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CC's Useful Snowmen+ v1.15b (MC v1.15-1.16)

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calebchan's Avatar calebchan
Level 51 : Grandmaster Meme

Useful Snowmen+

v1.15: Integration with my new datapack
CC's Wandering Trader!
This special Wandering Trader was created specially to trade the custom items from my datapacks for diamonds and emeralds.

When was the last time you built a snow golem in survival?

Their snowballs don't damage. They have a measly two hearts of health. Their face is funny.

So with this datapack, I've made the following minor changes:

  • Snowballs do one heart of damage to all mobs (except other snowmen and players).
  • Snowballs also give Slowness I.
  • Snowballs freezeshocks creepers so their explosion radius is decreased and fuse lengthened temporarily.
  Snow Golems (Health)
  • Snow golems have 5 hearts of base health.
  • They have 8 armor points if wearing a pumpkin (equivalent to one diamond/netherite chestplate) – that's right, if you shear it off, they will have 0 armor points.
  • Snow golems shed their pumpkins if they fall below half-health, and will get Regen III.
  • Snow golems that lose their pumpkins through shearing or shedding will drop pumpkin seeds.
  • Snow golems can pick up a carved pumpkin item from the ground to reequip a pumpkin helmet, thus regaining their armor points.
  • Snow golems that are low on health will emit a snowy flurrying particle effect.
  Snow Golems (Passive Effects)
  • Snow golems have a passive Regen I if they are standing on snow (layer).
  • Snow golems have a passive Resistance I if they are in a cold biome.
  • Snow golems have a passive Regen II if it is snowing (in a cold biome)
  Snow Golems (Random Spawning)
  • Snow golems attempt to randomly spawn every 200 ticks in snowy biomes in packs of 1-4.
  • A baby polar bear jockey mounted by a pumpkin-equipped snow golem has a 5% chance of spawning per "herd" of golems in polar (bear) biomes.
  • Igloos naturally spawn with a snow golem inhabitant, along with their armor stand and some cod in the furnace.
  Snow Golems (Summoning)
  • Two stone buttons thrown onto a patch of snow on the ground (as illustrated above) will turn into a snow golem, but without a pumpkin helmet.

With version v1.9 onwards, these following major changes have been added:

  • New Igloo structure!
  • Unique Snow Golem banners!
  • New dungeon basement with some new hidden loot, namely, at least one enchanted book with either Frost Walker or Fire Protection; shears and saddle.
  • Every dungeon has a spawner...
  Blizzard Heart (New item!!)
  • Acquired from the new Igloo dungeon basements.
  • While held in the offhand slot, it...
  • Grants players the same passive status effects as snow golems under the same conditions! (Regen I if standing on snow, Resistance I if in a snowy biome, Regen II if under snowfall)
  • Grants +2 armor toughness
  • Grants Frost Runner: like Frost Walker, but you can even sprint jump over oceans!
  • Imitates snow trail for players that are sneaking, even in hot biomes! (combined with snow golem passive effects, this means perma-Regen I)
  • Debuffs nearby mobs with Slowness II if they are standing on snow!
  • Grants to the 4 nearby snow golems:
    > Glowing (to show where they are)
    > Fire Resistance (so you can enlist snow golems to help you battle blazes!)
    > Resistance (tanky bois)
    > Flurrying, randomly dropping snowballs on the ground (for players to join the snowball fights!)

  • If the player is also wearing a carved pumpkin:
    > It increases the buffs to up to 6 golems!
    > Will periodically spawn a pack of snow golems if none are nearby, only in snowy biomes

    > Will periodically re-equip nearby snow golems with pumpkin helmets
    > Will teleport them to you if you get too far away, like pets!


  - Do you want to build a snowman?: Come on let's go and play!
  - Snow Golem Army: Throw two stone buttons on a patch of snow

  - Heart of Ice: Obtain the Blizzard Orb from an Igloo dungeon basement
  - Golem Master: Buff nearby snow golems by holding a blizzard orb and wearing a carved pumpkin
  - Cool Down!: Bring a Snow Golem into the Nether by holding a Blizzard Orb in your offhand


The aim of this datapack was to give snow golems some relevancy in the game (and who doesn't love friendly turrets?), as well as not changing too much so that it's totally possible to have this datapack installed in your server but if your friends don't want to use it, they won't even notice that it's installed. Post v1.10 now, the Blizzard Orb is definitely something you don't need to meddle with if you don't want to.

