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[1.7.10/1.8] FutureCraft Flan pack V8: Two years on

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PrototypeTheta's Avatar PrototypeTheta
Level 77 : Legendary Robot
A new Lets Play series with a FutureCraft modpack I've been pulling together by Blurb Gaming. 

Episode one:

Subsequent episodes will be added in the following spoiler:
Spoiler - click to reveal
Episode 2: Metallurgic infuser

Episode 3: Navi's everywhere

Episode 4: Macerator

Episode 5: Auto farms

Episode 6: Sludge or oil?

Episode 7: Atomic dissasembler

Episode 8: (TBA)

Episode 9: Digging the hole

Episode 10: Electric Furnace

Episode 11: Animated doors

Episode 12: Mission for flowers

Episode 13: The three stooges

Episode 14: Leap of Faith

Episode 15: Something Something doors

Episode 16:  Pew Pew

Episode 17: Dan Lucas

Episode 18: Invading Ireland

Episode 19: Hostile work environment

Episode 20: Crash Landing

Episode 21: Dr Phil

Episode 22: (Cheeky Nandos)

Episode 23: (Digiminers)

Episode 24: (TBA)

Installation Note: The pack is contained within a folder inside the .zip, place this folder into your Flan folder to install.

Note: I've linked the download to its page on www.flansmod.com, Flan's official site, for convenience.

X-wing and A-144 are now in their own package with other sci-fi content, moved to preserve originality of this package.

First off a huge thanks to MrBlurb gaming for the videos, check out their channel here, I think these guys derserve a few more subscribers:

Full details of the mod can be found on my thread on Minecraft SMP.de, see crafting recipies section

You can now play this with your friends, go check out Monorisu's server if you want to play this on a good server:
Monorisu's server on flansmod.com

Content list:



HB-7: laser pistol
AB-24: Automatic blaster
LRW-21: Long range weapon

MGB-36 Heavy duty automatic blaster

HFG-20 Dragon: Multi-purpose cannon
          -Plasma ammunition
          -Rocket ammunition
          -Flame ammunition

Rail pistol (2D)
Rail rifle (2D)
Rail sniper (2D)
Rail MG (2D)

Y-33 Pistol (2D)
XS-57 SMG (2D)
K-27M Assault RIfle (2D)
CV-32 MG (2D)
V-1 Rocket launcher (2D)
D-8 RPG (2D)

(weapon sets of Pistol, Rifle, Sniper, SMG and grenade launcher)
NSCD faction weapons 
UGF faction weapons
SR faction weapons


Mech cannon

Mech PAC (Plasma Accelerator cannon)

Mech AIC (Anti-infantry cannon)

GAU-36 Paladin


Scout bike MKII (motorbike)

HT-9 Leviathan Artillery tank

HT-10 Leviathan II MBT

HA-10 Levitathan II AA bank

HD-10 Leviathan II Tank destroyer

HT-11 Leviathan III Rail tank

HT-11 Levitahan III Laser tank

MT-12 Brutus

Type IV Omega (light mech)

Type VII Peregrine II (Mech hunter) (design credit to catsonemeth from FC forums)

Type IX Fafnir (Heavy Mobile Artillery Platform)

AF-12 Skyblazer (Multirole fighter)

AF-15 Wasp (Multirole fighter) (Model broken in FM 5.0, currently working on a fix)

UTF Scimitar (Attack fighter) (Model broken in FM 5.0, currently working on a fix)

LGS-72 Gadfly (Recon VTOL) (Model broken in FM 5.0, currently working on a fix)

HGS-114 Dolphin (Assault VTOL)

HGS-227 Shark (Assault VTOL)

HF-17 Fang A, B and C (various combat VTOLS)

Coming soon (WIP preview)

Spoiler - click to reveal
LT-6 Chimera (A-E) (Light tank)

VX-01 Nightmare (Assault gunship)

MD-6 Buzzard (Heavy VTOL dropship)

