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  • About MinecraftHelsinki

    Where do you live?
    Helsinki, Finland. This is where I draw from most of my inspiration to my builds, though I have travelled a lot and seen many other places.
    Finnish, of course
    Would you like join my survival server / build a spawn for my server / join our project?
    No, I mostly enjoy playing creative alone. Thank you for the invitation, I might consider your offer if it is interesting enough.
    How long have you played Minecraft?
    Continously since 2011, which makes around 8 years. I started playing in 1.7.3. version. It is fair to say I am a Minecraft veteran.
    Areas of interest/hobbies?
    Society, politics, history, economics, philosophy, psychology. classical music, playing piano, architecture, visual art, literature, jogging, going to gym, getting to know people and partying
    What do you do for a living?
    I am a business student :D


    Favorite styles of architecture?
    1. Jugend/Art Nouveau / National Romanticism whatever
      There seems to be many names for this style. However, it is a style that flourished around 1890-1920 and emphasized organic shapes and decorations in buildings. It drew inspiration from nature and also historical building styles in an eclectic manner. It is my favorite style because each building is unique and a piece of art. It honours craftsmanship and traditional methods yet it constantly original and creative in design.
    2. Neoclassical architecture
      Neoclassicism is beautiful in its elegant and mathematical proportions. It is decorated yet not too lavish.
    3. Neorenaissance
      I also do like the neo-renaissance style, which has a lot of interesting features and details
    Hated styles of architecture:
    1. Modernism

      Concrete blocks and perfect rectangular shapes. Concrete brutalism, style stripped of all decorations and individuality. Industrial, monotonous, dull, monochromatic. Not hard to see why not to like it.
    2. Postmodernism / Wow-architecture
      Random, weird shapes and forms spilled together without any idea of harmony. Buildings that try to dazzle you by their extravagancy yet only make you wonder why this building has not fallen down yet.
    Favorite styles of music?
    1. Romanticism
    A caleidoscope of turbulent emotions. A bird larking in the woods, the most lavish party, the most delightful happiness, an intense infatuation, the utmost despair. A journey, a novel, a movie series, a city carved in stone, an epic through the soundscape. There is no better interpreter for personal human inexperience, all aspects of human live, its joys and sorrows, defeats and victories, are here represented in turn. I am in love with this genre. The more brass, the better.
    Mahler, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Sibelius, Dvorak, Berlioz, Liszt, Chopin etc.
    2. Baroque
    Who would not like the mathematical rigour and absolute harmony of baroque music? It is the most sophisticated style of music ever conceived. Miraculous counterpoint and polyphony play out like some advanced calculus or obscure fields of mathematics. You can only wonder how some people can be so ingenious and intelligent as to ever come up with things like this
    Bach, Händel etc.
    3. Classicism
    I cannot ignore the marvelous simplicity and richness in expression in classical music. It is full of delight and appreciation for the pleasantness of life. Mozart, in particular, is my favourite. This is the music of my choice if I want to get into a good mood. Yet I feel it is often too superficial, only the brightest and most positive layers of the human psyche are dealt upon.
    4. Modernism
      There are occasionally some very interesting and brilliant choices of harmony and tone. Some of them work marvellously and great in their innovativeness, sometimes it is an ugly mess
    Honegger, Stravinsky, Prokofiev etc.

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