Snow golems must also not be too OP (or UP, but I feel like they're in the right place right now). I think they're pretty viable for anyone settling in a snowy biome, as well as maybe an impromptu combat situation where you're in a snowy biome surrounded by mobs and you just so happen to have stone on you... maybe from late game silk touching lol. Snowy biomes are now more worth exploring and less barren, though I say they still have a long way to go.

Now with the new Blizzard Orb as a Totem of Undying-esque item, I hope that maybe snow golems find a niche in this wonderful game.

Definitely worth just including in the background of all your other datapacks of your SMP. Even though it's not really running that many commands, I've optimized this datapack so it should be even smoother.

[NEW] CC's Wandering Trader Datapack Compatibility
CC's Wandering Trader

CC's Useful Snowmen+ v1.15b (MC v1.15-1.16) Minecraft Data Pack

Do you have a full chest of Blizzard Orbs? Or maybe you loved replaying the Dymarip boss fight again and again, just for the challenge and fun of it and not for the loot; and you have too many Dymarip's Flames but you might prefer a bow to a crossbow.

CC's Wandering Trader Datapack adds a new wonder in the oceans.

Ocean voyages and intercontinental journeys seem mindless as you just hold sprint-'W'. Besides that, Wandering Traders always spawn on surface land, and it's always the same useless trades.

These Seafaring Wandering Traders are unlike their land-lubbing counterparts who might settle for the uncommon scraps of nature, no, no, no, these Wandering Traders are willing to part with even diamonds for the big guns: the heftiest, unique and rare treasures that only experienced wandering adventures who are well-knowledgeable and diamond-clad can obtain.

At the break of every dawn, a Seafaring Wandering Trader will attempt to spawn in any of the Deep Oceans biomes, if no other Wandering Trader is nearby. They will stay there for almost a day, before despawning.

This special Wandering Trader was created specially to trade the custom items from my datapacks for diamonds and emeralds. I had a last minute thought to add some vanilla items to sort of integrate it and make the trades feel a little more vanilla. But it should always be used in tandem with one of my datapacks.

CC's Useful Snowmen+ v1.15b (MC v1.15-1.16) Minecraft Data Pack

Do drop some feedback in the comments :) Enjoy the datapack!

Utility Commands
Give yourself a Blizzard Orb
/function damagingsnowmen:give_orb
/function damagingsnowmen:uninstall

Note: currently, technical-talk, the snowballs subtract any closeby mob's Health data by 1 to "deal" damage. This means... a "naked" zombie and a fully diamond armored zombie takes the same amount of snowballs to kill, because they both have 20 base health. Armor is not computed, and will never be until we get a /damage MAN all the things we can do with that HAHAH ''til then.

Snow golem banner is inspired by:

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.16

18 Update Logs

v1.15b max_health HOTFIX : by calebchan 07/16/2020 8:56:18 amJul 16th, 2020

silly me.
when i ported it into 1.16, i had to convert all the maxHealth attributes into max_health
so one of the summon functions that spawned snow golems in the wild naturally, was missing that whole max_health thing, so one in four wild snowmen would have a max health of FOUR.
I must've did the find and replace on notepad++ wrongly
anyways. is fix now

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10/30/2021 3:57 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Bencoolminerdude's Avatar
Finally! , now i have a use for all my snow golems! , Thanks!
06/01/2021 6:24 am
Level 23 : Expert Princess
Chaosxandra's Avatar
will u update it t0 1.17 / 1.18
06/01/2021 10:01 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Meme
calebchan's Avatar
Hi! Likely not. I will be starting my third year and that is scary!
Though it should not break... as far as I can remember.

Anyone is free to basically update this into 1.17/18, make an outright duplicate or even add some of their own stuff. that's fine! just make a smol little line of credits and is all g.