Peregrine IIE

Crafting recipies:
Due to the large increase in crafting recipies, I have made a thread on Minecraft SMP.de with all necessary information, rather than squeezing it in here:


If anybody is interested in setting up a server for this:
A. PM me, I will gladly help you set up, and there may be a few bugs I can fix
B. I will put your server here
C. stick your server on Flans page on the minecraft forums

Info on how to install:
Instructions here:

Install this like any other content package

Special thanks:
Burnttoaster: made the railgun icons
Tacokingbob: made the conventional gun icons
Professor Fenway: made the UGF rifle, sniper and grenade launcher, and provided the basis for the rest of the UGF stuff
Iv121: Designed the UTF Scimitar and the UTB Atlas (coming soon)
MrBlurbGaming: Three awesome videos, cheers guys
Dr Mackeroth: Invented FutureCraft
Catsonmeth: Made sexy concept art
MonorisuFilms/LabJac: Actually put this on a server

Only Planetminecraft.com, Minecraft-SMP.de, flansmod.com and fc-mod.com have permission to host any of this material, and only with my permission, it has come to my attention that certain websites (you all know who you are, I won't mention names) have been mirroring the previous version, without permission, which you are not allowed to do, however that is partly my fault for not informing you that you were not allowed to do that, but for this version, please, if you want to mirror the download, contact me via a PM and ask me first, if you ask I am more likely to grant you permission. If you wish to post information about this mod, and you want to provide a download link, please use the download link provided either on this page, or on my thread on Minecraft-SMP.de
thank you.

Modpack owners:
If you wish to use this in a modpack please PM me about it, I don't mind as long as you come and ask me. If you do not ask you will not be given permission.

And remember, if you like the content, A diamond would be greatly appreciated

And yes, there will be more to come

Back versions (V1):


A rather entertaining showcase of this and a my other work by TrixiBlox


Some reviews of past versions kindly provided by MrBlurbGaming




CreditBurnt toaster Tacokingbob Professor Fenway Dr Mackeroth
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.8

15 Update Logs

Update #15 : by PrototypeTheta 02/22/2016 4:55:26 pmFeb 22nd, 2016

Accidentally shipped a few broken configs in the last relase, these should be fixed.

Mostly damage values, but the Leviathan II AA should now accept Hornet missiles as it was originally supposed to.

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11/04/2018 3:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
BurritoSauce's Avatar
Hello, I would like to use this with a 1.12.2 mod, so could you consider updatig to 1.12.2?
08/22/2018 1:41 pm
Level 28 : Expert Button Pusher
ParkourGee's Avatar
Could you please update to 1.12.2?
04/11/2018 1:57 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Engineer
Neowatt's Avatar
Hard to believe it's been 5 years huh?
04/12/2017 3:10 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Cowboy
ParagonPaladin's Avatar
Would it be possible to include the magitek armor from Final fantasy? or possibly Revolver themed weapons?
11/29/2016 2:55 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Adriankid13's Avatar
Hey they theta I'm having a bit of trouble with the scout bike in the mod whenever I try to ride it, it starts freaking out doing wheelies and flipping me around and I don't have any control of it, do you know what could be the cause? And or how to fix it so I can use the bike
11/29/2016 8:22 am
Level 77 : Legendary Robot
PrototypeTheta's Avatar
There isn't really a fix, it's just badly made. The driving physics doesn't like it when all the wheels are so close together. Been trying to find a better way to do it but so far it's turning up short.
11/29/2016 5:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Adriankid13's Avatar
okay thanks for trying still a 10/10 mod
09/07/2016 11:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
black_cat7's Avatar
What ammunition do all the planes use?
09/08/2016 1:24 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Robot
PrototypeTheta's Avatar
For the guns it'll tell you either MG cells or mass driver ammo.

For missiles it'll either be micro missiles or hornets.
08/28/2016 10:27 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Big_Ben's Avatar
It doesn't work for me I tried 1.7.10 forge and 1.8 forge and yet it doesn't work please help!
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