!

    To become a regular member of this group, please leave a comment in the guest book!
    I have a question! Where can I ask about it here?
    We have a discussion forum thread HERE
    Forum is currently closed, a discord is in the works.

    In the mean time you can make a PMC forum post and tag me @karaoke or you can just drop a comment in the guest book here.
  • General Rules



    • Above all else, treat everyone well. Constructed criticism can be given, but be decent about it.

    • No Spamming

    • No/Limited advertising.

    • Use Common Sense. If you think something doesn't belong here, follow that gut instinct.

    • No NSFW content. This is a minecraft group, keep it clean.

    • If posting content that is not yours, give proper credit to OG poster
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      Texturing 101 post by Karaoke avatar Karaoke
      February 19, 2023, 3:36 pm to Public
      FAQ Update!

      There's a new section that has been added in FAQ for Documentation!

      We're giving you a list of website's you should familiarize yourself with when creating texture packs!
      These are especially helpful to people using OPTIFINE features in JAVA and for people creating BEDROCK texture packs.

      Some of the content on these various websites include:

      • How to set up a beginner friendly BEDROCK pack
      • Where to find various IDs in JAVA & BEDROCK
      • How to manage variant textures in BEDROCK
      • Everything you need to know about OPTIFINE
      • and many many more very useful features!

      These articles are intended to help educate creators about how things are done in the place of tutorials I cannot create atm. You will have to research all the features yourself, but this is a starting point if you want to learn. Thank you for understanding.

      If you have anymore useful websites for Texture Pack creators link them below

      Let's get Creative!
      PlayerXi said 2023-03-26 06:34:18
      Hihi, can I join the group?
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      Texturing 101 post by Karaoke avatar Karaoke
      February 24, 2022, 4:27 pm to Public
      Tutorial Suggestions

      Have a couple tutorials currently in the works that are taking a bit to come together. While working on those, if you have any other suggestions leave a comment telling me what you'd like to learn! Here is a list of upcoming planned tutorials:

                    • Full GUI Guide for 1.18+
                    • Visual guide for Creating a Texture Pack 1.18+ BEDROCK
                    • Creating Randomized Textures in Vanilla MC (no optifine needed)
                    • Setting Individual Icons in inventory for Blocks
                    • [​NO ETA] Various optifine tutorials 1.18+
      MCarl2015 said 2022-07-06 08:46:18
      just use this: default-pack
      ironblackwolf9 said 2022-05-28 12:53:12
      how do i make one i dont uderstand
      SprainedSpark89 said 2022-03-31 14:22:18
      how to upgrade your pack
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      Texturing 101 post by Karaoke avatar Karaoke
      February 16, 2022, 7:03 pm to Public
      Group Update!

      Thanks to the hard work of Cyprezz, our Content Creators can now upload their future works to the group by themselves!
      Content Creators, please reference the new FAQ called 'What should I upload to the group?" BEFORE​ you post.

      If you still have questions about what should and should not be posted, feel free to pm me.

      Happy Creativity Everyone!
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      Texturing 101 post by Karaoke avatar Karaoke
      February 10, 2022, 10:54 pm to Public
      Calling all texture pack makers
      We dropped a map designed specifically for you!

      All mobs/biomes/particles/items/blocks at your fingertips to make your life easier.
      Take a spin in the test world to increase your workflow today!

      Karaoke's Ultimate Resource Pack Tester Map

      If you found this map helpful leave a 💎 and ❤️
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      Texturing 101 post by Karaoke avatar Karaoke
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