Glad to see you are enjoying this though!
10/02/2020 7:42 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Loren333's Avatar
Very good and useful datapack thank you!
08/11/2020 11:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
BlackyChan87's Avatar
Hey, i've been having some problems with finding the blizzard orb, I raided 2 igloo basements and the chests dont have the orb in them. also the command doesn't give me the orb in my hand either. is there anyway to fix this? I'm in 1.16.2 if ur wondering.
08/12/2020 4:33 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Meme
calebchan's Avatar
Hello! I haven't updated it for 1.16.2. Will do it on Friday, hopefully. It might've broken the command, though I don't know how it has.

Regarding the igloo basements, the Blizzard Orbs are in fact NOT loot from the chest, but you gotta mine a special block to get it!
07/23/2020 6:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
goody2shoos's Avatar
Making snow golems actually useful is a really nifty idea I haven't thought about!

I love the more interactions you can have with them like being able to heal them and giving them armor with the pumpkins, but I feel the other "major changes" like additional world gen and adding items don't fit well as a focus of just improving one mob, and would be better off as a separate datapack.

I also feel like since these guys are more useful now, it should be a bit more difficult to create them. How about the normal 2 snow blocks but putting the buttons on both blocks like a real snowman?

Lastly, I'd say snow golems should no longer instantly create snow layers where they stand but rather gradually over time, as now both snowballs and snowpatches are more useful. Maybe have us be able to manually heal snow golems by giving them snowballs/snow blocks?
07/23/2020 7:43 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Meme
calebchan's Avatar
Thank you for the nice comment! Yea, the mechanic and AI was always in the game, just thought it was a shame that it went to waste. It took a few simple commands to make them more integrated into the game: I especially love that you can find them fighting monsters in the night in snow biomes.

Hmm. Regarding the major changes, you're right and I didn't want to go too far with it. The Igloos (which are not additional world gen, but improved already-existing world gen) I felt they also lacked usefulness, they literally had nothing: the zombie villager conversion in the basement is a surprise at best. The chest loot is not worth checking. I'd argue that the new Igloo doesn't have that many new changes, just small touches of flavor, like growing pumpkin helmets underground--except of course, for the ice spawner. But along with the Blizzard Orb (the one and only custom item), I also would argue that they are both small enough additions that if one player in an SMP likes it then they can meddle with them, but if another player isn't interested, then they can simply ignore it and it would be as if it weren't there.

I would also say that these world gen and one custom item does allow me to design and integrate the whole "useful snow golems" into vanilla, just like how mansions are hotspots for Illagers, and the totem is something tied to their lore and flavor. But I digress, I can see the datapack working without these extra touches too, since the main focus has always been the snow golem mob itself.

It would be a bit of work to sift out the snow golem code from the world gen and custom item code. So don't think I'll be doing that, but to reiterate my reply, these extra touches should be able to be ignored by players who like the simple idea of building snow golems as defence buddies.

Regarding their creation, you would need the specific blocks and items to build them, and almost all players don't have pumpkins, shears and shovel for snow, all in their inventory at any one time. If anything, I had to make it more convenient to create snow golems. They're not thatt useful either, they're pretty weak if constructed with the two-stone-buttons method (because they won't have their helmet), and even the pumpkin-equipped snow golems can get overwhelmed by two or more zombies. Also, I don't think there's a way to change the block configuration to summon a snow golem? I did think of requiring to place stone buttons on their side, throw in some sticks. Possibly not possible with datapacks. So it'll stay simple like this, for now at least.

Regarding creating snow layers where they walk, this is also hardcoded and not possible to be changed with datapacks. Do note, they only create snow patches in neutral (e.g. plains biome) or colder biomes. They can't trail snow in hot savannas or deserts I think. They would even melt. Very territorial, which does balance out a lot. The passive Regen I is not a lot. And even in neutral temperature biomes, they might make huge snow patches in the day but come rain or night, they will die quick if not protected.

