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    Self Portrait (2023)

    Self Portrait (2020/2021) Dino statue from a musuem ThatGuyJake went to (2020/2021 I revamped it). It's also my Discord pfp "Wasteland" Pixel Art pieces from art class at school (2020) A vibing frog I made from Inro's Discord pfp (2021) Ron Weasley I made from my friend's pfp for him cause he is a lad (2021) Fwog for Inro (2021) Inro's favourite frog; a desert rain frog (2021) The crow that keeps waking me up in the morning, that Inro named Desmond (2021) A tamanduas I made for Inro's birthday :) (2021)
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    So with colour it's very important, as it sets the whole vibe and tone of ur skin. So here u can see the large difference it makes:

    The one on the left was what I started with and it took me a while to realise why my entry was missing something and wasn't on par with the other entries in my eyes. The lack of saturated and interesting colours was present. Having darker tones that r more saturated helps a lot to achieve this as well.

    Below r the 3 paths I take.

    I mainly use the red line but the others r still viable. It just depends what u r going for. For yellows and oranges, higher saturation is required as minimal causes it to appear brownish.

    If u want interesting colours, do random, wild shifts backwards towards desaturation and slightly sat so like this:

    The scale of the zigzagging is dependent on how soft or harsh u want the jumps in brightness to be between the tones

    With the hue, u want to go randomly but strategically; back and forth and not in a uniform pattern. Make it look 'realistic' or random but plan it out in ur head and make what u want as highlights/strong highlights to be of a higher tonal brightness.

    Below u can see the difference between a 'realistic', interesting red palette on the top and a 'clean' red palette on the bottom.

    I apologise if u do the colours as u go but this should still apply :).

    If u r planning on linking multiple colours, such as having the highlights of a completely different hue and/or a contrasting colour to the shadows, then go close towards grey with the mid-tone or roughly around it. This is because u can use the high desaturation, low contrast of a close to grey to link any colour together and blend/link them through this. Make sure not to go too desaturated when getting close to the desaturated mid-tone as the colours may look bland and plain. So to avoid this jump largely to the grey mid-tone as it will look nicer and also make the other colours appear more saturated.

    I could go on forever about this stuff haha, but this is just the basics. I might add more and go full nerd but I'll see how I go lol.

    Thank u for listening to my TED talk!
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    Welcome welcome
    Heck I forgot to make trophies
    *Soon to be added*

    This be a palette contest for player models only
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies. Alongside that for the winners, a participation one is rewarded to all participants :)

    Deadline is August 15th


    *Don't edit the palette please x
    *One entry per individual
    *Has to be your own skin and something new
    *Don't gotta use every colour homie but it could be pretty vibey if you do ;)
    *No theme; so you don't gotta follow the elegant word that is correlation
    *No HD skins please

    I will judge on:

    *Use of the palette
    *The shading quality of it according to me
    *Design, creativity, and how gangsta it is (Just make a cool design B))


    If you got any big boy questions, feel free to ask below :)
    Also link the skin in the comments so I can add it to ze collection please: Ur beautiful

    Examples and all dat
    The idea of this is that you can basically make your own big palette ramp from the individual four like I did, or you can just use them as they are; it's all up to you :)

    Look at this creature; such a majestic pose :>

    Unrelated to the contest; u could even make a pixel art artwork piece from the palette. It works really good

    Example by CornCobDog

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