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    I'm Seven, lead builder and founder of PaleoTech A bedrock build team.
    I some times draw/make pixel art,
    I like paleontology(dinosaurs :P),
    I try to help folks find bedrock support, programs, torts, etc.

    (I barely use this account Lol)


    what do you expect to find?


    There's nothing down here.

    Aight fine then.

    you wanted it

    here it is

    Get ready


    Say you got yeeted, in my guest book if you made it this far :D
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  • Q&A template officially stolen from @XBigFatPotatoX

    1. First time playing MC?
    1.8.9 java (I know, Mr. Bedrock is better than everything didn't start on bedrock :P)

    2. First build?
    A "house" aka a bunch of 1x2 hallways under a hill.

    3. First Minecraft YouTuber?
    Grian I think?

    4. Favorite build
    1:1 Acropolis and or Petra

    5. Favorite item/block/mob?
    Lodestone, I've literally never used it in survival, its just weirdly awesome to build with.

    6. Favorite MC song?
    C.14's stuff is great but... Pigstep is the best.

    7. Favorite version of Minecraft?
    Bedrock forever, I need my 64+ render distance XD.

    8. Versions of Minecraft that you play?
    Bedrock and Java, both on PC

    9. Best memory?
    Built Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright, in survival with my dad and brother.

    10. Creative or survival?
    Creative, Survival is fun up to a certain point, then its just spending a bucket load of time doing the same thing over and over again.

    11. Biggest project ever?
    Dinotopia, and its still unbelievably far from done.

    12. Minecraft play style?
    Solo building, PVP only on galaxite, I'm garbage anywhere else for some reason lol.
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      February 23, 2023, 9:21 pm to Public
      Just Finished up a commission for joshspaceboy!

      If you'd like to commission a Map, Skin, or Individual building, take a look at my portfolio here!
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      January 15, 2023, 2:26 pm to Public

      Ello! I'm SevenScroll5003, or Sev, a professional Minecraft creator. I've been playing for almost a decade, but have been building professionally over the past three years through my build company PaleoTech.
      I’m currently taking commissions for:
      Skins, Buildings, And Full Maps.
      Please feel free to send me a DM if you're interested! I can do all commission types for both Bedrock and Java Edition (Note, Java edition builds will take more time for conversion).

      All prices are based primarily on the size and complexity of the commission (For a better example, please see my Portfolio linked below)

      Skins = $10
      Buildings = $15 - $50
      Full Maps = $100 to $500+ (Visit my portfolio or the PaleoTech page on Planet Minecraft to see examples of my other maps)

      For photos, descriptions of my work, and more information, visit my portfolio Here:
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