Regarding healing them by giving them snowballs, ah, they have this thing where if a nearby player is holding a Blizzard Orb, then the snow golems start "flurrying" or "shedding" snowball items on the ground. So this would interfere with snowball items thrown by the player to heal them. Also, since there are so many snowball items in the world with this feature, it might lag up because the datapack has to check for each snowball item in the world. Snow blocks, ooo, maybe if they are nearby one. But it could be intensive to check, I'll see. Manual healing, something I'll look into.

And, (correct me if I'm wrong) it seems like you have just only stumbled across this datapack for the first time and you haven't tried it out yourself yet. If that is so, then I urge you to play with it for a week or two, and then tell me again if you still feel the same way about certain features!

All in all, thank you again for offering me your words of encouragement and your opinions about certain features. (and your diamond, it does lift one's spirits) I do value each word, and I hope to hear your reply!
07/23/2020 7:43 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
goody2shoos's Avatar
With the summoning I meant to say you'd only need 2 snow blocks and the two buttons to summon the pumpkin-less ones, basically requiring only a shovel for the snow and a furnace for the stone. Not meddling with the normal pumpkin summon but rather checking for 2 stacked snow blocks instead of the snow layer, if that's possible.

And yea to be honest the major changes are something that wouldn't get in your way playing normally so it wouldn't bug me having them there if I decide not to use them.

I've also just thought of being able to give snow golems buffs by giving them certain ice blocks, like ice blocks could give them speed I, packed ice would give speed II or III, and blue ice could give speed III or IV. I don't really know if speed buffs would be useful for snow golems so you could imagine giving them different effects like absorption or something, and all this is assuming you have figured out how to give them blocks without major resource checks like you mentioned.

Man, all this talk about buffed snow golems makes me wonder if there's a datapack in the same vein about building skeleton mobs to fight for you lmao

And hey I'm just glad you're actually reading and responding to my comments! So thank you for that.
07/24/2020 2:38 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Meme
calebchan's Avatar
Ah, checking for what the player has built. Hmm. Seems a little harder, because the only way to detect player-built structures is to run a raycast every time the player places a button, seems a little much? And could sometimes not detect properly, could be improved with more code, but then it might lag more? Wanted to keep it simple, though I would've really preferred what you are suggesting! I really haven't meddled with raycasting and I don't know how much code it would add. We'll see! But it's not on my top priority list for now.

About the major changes, yeah, some players never build conduit structures or make chorus plant farms, and their experiences are not diluted! I hope that is the case with my features.

oooh ice blocks for speed. I'd need to rework a bit of my code to optimise detecting thrown items for golems. Though, we think alike that speed isn't the ice element's forte. I spent a few nights daydreaming about how their style would be slow (because of the cold) but tough (hard ice) and territorial (because of how they trail snow and "expand" their territory), and how to translate that in-game. Ended up with passive regen and resistance effects, while the snowballs give slowness and the Orb gives slowness to nearby mobs on snow, and sneaking slowly would expand said snow. Kinda proud of it all, so pardon my boasting.

Not speed. Maybe, resistance? I also don't know what to feel about tossing items to mobs, it doesn't feel that vanilla, but I guess we have villager farming and piglin bartering. It also does feel a little weird for player to have one slot in their inventory for ice just to boost the golems. It would be better for inventory slots to be taken up by items with multi-purposes, like blocks for pillaring or bridging, or axes for chopping or fighting, or the Blizzard Orb for golem buffing and Frost Running, or carved pumpkins for endermen and golem buffing.

This isn't so much of a reply, it's more of me verbalising the ideas in my head, so if anything comes to your mind, go ahead and point it out!

Ah, getting other mobs to fight for you. It would use the /teams command to just make them not auto target players, but that might become incompatible with other packs since you can only be in one team at a time. Then you'd need to artificially aggro their AI to attack mobs they don't usually attack, using snowballs whose data is modified to say that a certain target mob threw it. It's a longwinded process because it's not hardcoded, unlike the snow golems, whose in-game code did most of the work for me. Though, Minecraft could certainly use more ranged-attack companions!

I love reading people's comments because there's so much inspiration to share with each other, not to mention knowing that other people want to collaborate with me on my idea! Certainly this datapack was the amalgamation of not just my own ideas, but the contributions of friends and strangers too!
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